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29 July 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 03:55 GMT+2

April 24, 2020

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To March the traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna is dropped of -30,4%

In the first three months of the 2020 bending it has been of -12,7%

Last March the volume of traffic enlivened from the port of Ravenna has accused with more evidence the impact of the reduction of determined the business activities and industrial world-wise from the pandemic of Covid-19 and has turned out pairs to two third party of that totaled in March 2019 being piled to 1,76 million tons, the -30,4% in less regarding the year precedence. A bending that has determined a reduction of the -12,7% of the traffic enlivened altogether in the first three months of the 2020 that it has been pairs to 5,59 million tons regarding 6,40 million tons in the first trimester last year. In the quarter of this year the goods to the disembarkation tons (- 13.6%) and those to the boarding 816 thousand tons (- 7.2% have been 4,77 million).

In the first trimester of 2020 in the segment of the goods several the enlivened cargos have been pairs to 2,40 million tons (- 13.8%), of which 549 thousand containerized tons of goods (- 9.0%) realized with a container handling pairs to 48.064 teu (- 7.9%), 364 thousand tons of rotabili (- 8.1%) and 1,49 million conventional tons of goods (- 16.8%). In the field of the liquid bulk the total has been of 1,02 million tons (- 1.9%), included 550 thousand producing tons of oil (- 2.4%) and 470 thousand tons of other cargos liquids (- 1.3%). The solid bulk has been attested 2,17 million to tons (- 15.9%).

In the single freedom of expression of this year the goods conventional has totaled 459 thousand tons (- 43.7%), the rotabili 117 thousand tons (- 14.6%) and the goods in container 180 thousand tons (- 22.5%). In the section of the liquid bulk tons (- 37.7%) and in that of the solid bulk 703 thousand tons (- 18.4% are enlivened 303 thousand).

Relatively to the traffic enlivened in the first trimester of 2020, the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Centro Settentrionale has announced that in the agricultural and food- section, with 964 thousand total tons of agricultural alimentary commodities and producing, a bending of the -19,0% is recorded continuing the trend negative of the first months of 2020, contraction that is determined by collapse of the -77,7% of the agricultural produced ones, with a traffic of import of cereals that is diminished of 356 thousand tons. The AdSP has explained that on the import cerealicolo they weigh world-wide factors connected in this phase to the emergency coronavirus: a rise of price of the raw materials which had substantially to the difficulties in the logistics and in transport via earth and to the more complex dynamics for the imported grain has been recorded in fact - it has specified the agency - by sea, as, for example, the obstacles in order to rent ships that can disembark to raw materials agricultural ones in the Italian ports. To such purpose the harbour authority has brought back an explanation of the president of the National Association Cerealisti: "domestically - Carlo Licciardi has announced - some speculative maneuver on the price of the imported grain such to make to leaven the prices of the worked produced ones. The variation in increase reflects the real fair market value, after the decrease happened in the weeks precedence the Covid-19 crisis. To confirm the absence of speculations on the import cerealicolo - it has added the president of the ANACER - to emphasize the good grain escorts and other raw materials in Italy, so that currently from the ports it is exiting produced imported to end 2019, with wide accumulated escorts in the first months of 2020".

Alimentary commodities, oleaginous feeds and instead are increased of +20.6% going up to 857 thousand tons.

An other merceologico segment of particular importance for the port of Ravenna is that of the materials from construction that, with 994 thousand tons enlivened in the first trimester of 2020, has marked a decrease of the -8,3%, bending - it has specified the AdSP - that is from chargeing itself mainly to the decrease of the raw materials for the production of ceramics of the district of Sassuolo (- 6.7%). Consulted from the harbour agency, president of Ceramic Confindustria, Giovanni Savorani, it has confirmed that the plants are arrest warrants from on 22 March and that the ripartenza will happen very slowly however ". Necessaries - Savorani has explained - not will be the conditions in order to proceed before to the rhythm for via of many limits. The orders are in fort decrease, can already estimate at least a 20-25% in less. We will have to face the effect row where all he will not be available, without to forget that the lockdown it has not happened in contemporary for all and, therefore, when we leave again, there will be firm customers".

Other voice to record a heavy bending is that of the produced metalworkers who with 1,47 million tons are dropped of the -17,0%, in particular in handling of coils (- 18.9%). The AdSP has remembered that at the beginning of the pandemic emergency from Covid-19 the steel production gave already signs of slow down, with an increment only of +1.0% regarding the first two months of 2019.

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