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December 19, 2019

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Assarmatori, the success of the Marebonus risks to being compromise from the greater costs determined from norms IMO 2020

The association emphasizes not to be able not to share the worries of the transport enterprises, to they time forced to operate on the thin border of the balance budgetary

The equipment financial institution of the Marebonus, the contribution granted from the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports in order to support the institution and realization of new marine services for the arranged transport of the goods or for the improvement of such services, is not more sufficient in order to cover the costs that the shipowners must face in order to adapt own fleets to the new international normative dispositions on the sulfur tenor in the naval fuel that will take effect next the first January. The necessity supports Assarmatori emphasizing that the government is made urgently loaded "with a real problem that - he has evidenced the shipowning association - threat to destroy one of the most innovative operations never lead from the shipping: the Freeways of the Sea".

Assarmatori has explained that the Marebonus, that is recognized to the transport enterprises in order to support the development of the Freeways of the Sea through the transfer of truck from the earth to the sea, "is not today sufficient in order to cover the impacts on the row of the investments and the huge costs that the navigation companies are found to face; both deriving from the adaptation of the ships to norm IMO (International Maritime Organization) that will take effect between two weeks imposing uses she of fuel with not advanced sulfur tenor to 0.5% or in alternative the use of scrubbers or the resource to the gas Gnl. Solutions - it has observed the association - that they will involve an increase of the costs of refueling estimated between the 20 and 30%".

Specifying that "the new burdens will have to be unavoidably absorbed in the price of the service of marine transport and therefore from the entire row of the transport until the final consumer", Assarmatori it has specified that the shipowning association "cannot not share the worries of the transport enterprises, to they time forced to operate on the thin border of the balance budgetary and to face the resistance by their customers to compensate the cost increases that will be found to face".

"The risk is outlined - president of Assarmatori, Stefano Messina, in the margin of the convention has denounced today "We, the Mediterranean" in course to Palermo - to compromise one of the more shining operations realized from the shipping Italian: the Freeways of the Sea, that they have reduced drastically is the heavy traffic on roads and freeways, are the levels of pollution and the number of incidents, supplying to the Country the only true key of economic compattamento between North and South".

Assarmatori considers therefore "indispensable that the government and particularly the minister of Infrastructures and the Transports, Paola De Micheli, makes cargo of the problem through extraordinary measures that on one side allow with the operating fleet on the Freeways of the Sea to face the greater costs of adaptation to the international norm, from the other not to affect the competitiveness of the companies of the road haulage that will opt for the option sea - still today more green - with the burdens that will achieve some".

For Assarmatori, "it sure serves a more general sharing of the burdens through a transmission of the same ones to the final consumer, but also through a potenziamento of the incentives to the employment of marine mobility that affords to the transport enterprises to balance the new increases in this way, restating the objectives previewed from the Marebonus incentive and that now they would risk to being compromises".

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