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28 September 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 09:43 GMT+2

December 20, 2019

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A ALIS analysis evidences is the recent rise of the hires of the Freeways of the Sea is the decrease that they have recorded during the last few years

While Trasportounito announces that the protest for the increases will release on 7 January

Today the trade-union association Trasportounito has proclaimed for next 7 January the start of the block of embarks of heavy means, the semitowings and the trucks on the ships that carry out services from and for Sicily in order to protest against the increase of the marine hires. Noli that is to the center also of an analysis that is introduced this afternoon from the Logistic Association of Sustainable Intermodalità (ALIS) and that it is elaborated by the Office Studies of the organization jointly to the University of the Studies of Naples Parthenope and to the SVIMEZ (Association for the Development of the Industry in Southern Italy).

Trasportounito has announced that it will release on 7 January to the midnight between the 6 and the block in the boarding of the heavy vehicles on the ships engaged in the Freeways of the Sea in the ports of Palermo, Termini Imerese, Catania, Cagliari, Olbia and Messina, with exclusion of the services on the Strait. The association has specified that "to the origin of the protest destined to paralyze the ports of the two greater islands, it is the increase record of the marine hires decided from the navigation companies that carry out connection services on the net of the Freeways of the Sea and that they have motivated this increase in order to tackle to the extra-costs deriving from I use it of fuel to low sulfur content in ottemperanza with the marine norm international IMO that will take effect the first next January".

That the Italian, European and world-wide companies shipowning are living a moment of great ferment because of normative new IMO 2020 has confirmed it the same ALIS specifying that the investments supported from the shipowners in order to adapt their fleets have been remarkable and has forced them to tariff modifications in order to tackle to the extra-costs that will have to put up with beginning from the next January to the aim to continue to offer to the marine connections towards the islands and the Freeways of the Sea, guaranteeing the displacement of the goods in more and more punctual, fast, sure and ecosostenibile way.

ALIS however has evidenced the necessity "to remember that thanks to the investments carried out from the Italian shipowners in the last decade in ships of last generation with always greater ability to hold, equipped of systems of energetic efficientamento, it has been possible to reach of the scope and economies of scale that have guaranteed a progressive and constant reduction of the hires from 2010 today.
The carried out investments - it has explained the Logistic Association of the Sustainable Intermodalità - have allowed with the shipowners to wind down the hires (mark of transport in ship of the TIR or the towings) to own customers that is the logistics societies, of road haulage and the young masters whom therefore an always greater economic opportunity in it has found I use of the connections for the islands and the Freeways of the Sea regarding the traditional modality all road. In addition to all this, own in reference to the marine connections with the great islands, that is Sicily and Sardinia - it has still found ALIS - have been assisted in the last quinquennium to a lively competition between shipowners that has done so as that the prices of transport of the trucks and the towings via ship are found almost to the historical minimums from last the ten years".

ALIS has emphasized that, in fact, from the analysis lead from own Office Studies, the University of the Studies of Naples Parthenope and from the SVIMEZ "it turns out obvious that regarding ten years ago, the rates for the transport of commercial means on the aforesaid routes have a fort quickly riconducibile decrease to the investments carried out from the shipowners. Graces therefore to the efforts supported from the Italian companies of navigation, the transport has not never paid so competitive marine hires".

In particular, the specific analysis that "the situation for the shipowning companies that offer to services ro-ro between the great islands and the continent, has turned out certainly favorable to the companies of transport and logistics, as anyway is proven by dynamics of the transferred flows of traffic from the all road to the intermodal rubber-sea. Other positive effect in terms of externalities has been the strong involved heavy industrial means decrease in car accidents".

"In addition to how much over - the analysis still finds - it is from considering that the ships of last generation employed on the routes towards the islands and the Freeways of the Sea are equipped of ability to always greater hold, and have annulled the emissions of co2 in port thanks to the adoption of systems of feeding based on A batteries lithium. Such characteristics have contributed to reduce the transport costs and at the same time to improve remarkablly the environmental impact".

The analysis evidences also that "it is from holding present that the practiced marine hires, particularly on the routes that serve Sicily and Sardinia, has benefitted of decreases that in average are attested on percentages between 30% until to arrive less to a 40% in regarding the applied prices a decade before".

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