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April 22, 2020

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Drastic decrease of the touched ones of containerized marine services to the Italian ports because of the pandemic

In the period March-May of this year they turn out down of the -31% regarding the correspondent trimester of 2019

The pandemic of Covid-19 and the measures of limitation to mobility adopted by now to total level in order to contain the contagion shows with always greater evidence their impact negative on the marine traffics, in particular on those containerized ones, with a correspondent effect on the activity of the ports. They do not certainly make exception the Italian ports, that they are recording a drastic reduction of the marine traffic and a consequent one devastates impact on the enlivened level of goods.

If last February, when still in Europe the risk of a next sanitary emergency was not perceived fully and when by now portacontainer in departure and arrival from the Far East and China, primary breeding ground of the contagion, was already in navigation, the departures previewed from the Italian ports of ships employed in line services turned out to be 270, with an increment of +18% regarding 228 to February 2019, already in March 2020, when to beginning month in Italy the first measures of restriction to mobility and the economic and social activities are adopted on a national level, the ships previewed in departure givethe Italian ports turned out to be 395, with a decrease of the -10% on March 2019.

The crisis remarkablly has been aggravated to April and is faced by the Italian government with an ulterior accentuation of the restrictions. Meanwhile the main world-wide shipowning alliances of the field of the container were already implementing initiatives of reduction of the services and the offered ability to transport. To April 2020, therefore, the impact on the containerized marine traffic in the Italian ports has turned out still more obvious with 269 departures of services of line previewed and a decrease of the -21% on April 2019.

Even if in Italy from various days the level of gravity of the sanitary crisis light is dropped, the restrictions introduced from the government will remain at least however in vigor until the May beginning. Also the containerized companies of navigation do not have still programmed some increase of ability, indeed, on the contrary they have announced new cancellations of departures in order to face the drastic decrease of the question.

To May 2020 a remarkable contraction of the volume of containerized marine traffics is previewed in fact ulterior and a confirmation reaches from the departures of previewed services of line in the month from the Italian ports: 129 ships from all are planned the departures of sun national the harbour ports of call, with a drastic collapse of the -65% regarding the ships sailed from Italian ports in May 2019.

Relatively to the main Italian ports for containerized trade, if last February to Genoa an increment of +59% of the previewed departures of services of line regarding February 2019 was marked, the next month has been passed to a bending of the -16% in order to reach to April 2020, with 88 previewed departures, to a reduction of the -10% and therefore to a decrease of the -54% of the departures previewed for the May month, pairs this year to 56 regarding 122 to May 2019.

Also the port of Gioia Tauro, and own in a phase of I throw again of the calabrian port of call due to the assumption directed by shipowning group MSC of the management of the terminalistiche activities in port, is accusing the heavy impact of the crisis. If last February the previewed departures turned out advanced of +61% regarding February 2019, to March 2020 have been passed to a -13% and April 2020 to a -20%, while for the next month of May the risk is to approximate itself to a zero setting of the activity.

Daunting also the scene for the port of La Spezia. To a +61% of the departures previewed to February 2020, from Liguria port of call has had to accuse a decrease of the -23% in the following month and of the -16% to April, while for the next May a collapse of the -58% of the departures of line services is shown.

To Livorno the 40 departures previewed to February 2020 have represented an increment of +18% on the same month last year, increase to which is continuation in the next month a contraction of a -18% and new increase of +8% to March 2020. For the next month to the Leighorn harbour port of call the 14 containerized services of line pairs to a bending are previewed touched of -59%.

To February 2020 the departures previewed from the port of Trieste turned out advanced of pure +29% regarding February 2019 and in increase (+33%) turned out the next month, while to April 2020 a reduction of the -52% is previewed and for the next month a contraction is attended of -45%.

If the port of Venice has up to now withstood better to the crisis, with a +67% recorded to February 2020 continuation from a +100% in the next month and a +9% in the running month, however to May 2020 for the lagoon port a drastic decrease of the -93% of the previewed departures of line services is shown.

Analogous the scenes for of the Campania ports of Naples and Salerno. For the first port of call the variations relative percentages to the months of February, March, April and May of this year turn out respective of +42%, -6%, +38% and -83%, while for the port of Salerno they are of the -5%, +188%, +20% and -41%.

Altogether the previewed departures of services of line in the Italian ports in the quarter March-May of this year turn out to be 793, with a decrease of the -31% regarding 1.148 in the correspondent trimester of 2019. To the reduction it has contributed, even if in limited measure, the zero setting of the happened containerized trade this year in the port of Cagliari, where in the period March-May of the 2019 33 had happened touched of containerized marine services.

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