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December 3, 2019

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The economic entrances generated by the port of Monfalcone will remain on the spot

The understanding rough draft has assured the regional city council member Pizzimenti illustrating with which the port of call will enter to take part of the AsdSP of the Adriatic Oriental

"The economic entrances generated by the port of Monfalcone will remain on the spot, so allowing the improvement and the development of the port of call". It has assured today the city council member to Infrastructures and territory of the Region Friuli Venice Julia, Graziano Pizzimenti, to the term of the reunion of IV the consiliare Commission during which the understanding rough draft is illustrated with which the port of Monfalcone will enter to take part of the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Orientale, the agency that administers the port of Trieste.

The city council member has explained that the document previews that the canons for the state property, relative concessions to the temporary occupation of areas and docks for the authorizations to the development of harbour operations, pairs to about 750 thousand euros annual, and every other afferent entrance to the management of the port will be collected directly by the harbour authority that will for interventions re-employ them of development of the same port of Monfalcone.

Pizzimenti has emphasized that "to guarantee an only management of the ports of Trieste and Monfalcone it represents an element of force in confronts of the international markets that will return the ports of call of the Friuli Venice Julia still more attractive".

Regarding the managerial modalities of the ports of call, the city council member has specified that "the fixed document with precision the competences of the involved subjects and establishes that the participations already started will be managed by the Region". Between these, the deepening of the channel of access to the port, the work on the railroads for the complete feasibility of the railway ring, the participations in support of the service of maneuver with the eventual overhauling of a locomotore, the extraordinary maintenance of the railway system to service of the industrial and harbour zone and, at last, the reactivation of the Schiavetti-Grope connection.

Moreover the understanding sanctions the confidence to the Authority of Harbour System of all the harbour activity of management that contemplates to the release of authorizations to the exercise of operations and harbour services, of marine state property concessions and of the temporary occupation of areas and docks. Between these, the afferent ordinary activities to the operation of the port and the planning and execution of works re-enter also, while the extraordinary maintenance operations will be concerted with the Region.

With respect to planning and programming, the regional administration will maintain a determining role on the infrastructural participations, is in reason of the important resources necessary financial institutions for their realization is for the maintenance of a logic of integrated planning time to the development of the regional territory.

For how much it concerns the works to realize in harbour within, the agency that will make it and the relative sources of financing will be defined in agreement between the E region the AdSP, therefore the regional administration will be able to supply to inside cure infrastructure the direct realization of the port, also making use of the Consortium of economic development of the Monfalconese.

"Currently - Pizzimenti has remembered - already million euro are allocated four by the E region an light inferior figure by the Authority of System, all object of combined programming also with the harbour operators and the Municipality of Monfalcone".

The inherent activities the railway infrastructure and the strategic choices concerning its maintenance and development, let alone the management of the relative services, will make instead part of an ulterior agreement.

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