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26 May 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 08:00 GMT+2

January 20, 2020

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In 2019, for the first time, the volume of goods transited into the Suez Canal has exceeded one billion tons

In December, the total was 88.3 million tons, new record for this month

Last month, the total volume of loads on board ships that have passed through the Suez Canal has amounted to 88.3 million tonnes, the record December and an increase of 5.2% on the previous December 2018 when the previous peak was recorded Maximum. On the only ships that have crossed the channel 54.5 million tonnes were embarked south, a record volume for this traffic director, with an increase of 16.3%. On ships heading north, 33.8 million -8.8% on December 2018.

In the whole of 2019, the 18,800 ships that crossed the Egyptian water carried a record total of 10.3 million billion tons of goods, up 4.9% on 2018 when the previous record was set. In 2019, only volume of cargo boarded on ships that have transited in the north-south direction marked a new historical peak as it 572.3 million tonnes (up 9.1% on 2018). And a new amounting to almost 458.9 million tonnes, was goods on ships passing in the direction south-north, which turns out to be only 33,000 tonnes higher than in 2018 when the previous Record.

The largest volumes of cargo on board the ships transitlast year in the north-south direction appear to be containerized goods with 256.3 million tonnes crude oil with 59.1 million tonnes ( .26.1%), cereals with 53.0 million tonnes ( 3.9%), minerals and metals 48.7 million tonnes, or 47.6%, fuels with 27.5 million tonnes (-9.5%), coal and coke with 24.9 million tonnes fertilizers with 16.8 million tonnes (up 11.4%), 15.1 million tonnes( up 9.4%), metal products 10.6 million tonnes (up 8.6%), liquefied natural gas with 8.1 million tonnes (-14.6%), chemicals with 7.9 million 0.1%), ooland seeds with 5.9 million tonnes Benzine with 5.5 million tonnes (-16.6%) and gas liquefied oil with 5.1 million tonnes (up 40.6%).

In 2019, the most significant cargoes on board the ships transited inthe canal in the south-north direction were made up of containerized goods with 251.1 million tonnes (up 2.6%), oil with 48.1 million tonnes (-29.0%), diesel 32.9 million tonnes( up 21.5%), liquefied natural gas 23.3 million tonnes (up 40.5%), benzine with 22.7 million tonnes tonnes (1.7%), chemicals with 15.1 million tonnes Metal products with 12.4 million tonnes (-19.0%), vegetable oils with 12.4 million tonnes (up 11.2%), coal and coke with 10.3 million tonnes (-18.7%), minerals and coking metals with 4.8 million tonnes (up 55.2%) fertilizers with 4.4 million tonnes, or 16.2%.

Over the course of 2019, as shown by the graphs we publish volume of cargo carried by ships that have crossed the Suez Canal matches or headed to the ports of the Northern Mediterranean and the ports of northwestern Europe, the gap between the flow of traffic departing has decreased southern European ports and northern European ports, while it is the negative trend in traffic flows is almost similar both European port systems.


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