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November 22, 2019

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The CALP denunciation that the traffics in the port of Genoa increase, but not the places of work

Between 2009 and 2018 - the Collective - the goods several emphasizes has marked a rise of 51% while time the occupation is only gone up of 0.2%

The port of Genoa grows, and a lot, in spite of the difficulties of the economy and against every rhetorical on the port in crisis, but the harbour job does not benefit any at all. The Harbour Working denunciation Independent Collective (CALP) evidencing that if between the 2009 and 2018 several traffic of the goods (container, rotabili, breakbulk), in which works almost the totality of the employee attache's and the workers of the Company of the port of Genoa, have grown in tons of +51% and that in terms of teu, in particular, the number the occupation has grown of +70% (with the increased rotabili of +22) %, in the same span of time it is gone up instead only of +0.2%, that is - practically - has remained the same one.

The CALP evidences moreover that if, in the same period, between the harbour terminalisti, PSA Genoa Pra' has lost 32 workers and has grown in terms of single occupation Joints and Saint George Terminal, increments - specific the Collective - put into effect also with the organic insertion in of workers fixed-term, for its part the harbour company Culmv yes has grown but only because it has absorbed the special associates and the Pietro Chiesa company, in fact already operating all in the port. "This means - the CALP observes - than in 2009, with the same force job, every attache' enlivened per year about 8.600 tons of goods varied, while today it enlivens almost 13,000".

Moreover the CALP finds that the increase of the productivity is not directly attributable to the investments of the terminalisti that in the same period have invested than 300 million euros less, little more than 30 million per year in average, while the public, that is the State through the Authority of Harbour, single System in 2018 has spold more of the double quantity of the terminalisti in ten years, to which goes added the hundreds of million the years precedence.

According to the CALP, this it is translate in a socialization of the losses and in a privatization of the profits and this it happens - denunciation the Collective - while "every day the merits of the enterprises are celebrated that they invest, as if the investments were a merit and the assumed engagement in order not to obtain the concession", engagement - the CALP specifies - that included also the promise of assumptions.

The CALP signals moreover that it is always spoken about perspectives of increase of the traffics and never of job, than instead is perceived as a problem, beginning from the money that must be recognized to the harbour Company to balancing of the rates and in support of the service of general interest that it carries out, to strikes of the harbour ones for the contract or the suspension of the job in case of red alert or against the self-handler. To this - according to the CALP - sum inertia of the union incapable to lead concrete actions not even to safeguard of the current places of work, to favor instead of a social peace that has not carried occupation and that instead it produces lay-offs.

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