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29 May 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 22:58 GMT+2

January 10, 2020

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Places under seizure three you ferry of Charon & Tourist

The ships would not be able to transport in safety people to reduced mobility

Three ferries of the company of navigation Charon & Tourist Smaller Islands are placed under arranged pre-emptive seizure as from decree emitted from the investigating magistrate of the Court of Messina within an investigation coordinated from the peloritana Public Prosecutor's Office, provision to which has been date execution from the financiers of the Economic Nucleus of Police - Financial institution of Palermo in collaboration with the colleagues of Nucleus PEF of Messina. I decree is emitted also regarding Sergio La Cava, in its quality of administrator of General Navigation Italiana (NGI) that in 2017 it is incorporated by Charon & Tourist.

Under seizure the ships are placed Peace, Charon and Ulisse currently employees in the connections Maddalena-Palau, Trapani-Islands Egadi and Palermo-Ustica let alone sums of money, movable property and pieces of real estate and social quotas until the competition of beyond 3,5 million euros.

The Customs corps have announced that the assumed crimes are those of swindle for the attainment of public distributions, ideological dishonesty and swindle in the public supplies to the damages of the Sicilian Region. In particular, Charon & Tourist Smaller Islands have been marked for the administrative responsibility deriving from crime according to decree legislative n. 231/2001. "General Navigation Italiana - specific the Customs corps in a note - had adjudicated in 2015 lottery II (Egadi Trapani-Islands) of the ban of contest of the Sicilian Region (Regional Councillorship of Infrastructures and Mobility) for the service of marine connection for five years between the smaller Sicily and its islands. The value of lottery II was of about 15,9 million euros, with award, through meaningful decrease, to 5,3 million euros. In order to participate and to adjudicate the contest everyone of the competitors had characterized a ship-ferry (the NGI had designated the Peace) to exclusively dedicate to the draft object of the single lottery, equipped of tightening characteristic structural times to allow navigation in full safety also with the people to reduced mobility. Anyone re-enters in such notion has a particular difficulty in the use of public transport, comprised the old ones, the disabled people, the people with sensory disturbances and how many employ wheelchairs, the gestanti and who accompany children little ones".

"The carried out investigative deepenings from Nucleus P.E.F of Palermo - the note continues - have allowed to assess that the ship Peace anticipates serious technical and structural deficiencies in reason of which it is not absolutely possible to transport in safety people to reduced mobility. Such differences (regarding previewed how much it is from the enforced norm that give the ban), assessed also from the competent technical organs in the course of the periodic inspecting activities, never are not healed and, consequently, the participation would not have allowed neither, above all, the award of the contest to the NGI (now Charon & Tourist Smaller Islands). The investigations have also allowed to find the happened one rerun to irregular substitutions of the ferry designated for the draft Egadi Trapani-Islands, not authorized preventively from the contracting out station, but, above all, happened with ulterior ferries (Charon and Ulisse) also devoid they of requirement previewed for the transport of the people to reduced mobility. Ulterior inspections of the ships with the aid of naval engineers aimed, named technical advisers from the judicial authority. investigator, has definitively confirmed the investigative hypothesis, clearing every doubt about the absolute non qualification of all and the three ferries and on the consequent concrete risk (in case of shipwreck, fire etc) for the incolumità of the people to reduced mobility".

"The enforced national norm, online with how much previewed from the right of the European Union in topic of aids of State - the Customs corps remember - to the aim to return the execution of the fundamental service of line connection economically convenient it previews conspicuous contributions for the benefit of the highest bidders, according to an esteem of the operating costs of the draft, to clearly of the revenues deriving from the sale of the travel titles. The amount of the public contributions indebtedness perceived in period 2016-2019, quantified from the specialists of Nucleus PEF of Palermo in beyond 3,5 million euros - the note still explains - have been object of seizure regarding the society and the inquired ones. The seized naval means are entrusted to named judicial administrators from the JEEP, while the society owner of a shipping company is designated caretaker".

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