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December 23, 2019

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Ok of the Harbour Committee of Gioia Tauro to Triennial Operations plan 2020-2022 and the budget of forecast 2020

Unanimous deliberations

Friday the Harbour Committee of the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro has approved of unanimously the Triennial Operations plan the 2020-2022 and budget of forecast 2020 of the agency. In the report to the POT, illustrated from the general secretary of the authority, Saverio Spatafora, evidences itself that the new planning is placed totally in the will of potenziamento of the infrastructuring and continuously with how much already started from the agency in the precedence programming, in order to offer to an ulterior consolidation to the four ports of competence of the agency (Gioia Tauro - Crotone - Taureana of Palmi - Corigliano Calabro) called to answer to the continuous changes of the total market.

Relatively to the port of Gioia Tauro, the strategy of the agency is confirmed to guarantee greater competitiveness in the field of the transhipment and, meanwhile, to plan the diversification of the current working activities. The objective is that to differentiate the offer and, therefore, to integrate the services of waterfront with those of the retroporto and the intermodal logistics, in order throwing again the harbour activities and, so, assuring the leader of the port of call in the international circuit of the Mediterranean. In the middle of such strategy there is the realization of the dry dock, destined mainly to the operations of maintenance of the portacontainer mean-large, for a value of investment of 40 million euros, to which the work of resecazione of the docks of West in the features G - H joins in the next years - the financed ones with an ulterior investment of 20 million euros. In order to complete of its full functionality, in prosecuzione of the work, phase of contract, of the reorganization of dock of the features To and B, the structural adaptation of the paving of dock in feature C to the aim to increase of the lift is previewed also, for a million value three euro. Altogether from the feasibility study, where the relative economic-social development is defined place to the base of this strategic project, of it they derive important fallen back occupational, that they could be quantified in 150-200 future working unit.

With the objective of giving to flood operativity to the institutional synergies, moreover the lodgings of the Harbour office will be realized (2,57 million euros). It will be constructed also, on indication of the Health ministry, the structure that will accommodate the customs Take-off point of the frontier inspection (two million euros). The Harbour Authority has emphasized that draft of an important activity, thanks to which the port of Gioia Tauro confirmation the door of national income of detailed lists goods that demand the sanitary control in entrance, and where will be possible, in an only unit, to carry out all the demanded controls so as to optimize and to velocizzare the phase of arrest warrant of the container.

Inserted in the same distance of I throw again of the entire infrastructure harbour, and to the aim to maintain to the national supremacy of the depth of the backdrops of the harbour channel (pairs to -18 meters), the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro has previewed various activities of ordinary maintenance in which the triennial program of work of maintenance of the harbour backdrops re-enters, already started from the agency. The objective is that to smooth, to regular intervals in the time, the submarine dunes of the harbour channel created from the dynamic action of the propellers of the ships during the maneuvers of departure and berthing to the docks.

In support of the other ports of competence of the agency, POT 2020-2022 previews works of potenziamento and infrastructuring that head to support the peculiarity of every harbour port of call.
In the specific one, between the works previewed for the port of Crotone the mantellata rifiorimento and the reconstruction of the outer wall are planned, in support of the operativity of the old port, for an economic million value two euro. And in order to improve of the shelter in the presence of adverse conditions weather are previewed the extension of the outer pier. Not last, with the specific objective of giving concrete answer to the demands for the ittico field, a mobile dock for unit will be realized fishings boat.

In support of the development of the port of Corigliano Calabro has been programmed, between progettuali other asset, the creation of the crocieristica dock (8,1 million euros) in order to guarantee to the port of call a greater development of field. Meanwhile, in order to optimize the operativity of the entire infrastructure, the work of reorganization of the practicability is planned in order to afford the canalization of the carrier language flows from and for the harbour port of call, with an investment of 800 thousand euros. Draft of work which co-financed from the Calabria Region in the Aree Logistiche Integrate programming, that they completely connect the port to the met industrial area in area ZES.

Specific planning finds the requalification of the port of Taureana of Palmi through the realization of the dock of river that heads, through a million financing four euro, to offer an increase of the equipment of the services of the port of call.

Forecast budgetary 2020, defined to support of Triennial Operations plan 2020-2022, is voted unanimously of anticipates after to be illustrated to the members of the Committee from the leader of Luigi Ventrici field. Al its inside is estimated an entrance pairs to beyond 34 million euros with a forecast of expense that it exceeds 52 million euros, from which of it derives a deficit pairs to 18 million and 300 thousand euros that it finds, but, total cover in the presumed remainder budgetary, on December 31, 2019, of beyond 116 million euro. It achieves some, therefore, than the presumed remainder on December 31, 2020 it is attested to 98.206.510 euros, of which 90.521.983 they are bound for infrastructuring works, deep risks and burdens and severance pay.

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