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November 29, 2019

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Gioia Tauro invites the government not to distract deep the destined ones to the ZES

Old (Reggio Calabria Confindustria): Europe and China have invested on Vado Ligure. We believe that Italy and Europe must invest here

The port of Gioia Tauro is not a issue between many. "It is "the issue" for antonomasia, the mother of all the battles. A not calabrian, not southern, but Italian issue". It has emphasized today president of Confindustria Reggio Calabria, Domenico Vecchio, opening the convention "Gioia Tauro, the future passes from the territory. Proposals and challenges for the calabrian" near Municipality of Gioia Tauro and promoted svoltosi portualità from Reggio Calabria Confindustria, Municipality of Gioia Tauro, Chamber of Commerce of Reggio Calabria in collaboration with Unindustria Calabria.

"For this - Old assistant has - we claim with force the role of Joy that, in this historical moment, is questioned by the investments on other truths. Europe and China - it has found - have invested on Vado Ligure. We believe that Italy and Europe must invest here. Confindustria looks with hope and confidence to the new distance started with TIL - MSC (the shipowning group that has assumed the entire control of the society that manages the container terminal of the calabrian port of call, ndr). And we are pleasing to the Aponte group, of which I wish to meet the summits since the next weeks, for the concreteness and the seriousness that up to now has demonstrated".

The president of the Chamber of Commerce of Reggio Calabria, Antonino Tramontana, has denounced that "the financings in the budget of Been about to "great investments ZES", not being used for the too much implementing complexity, will go to end to implement the fund "Grow to the South". I am convinced that this is a myopic choice and creed is indeed necessary to appeal to politics, to begin from the deputation of our territory, so that he takes part in order to correct an error that would damage not only Gioia Tauro but all areas ZES in particular of Southern Italy".

According to Natale Mazzuca, president of Unindustria Calabria, "Gioia Tauro is a great port in the center of the Mediterranean, that he has unexpressed potentialities. With 700 hectares of retroporto - it has observed - we must program investments and job. The ZES is a remained container on paper. We ask the government to put into effect it, to return it for new investments, creating the conditions attractive in order to connect it to the territory and the Country. The ZES can be an important simplification laboratory. Our ambition - it has emphasized Mazzuca - does not have to be limited to the transhipment, but above all to the transformation, that it adds value to the economy".

The mayor of Gioia Tauro, Aldo Alessio, has supported the necessity "that the industrial area is managed by the Municipality of Gioia Tauro, second a logic that leaves again from the low and the ability to the territory to assume itself of the responsibilities. And the State - it has asserted - resumes this that is its, that is the sheds deserts I yield of wastes of public money, and it gives it to young entrepreneurs".

Evidencing that "the increment of traffic recorded in the 2019 and arrival of the first three enormous acquired cranes from new concessionaire TIL-MSC is the sign of a trend of encouraging increase", the mayor of the metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria, Giuseppe Falcomatà, it has announced that the institution will ask "with force that deep the destined ones to the ZES are not distracted by the government in the new financial law. We will ask - it has specified - an encounter the ministries, together with Confindustria and to the other territorial institutions, in order to assure us that the efforts produced in these years, are not made useless".

Also the extraordinary commissioner of the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro, Andrea Agostinelli, has emphasized that "the advent of the new terminalista is without a doubt an important fact that today allows us to look to a new one slowly of investments and to avoid a social butcher shop that risked to determine lay-offs to chain. I throw again in existence - it has specified - will have now to be accompanied with patience and firmness".

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