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27 September 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 12:35 GMT+2

February 13, 2020

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In 2019, the port of Rotterdam registered its new historical traffic record even if higher than only 415 thousand tonnes compared to the previous one

In the last quarter of the year, there was a -2.6% drop

In the fourth quarter of 2019, freight traffic moved from the port of Rotterdam decreased by -2.6% to reduced load volumes across all major sunloads product segments. A total of 115.9 were moved million tonnes compared to 119.0 million tonnes in October-December 2018. The only goods on landing are 79.9 million tonnes (-2.8%) and those at boarding 36.1 million tonnes (-2.1%).

Overall, containerized goods totaled 38.1 million tonnes (0.3%) with a container handling more than 3.6 million teu (-3.1%). The rolling stock and conventional goods fell by -1.4% and -1.1% to 5.8 million tonnes and 1.6 million tonnes.

In the liquid bulk sector, 51.7 million tonnes and the reduction in traffic has been -1.4%, with crude oil at 26.9 million tonnes (up 7.0%), refined petroleum products 15.6 million tonnes (-17.4%), liquefied natural gas 1.7 million tonnes (up 11.8%) and other liquid loads at 7.5 million tonnes (up 8.9%).

The flexion of solid bulks, which are more pronounced, is more pronounced. 18.6 million tonnes (-11.3%), of which 7.5 million tonnes of ore and scrap (-6.2%), 5.6 million coal (-23.5%), 2.6 million tonnes of coal agricultural products (0.6%) 2.8 million tonnes of other (-4.8%).

In the whole of 2019, total traffic was stable 469.4 million tonnes, as the total number of represents the new historical record for the Dutch port port 0.1% higher than the previous all-time high touched on the previous year. Last year they were moved 325.8 million tonnes of goods on landing, with an increase in 0.8% on the previous year, and 143.6 million tonnes of goods boarding (-1.5%).

Containerized cargo has been moved a total of 152.9 million tonnes (up 2.5%) with a container handling of 14.8 million teu (2.15). The 24.2 million tonnes ( .8%) And conventional goods 6.5 million tonnes, or 2.9%.

A total of 211.2 million liquid bulks were tonnes (-0.3%), of which 104.2 million tonnes of oil crude oil (up 3.9%), 68.2 million tonnes of petroleum products (-12.2%), 7.1 million tonnes of natural gas liquefied (up 36.6%) and 31.7 million tonnes of other bulk liquid scan (10.7%). The total of solid bulks was 74.5 million tonnes (-4.0%), with 30.0 million tonnes minerals (-0.2%), 22.4 million tonnes of coal (-14.8%), 9.8 million tonnes of agricultural products (-0.4%) And 12.2 million tonnes of other solid bulks (up 7.7%).

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