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09 August 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 07:31 GMT+2

November 28, 2019

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Assiterminal asks urgent measures so that the portualità can face the emergencies in Liguria and other regions

The association evidences also the necessity of an alignment of the datoriale world and that trade-union one on these topics

The Italian Association Terminalisti Harbour (Assiterminal) asks the adoption for urgent measures for the section of the portualità useful to tackle to the create emergency in Liguria as a result of the recent events that have caused to the closing of the highway artery A6 and the partial closing of the A26 and that they add to the uneasiness determined from collapse to Genoa of the highway viaduct Morandi Bridge of August 2018, "ulterior criticalities - the association emphasizes - that they are to all purposes and effects paralyzing the system of the transports in our region causing, between the others, obvious and drastic reductions of traffics in the harbour system of the Ligurian Sea Western".

Assiterminal remembers that from Liguria harbour system conveys good part of the harbour traffic of final destination of the directed Italian system in Italy North and the center of Europe, traffic that circulates almost exclusively on rubber. "If it leave of the traffic container, because of the absence of highway connections - the association finds - was diverted on other European ports of call, the consequence would constitute also an enormous damage for the state treasury". Moreover the association remembers that "from Liguria harbour system is in its extremely important complex on a national level for the crocierismo and fundamental for the traffic you ferry".

Assiterminal in the first place exhorts to adopt participations in support of the harbour job, with the acknowledgment for a period of 12 months of a reduction of 50% of the annual social insurance contribution at the expense of the employers of article 16, 17, 18 of law 84/94, with exclusion of the prizes and which had contributions to the Inail for every worker assumed to indeterminate time, riparametrato and applied on base salary; with the contributive deferral, for the deposit of the contributions INPS, of 12 months without increase of the delay interests; and with the deferral of the unitary deposit of the income taxes and the regional tax on the productive activities.

The association asks also participations in support of the enterprises, of the terminals operator and other operators introducing a temporary reduction of the concessori canons that is the afferent canons the authorizations according to article 16 of law 84/94, freezing contextually the plans of enterprise for all the emergenziale period; experiencing the anticipated opening/been extended of the ports and therefore of the gate ones of the terminals (than - Assiterminal specifies - organizational they are already in a position to making it) recognizing the decontribuzione Inps and Inail for the night job; clarifying that the effects of article 1, codicil 578, of the law budgetary 2018 (stacking in E1 of harbour infrastructures) are executives also for year 2019; reducing of 50% the octrois weighing on the energetic produced ones for operating means of the terminals and the harbour enterprises; reducing of 50% the percentages of verification during customs inspections (scanner and physical inspection of the goods) for all the emergenziale period in order not to burden ulteriorly the harbour traffic and the goods of extra costs being created moreover ulterior delays in the harbour operations.

At last prompt Assiterminal participations in support of the logistics through the acceleration of the iter for the institution of Special the Economic Zone of the Val Polcevera, the redefinition and the widening of the application, in order at least three years, of the Ferrobonus for all the operators (comprised the harbour terminalisti and enterprises) that they use the rail shipment from and for the ports of the harbour system of the Ligurian Sea western, and the zero setting of the highway toll for the road haulage.

Specific Assiterminal that such measures could be previewed as integration to bill 109 of 2018 (urgent Dispositions for the city of Genoa) or in Law budgetary 2020 or with appropriate I decree. Moreover - second the association - these measures, or leave of they, could be object of appropriate normative provisions of the Liguria Region on a level with how much it is studying the Region Friuli Venice Julia according to the European corridors that interest it.

Assiterminal considers moreover that analogous initiatives would have to be undertaken for the harbour system of Venice, than - the association explains - "also in a various context, weevers a moment of strong due criticality also to the "taxes" limitations of the draughts of the ships and to the environmental contingencies", but also for the entire national logistic system, with "an extraordinary plan of participations you turn to connect in efficient way the ports to the guiding ones of traffic of the European and transeuropei corridors". "In this optical - Assiterminal specifies - some of the measures indicated would have to be increased to the entire section of the portualità for sufficient a temporal arc to print a carried out one to the entrepreneurial ability to the field".

Assiterminal turns also an appeal also to the labor organizations evidencing that "the datoriale world and that trade-union one must be aligned on these topics, neglecting dangerously extreme the localist drifts that defocalizzano the attention on the true topics creating tensions demagogic outside place and time: the sustainability of the enterprises in a context competitive and so subject to exogenous risks also - the association observes - is also sustainability of the dignity of the job".

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