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04 June 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 19:15 GMT+2

April 24, 2020

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The Spanish harbour terminalisti appreciate the governmental measures in support of the field, but they are worried that they will not be sufficient

The ANESCO emphasizes that it is still difficult to estimate the impact that the crisis will provoke on the field

The Spanish harbour terminalisti have appreciated, with reservation, the measures in support of the economy and of the occupation assumed from the government of Madrid with the decree-law on 21 April with the scope to face the impact of the Covid-19 emergency, provision that includes specific actions for the field of the marine transport and the portualità.

The decree-law assigns to the Harbour Authorities the faculty motivatamente to reduce the level of the demanded for year 2020 and established minimal traffic in the titles of marine state property concession in the cases in which it is not possible to realize the activities or to reach the level of the minimal traffic previewed from the concession because of the sanitary crisis for the coronavirus pandemic. Article 16 of the specific decree-law 15/2020 that these variations can be carried out upon request motivated of the concessionaire and in measure which prorated regarding the traffics realized in fiscal year 2019 and preview moreover that they are not applied penal in case of lacked realization activities previewed from the concession or lacked attainment imputable the minimal level of traffic to the impact of the sanitary crisis in the course of exercise 2020.

The legislative provision, to article 17, previews also the possibility to reduce the amount of the state property canon in the cases in which it is demonstrated that the concessionaires quickly have an impact meaningfully negative on their activity because of the crisis of the Covid-19, appraisal of the impact that will be carried out case by chance on the base of the activity realized from the concessionaire in last the four years. Also in this case the procedure will be activated upon request of the concessionaire and I decree previews that the reduction of the canon cannot exceed 60% of the amount total if of the passenger terminals and 20% relatively to other asset.

The decree-law on 21 April includes also relative measures to the anchor duties and previews reductions in price and exemptions for the pause of the ships in port, between which the exemption for the ships that must be moored in harbour waters as a result of an order of the competent authority because of the sanitary crisis.

To article 21 one settles moreover that to the action of the distribution of the Bottom of Compensation Interportuale for 2020, the instrument that the redistribuzione previews anniversary of destined resources to the national system harbour, those Harbour Authorities are privileged that they preview to conclude the fiscal year in the red anniversary because of the lack of returns determined from the meaningful decrease of the traffic of the passengers to continuation from the adopted measures in order to face the sanitary crisis.

If the ANESCO, the association of the Spanish harbour terminalisti, have estimated positively the reduction of the various harbour taxes, it has observed however that the container terminal from there will not draw some benefit as the normative provision takes in consideration only the variable one of the meaningful decrease of activity without to hold against, between the several effects of the crisis, that of the remarkable increase of the operating costs that the enterprises must support in order to safeguard the health of the workers and meanwhile to assure the development of the activities and the services.

The association of the terminals operator has moreover found that today it is not even possible to determine if the adopted measures will be sufficient in when it is still difficult to estimate the impact that the crisis will provoke on the field since the effects negatives permangono and the terminaliste enterprises preview a drastic reduction of the traffic that will involve meaningful economic losses is at the expense of the terminals that of other operators of the logistic chain.

Remembering that from years the terminaliste enterprises ask a reduction for the fiscal pressure with the scope to increase the competitiveness of the Spanish harbour system, the ANESCO has concluded emphasizing that, with the previewed reduction of 20% of the amount of the concession canon, the application of a greater flexibility regarding all is favorable the harbour taxes.

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