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05 April 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 05:13 GMT+2

March 10, 2020

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In 2019, the traffic of goods in the port of Livorno, with a 0.4% increased by 0.4%, reached a new all-time high

Record for rolling stock

Last year, ports administered by the Port system of the North Tyrrhenian Sea have moved 45.0 million tonnes of goods, an increase of 3.0% in 2018, of which 36.7 million tonnes were handled by the Port of Livorno (0.4%), 5.5 million tonnes from the port of Lead (14.8%) 2.8 million tonnes, all of which are rolling loads, from the ports of Portoferraio, Rio Marina and Cable 1.0%).

With regard to the only port port in Livorno, which in 2019 set its new all-time record for freight traffic, Last year in the various goods segment, 26.9 million tonnes of cargo (up 2.4%), of which 16.0 million tonnes of rolling stock (up 0.6%), as it is the new records for this sector in which 518,873 were moved 9.1 million tonnes of goods containerized containers (7.1%) with a container handling of 789,833 teu (up 5.6%) including 559,515 teu in import/export (-5.8%), including 423,473 full containers (-8.4%) 136,042 empty (up 3.7%), and 1.7 million tonnes of other conventional goods (-3.0%) mainly forest products (1.6 million -0.1%). Liquid bulk traffic is decreased by -5.1% to 9.0 million tonnes, while the 9.0 million tonnes dry bulks, with 782 thousand tons, remained stable. The new car handling was 640,752 vehicles (-3,8%).

In 2019, the 5.5 million tonnes handled by the port of Piombino consisted of 2.9 million tonnes of (-14.7%), 2.4 million tonnes of solid bulks 62,000 tonnes of liquid bulks (up 79.5%) and 53,000 tonnes of other miscellaneous goods (1,657.4%).

Last year, passenger traffic at the Tyrrhenian ports was almost 9.8 million people 0.1%). The ferry passengers alone were 8.9 million (-0.6%), of which 2.7 million were in Livorno (up 3.1%), less than 3.2 million Lead (-2.3%) and 3.0 million at the island's port ports Elba (-1.8%). A total of 888 thousand cruisers 832 thousand in Livorno (5.8%), 24,000 in Piombino (91.1%) and 32,000 in the Elban ports (20.6%).

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