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01 December 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 02:52 GMT+1

April 27, 2020

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In the first trimester the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice is dropped of the -10,5% and that of the passengers of -56,0%

Musolino: the unsolved nodes of the bureaucracy still more leave us exposed regarding the pull down storm on the world

In the first trimester of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice is diminished of the -10,5% being piled to 5,8 million tons regarding 6,5 million tons in the first three months of 2019. The goods to the disembarkation pairs to 4,5 million tons (- 12.2%) and those to the boarding to beyond 1,2 million tons (- 4.4% have been). The bending of the enlivened volumes is determined mainly by the effect of the measures assumed to total level in order to contain the pandemic of Covid-19: "the effects of the pandemic in March - the president of the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Settentrionale has confirmed, Pino Musolino - drag low statistics of the Lagunari ports, than already in recent months of the last year they had demonstrated to accuse the blow of the slow down of the manufacture and the uncertainty of the markets to total level".

In the single field of the goods several the traffic has been of 2,4 million tons (- 3.2%), of which 1,4 million tons of goods in container (- 0.9%) with a handling of containers pairs to 139.919 teu (- 2.1%), 399 thousand tons of rotabili (- 7.4%) and 594 thousand several tons of other goods (- 5.2%). The liquid bulk has totaled 2,2 million tons (- 1.4%), included almost 1,9 million producing tons of oil refined (+1.9%), 271 thousand chemicals tons of (- 1.2%) and 60 thousand tons of other cargos liquids (- 52.3%). In the section of the solid bulk the total has been of 1,2 million tons (- 32.2%), of which 419 thousand tons of producing metalworkers (- 2.9%), 334 thousand tons of feeds, feeds and oily seeds (- 17.3%), 147 thousand tons of coal and lignite (- 68.1%), 94 thousand tons of minerals and materials from construction (- 12.5%), 68 thousand tons of cereals (- 69.1%), 34 thousand tons of chemicals (to +7.5%) and 107 thousand tons of other bulk sand banks (- 11.3%). The AdSP has specified that regarding the fort decrease of handling of the coal, pairs to a reduction of 300 thousand tons about, this depends on the future reconversion to gas of the central Palladium in observance of the contained indications in National the Energetic Strategy.

In the first three months of this year the traffic of the passengers in the port of Venice, segment of activity of particular importance for the port of call, heavy is hit by the impact of the pandemic: the crocieristi are diminished of the -65,7% coming down at less than 6 thousand unit and the passengers of the ferries are dropped of the -43,4% to 7 thousand unit.

Relatively to the traffic enlivened in the first trimester of 2020 from the port of Chioggia, the AdSP has explained that, after a 2019 of meaningful increase, also Chioggia has suffered of the total contraction and with 220 thousand tons the volume of traffics has marked a contraction of -35,8.

The president of the harbour agency has evidenced as the impact negative of the pandemic on the traffics of the Lagunari ports reaches in a delicate moment as "the unsolved knots of the bureaucracy, that the start of necessary works hinders too much from time, firstly the maintenance of the backdrops to the quota previewed from the harbour town development plan - Musolino has explained - leave us still more exposed regarding the pull down storm on the world, that it could provoke in a 2020 contraction of 32% of the total commerce according to the WTO".

"The pandemic phenomenon - it has observed Musolino - is starting up also dynamic little limpid that ends in order to aggravate the situation. It is the case - it has clarified - of the agricultural and food- one, where the variations of the commercial routes are due above all to increases repentini of price of the raw materials that have carried, for example, to a reduction of the grain exports from Russia and to an increase of the speculative operations. Analogous, in the oil market to March we have assisted to an abrupt decrease of the enlivened volumes because of the fluctuation of the prices and to the decrease of the consumption, but has observed also an increase of the hires of ships that are only used as fine warehouses to speculative".

"From the point of view of dynamics import/export - it has continued the president of the Authority of Harbour System - in March against a decrease of 29.9% of the imports it is assisted to an increase of 5.2% of the exports. It is the sign that the companies are producing going to exhaust the remained raw materials. He is expectable therefore an ulterior and meaningful decrease of the export in the next few months when the escorts are exhausted. That's why now the enterprises and the activities would have to be supported all, in order to afford of being active and reagents at the moment of the rebound, than year is hoped arrivals within the end of the current".

"Difficult months attend us - it has concluded Musolino - but we do not have to deprive of hope, indeed it is necessary to work united in order to regain competitiveness and to recover the lost land in the short possible time. I confide that this crisis has opened the eyes to how many in the past they have believed that the port, the enterprises and the guaranteed occupation were elements to consider enemy of our territory. I hope that a new phase can come true, where the choices in favor of the potenziamento of the harbour activities, the takeover of new productive, innovative and sustainable activities, and of I throw again of the good occupation finally will be estimated by all as essential choices for the good and the future of all the community".

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