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10 August 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 13:22 GMT+2

March 23, 2020

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The AdSP of Civitavecchia exhorts the entire harbour community to the cohesion in order to exceed the phase of crisis

Hard accusations of the Harbour Company that announces the possible block of the port of call once concluded the emergency

President and general secretary of the Authority of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Centro Settentrionale, Francesco Maria di Majo and Roberta Macii, in a letter to the city and the port have exhorted the harbour community and the institutions to tackle common in order to face the caused emergency diffusing itself of the virus Covid-19 and the impact negative that this has on all the social and economic activities included those of the port of Civitavecchia, hit in particular from the block decided from the government on a national scale of the entire crocieristico traffic and the suspension of the marine services from and for the islands(on 20 March 2020).

The letter is published as a result of negative reactions to the outcome of the first table of held extraordinary crisis last Tuesday and indetto give of Majo in order to analyze the impact of the epidemiologica emergency on the port. "Although various harbour enterprises (for example CFFT and Grimaldi) have quite recorded in these last weeks increase of own traffics - it had explained of Majo to conclusion of the reunion - are emerged that also an estate of the commercial traffics, moreover already prejudiced from the fort decrease of the import of the coal for headquarters of Enel it will not allow to compensate the economic-occupational impact on the entire harbour cluster deriving from the interruption almost total of the fleeting traffics and the cruises".

"We have, therefore - it had announced of Majo - recorded a convergence of the harbour operators in the debit start, until from quickly, to a plan of I throw again of the port in the commercial section so that they can be not only maintained the current which intercepted traffics but also of the new ones. To such fine - the president of the AdSP had announced moreover - I have appealed, in the course of the conference, to the cohesion of the entire harbour community because the objective is common: to exceed the emergency and to throw again a port that has all the potentialities for being one of the more important ports of Italy also in the field of the goods. And, in this phase, the manifested availability is extremely important tonight from MSC/RTC and CFFT - Roma Terminal Container of shipowning group MSC and Civitavecchia Fruit Forrest Terminal of Native-born the Belgian group Noord had specified of Majo having made reference to the terminaliste societies - to restart the table for the promotion of the logistic connections with the Interporto of Civitavecchia, with the participation of the Region Latium, let alone with the others important logistics centers of the Latium, as for example that of Saint Palomba". Of Majo it had evidenced the necessity to find however "solutions immediate in order to give pressing answers the problematic ones that already today put to risk the total economy of the section and the occupation".

The considerations of Majo have provoked the angry reaction of the president of the Harbour Company of Civitavecchia, Enrico Luciani, than saturday in a press conference on-line has denounced that the table of tuesday crisis "has seen absent - has emphasized - the enterprise that in this moment is more important: RCT". Roma Cruise Terminal is the society that manages the terminals cruises of the port of Civitavecchia and is participated by the crocieristiche companies Costa Crociere and Royal Caribbean and from the Marinvest that is under responsibility of shipowning group MSC. "Terminalista of the cruises - Luciani has denounced - than is not only invited to participate, but quite, news is given to us - it has specified the CPC president -, has made an encounter to four between they and Harbour Authorities". Moreover Luciani has denounced that to the encounter the harbour Company is not invited not even.

According to Luciani, one of the conclusions that in his opinion would be due to draw in the course of the crisis table, with reference to the traffic of the container, is "that the containers to Civitavecchia do not come, this - it has evidenced - is the true truth". Containerized trade that, however - it is right to remember it - in 2019 to Civitavecchia it has made to mark the new historical record anniversary with 112.249 teu for a total of beyond million tons enlivened(on 24 February 2020). Luciani has asserted that group MSC would have manifested disinterestedness for the port of Civitavecchia allegating that - has said Luciani - "not there is market".

Luciani has accused moreover the AdSP to have many times over clarified that "to Civitavecchia it goes smoothly". The president of the Harbour Company has made reference also to a communication of friday of the harbour agency in which of Majo, rimarcando that "the ports of the Latium Network continue however their activity thanks to the enterprises and to the work force all that necessarily must be directly in the field in order to guarantee to all supplyings and necessary matters so that the productive cycle not arrest warrants completely", he had specified that "this is confirmed by the presence in port, in these last four days, of commercial naval units portacontainer is in the dock 24 that in the dock 25 that fresh fruit in containers unloads reefer, while the continuous Traiana to exhaust goods helter-skelter. The traffic ro-ro and the ferries - it had specified the president of the AdSP - continue with the single traffic of the goods. Currently, in fact, the emergenziale situation, contrarily to how much hypothetical one, has produced a considerable increase of job, as confirmed us from the CFFT regarding the drainage of the fruit".

Remembering moreover the dramatic effects of the coronavirus on the crocieristico traffic, of Majo it had concluded specifying that "it is clearly that the current situation has and will have of the important repercussions and, for this - it had anticipated - we will advance ulterior demands to the Region is for the support of the enterprises that in order to characterize new instruments for the development of the imprenditoria in the harbour and retroportuali zones that will fall back in the Simplified Logistic Zone".

From part its Luciani has concluded its denunciation emphasizing that the ships that arrive to Civitavecchia are forced to make it because they do not find landing place in the ports of the north, traffic that is therefore of temporary character, evidencing moreover the extreme difficulty in which pours the field of the harbour job and preannouncing that, to finished emergency, "this time the port we will block it indeed".

In the open letter yesterday Francesco Maria di Majo and Roberta Macii have explained that "the spread by this agency of some positive news that has reached - moreover in the course of a reunion to which the labor organizations have participated also - directly from some harbour operators, on some traffics goods, had the single scope to transmit a small sign of optimism in a dramatic scene, of national emergency, that it involves the entire productive field of the Country with inevitables fallen back negative for the harbour section and therefore for the port of Civitavecchia hit, in particular from the international block of the traffic of cruise ships and from the block of the traffic of passengers in the national connections with the islands".

"In a moment in which all the world it tries to being united in order to face an emergency without equal - the letter continues - even appears unimaginable that is consumed of the energies to inside feeding controversies and divisive instrumentalizations of the harbour community. The task of this agency, as of all the AdSP, is time to try to face with all the instruments on hand the dramatic impact that the spread of the coronavirus is having on the Italian ports. It is a battle that, silently, all the dependent of this administration are fighting within and outside the offices. And then we continue with the incessant search of support, also financial, by the government and of the Region Latium, with the actions turned to the realization of extraordinary activities also that multiply the ordinary job and with the dialogue constantly opened with our interlocutors in order to collaborate to characterize all the possible solutions of held before and, of I throw again then, of the harbour economy".

"We will make us to support this port - they have written of Majo and Macii - but without screams and without it proclaim with the fundamental job of our administrative structure that have not given up neither for a minute and with the enterprises that they are made ahead, with seriousness and calmness, in order to supply contributions of thought to advanced "the cause of all". We do not tell every day to it, is true, but we do not have the time to make it and this, in the world of the social, probably not wage. We appeal - they have concluded president and general secretary of the Authority of Harbour System - to the good sense, to the sense of responsibility, the love for the common good, are and we remain on hand of which we exhort to collaborate with we in order to tackle common and to face, in the best way to mitigate and to exceed the current dramatic emergenziale phase trying at best to conjugate the operativity of the port with the protection of the health of which they must continue to work. Also to Civitavecchia, as in the remainder of the world, joined it is won”.

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