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December 11, 2019

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The EU commission will propose more rigorous norms on the polluting emissions of the motor vehicles and the ships

Introduced the schedule "The European Green Deal"

The EU commission will propose more rigorous norms on the emissions of polluting of the motor vehicles and the ships. Such purpose takes part of the measures previewed from the schedule "The European Green Deal" introduced today from the Commission with the scope to return the economy of the EU more sustainable transforming the climatic and environmental challenges in opportunity. The roadmap it covers all the fields of the economy and it is stopped in particular on the sections of the transports, the energy, agriculture, the constructions and on industrial fields as those of steel, the concrete, the technologies of the information and the communication and the textile and chemical produced ones.

Relatively to the transports, the objective of the Green European Deal is to return them drastically less polluting, in particular in the cities. To such purpose the EU commission has announced that it will propose severeer norms on the emissions of the endowed vehicles of engines to combustion and will moreover propose see again within june the 2021 legislation on the emissions of co2 of car and vans with the scope to define beginning from clearly covered 2025 towards mobility to emissions zero. Parallel it will take in consideration the application to the road haulage of the European system of exchange of the quotas emissions.

As for the marine transport, the Commission has specified that the measures will among other things include the discipline of the access of the more polluting ships to the ports of the European Union and it obligation for the ships to the mooring in the ports to use the electricity supplied from the net terrestrial electrical worker. They are in program also measures in order to improve the quality of the area in press of the airports.

The Green Deal emphasizes also the necessity of giving impulse to the multimodale transport hard, fixing as priority the ambitious, in order not to say utopico, objective to transfer on the road to the rail shipment and that fluvial 75% of the traffic of the goods currently transported. Specific measures will be adopted in order to increase the ability to the railroads and internal the navigable ways that the EU commission will propose within 2021. Moreover the revocation of directive 92/106 on arranged the transport will be taken in consideration also and the presentation of a proposal of review of such directive to the aim to transform it in an effective instrument in order to support the activities of multimodali transport goods that involve the rail shipment and the marine transport, included the short-sea shipping. Initiatives for the reduction of the emissions of the aerial transport are previewed also.

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