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29 May 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 12:05 GMT+2

May 4, 2020

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The port of Trieste relaunches its role as a South Gate Europe

The emergency could facilitate an acceleration and unblocking using the international free port

The competitiveness of the port of Trieste and its role Belt & Road Initiative, an integral part of the Belt & Road Initiative strategic programme of the People's Republic of China, is been at the center of a televised debate in the city juliana where geopolitical and geopolitics experts were confronted maritime trade, port and intermodal operators and the Eastern Adriatic Sea Port System. From the discussion has emerged as the port of Trieste, compared to the other national ports, represents a unicum also from the point of view of traffic due to its strong pre-eminence of international traffic and it has been noted that for Trieste the competitors are not national ports, but the major ports of northern Europe and the neighbouring foreign ports of Koper and Rijeka.

It has also been noted that, in the face of this role, The state's attitude towards the port of Trieste remains chronic underestimation since the state has been in the state for years, thanks to the port, it collects taxes, port rights, VAT on goods, that is a flow and a benefit to the exoplanary that, if lost by Trieste, could not move to other national airports but would go ports and foreign states. The debate, to which among others, the economist Giulio Sapelli, Zeno D'Agostino (President of the Port System Authority), Davide Burani (director of public affairs of the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy), Cesare Moscati (director of the Chamber of Commerce Trade Italy-Israel), in addition to Fabrizio Zerbini (chairman of the Trieste Marine Terminal), Enrico Samer (president of the namesake Angelo Aulicino (general manager of Alpe Adria), focused on the role of total autonomy that Trieste will have to protect, rejecting the prospect -- perhaps even tempting on the subject investment - to play a similar role to that of Pireo, Greek port now china's colony.

The discussion then addressed the issue of openness any operator that is able to take advantage of the also the great prospect of connecting the economies of the East Europe and a Middle East that in the coming months will have to addressing the emergency associated with the reconstruction of entire countries destroyed by the events of the war. There has been particular talk sharply stronger trade with Israel and Egypt, including but not only for agri-food, but also for strategic Trieste Marine Terminal (TMT) terminal container, which is today the main container hub of the high Adriatic and which has in front of it an important prospect of expanding capacity, becoming the main link of an axis of penetration supported by the different rail operators, national, already operating in the port of Trieste and alpe Adria, and for eastern European countries and the rich areas of the South Germany and Austria.

There was also discussion of the International Free Port, noting that the very emergency generated by the pandemic of Covid-19 could facilitate acceleration and unblocking using this tool that could allow Trieste application. The questions now relate to the possibility of developing manufacturing activities processing of goods handled by the port with a value economic and employment impacts on the territory. The project, to which all trade associations, operators and the involvement of at least a large part of local institutions and politics, has a clear goal today: the total application of the status of Porto Franco International.

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