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01 October 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 02:33 GMT+2

January 30, 2020

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Laghezza (Confetra Liguria): free the Pontremolese immediately from the laces that have imprisoned her in the list of works of second level

The work, he recalled, enjoys unanimous consent not only territories and cities directly affected, but also of the economic world and the environmental planet

The doubling of the so-called Pontremolese railway line, La Spezia-Parma, is a strategic work of first level for the development of the country. This was underlined by the President of Confetra Liguria: "Too often - explained Alessandro Laghezza - our country loses its sense of proportions, and especially priorities, with the result to swashes public money and forget what would be the real duties of a modern state. The Pontremolese line was considered strategic as early as 1860 by Cavour, who believed essential for the nascent Italian state a link that connected the port of La Spezia with Parma and then with the Plain Padana, even then assuming a continuation towards the Brennero. But that did not prevent the Pontremolese from plunge into the black hole of the great unfinished with a project of doubling that dates back to 1980 and that was supposed to transform a 19th-century line, with single track and inconceivable slopes for modern railways, in an efficient rail route for freight and containers and important also in a tourist key."

It is a work - continued the President of Confetra Liguria - "that, a unique case perhaps in the landscape of infrastructure designed, programmed or slow achieve, enjoys the unanimous consent not only of the territories and cities directly affected, but also support economic world and the environmental planet, which they see as a this railway line is also the only answer to make transport to and from the port of La Spezia."

Laghezza recalled that, according to the latest estimates, the costs of complete the pontremolese double track in the 64-kilometre and build the pass tunnel, would amount to 2.2 billions of euros.

Highlighting that, according to very recent estimates, airline Alitalia has already cost the state something like 10.5 billion euros and every year it weighs on the budget over 500 million euros, Laghezza complained that 'For the Pontremolese railway, there is no allocation even though the cost-benefit ratio induced on the economy Italian language, tourism and defence environment would greatly exceed the value of the investment. For Alitalia, he noted, it is continuing by default from a capital increase to the other. Is it not time for prefer to a flag carrier a real, real and concrete flag strategy that aims to relaunch the our country?"

"Personally," concluded the President of Confetra Liguria -- I think our territory deserves more and I from all institutions, central and local, a shot of pride, to bring the Pontremolese back to the center of the corridors European Union and to mobilise the resources needed for a speedy start-up jobs. Any other solution is a compromise downside, useful perhaps in the immediate, but without perspective for the Future. We expect clear signals from politics in this direction which means immediately freeing the Pontremolese from the laces that they put her on the list of second-level works, which would be important, but not priority."

PSA Genova Pra'
Autorità di Sistema Portuale Mar Ligure Orientale

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