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01 December 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 06:01 GMT+1

May 4, 2020

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ANCIP restates that in port it is single an authorized society to supply temporary harbour job

The thesis second which a pluralità of subjects would be necessary - denunciation the association - appears at least instrumental and rivelatrice of an approximate acquaintance of law 84/94

Only the authorized society according to article 17 of law 84/94 can supply temporary harbour job. The National Association has restated Companies Harbour Enterprises (ANCIP) in a combined note with the Company Unica Lavoratori Portuali (CULP) of Naples in which it remembers that "the norm shaped from law 84/94 proposes a separation between the entrepreneurial action, centralized in head to the enterprises and terminalisti of which to article 16 and 18 of the same law, and the supply of mere work performance, assigned to the society of which to article 17". "Marked separation still more - they have evidenced ANCIP and CULP - with the prohibition for the societies articles. 16 and 18 to stop vice versa in any participation way in societies art. 17 and. And this because the necessity to find an economy total cannot affect the working aspects that must have, instead, as they objective safety and the professionality, elements both recognized is from the activity consolidated from decades, than from the acknowledgment that the same law formula. Still more in the procedures for the activation of the various concessions, this necessity as the only society is evidenced that still receives the concession as a result of public contest is own the society art. 17 for which element characterizing in the offer must be the professionality and the competence in the operations, more of the economization of the costs".

The puntualizzazione of the ANCIP is time to answer second to voices which the necessity of a pluralità of subject shopkeepers would be manifested the activity of performance of temporary harbour job, point of view that - second the ANCIP - "appears at least instrumental and detector of an approximate acquaintance of law 84/94".

Remembering that society art. 17 must submit to the rules dictated from the same Authority that of it determines the rate, of establishes and controls organic the operating ones proportioning them to the necessities of the port and is obliged to serve all indifferently the operating societies in the port and that of it they demand the work to prescind from the quantitative ones and the supplied operating opportunities and that, moreover, from the law the obligatory nature comes also sanctioned to pay salary to the workers second a collective bargaining agreement, to guarantee to these a minimal salary and wage which proportioned to the contractual levels and to guarantee to the same all the contractual institutes, indeed taking part in case of operating deficiency, through the institute of the IMA, the ANCIP has emphasized that in the light of this it is not given to comprise which more society could be the necessity of the compresenza that supplies temporary harbour job, "than - he has found the association - own workers would have to apply to the same rate paying salary to the same conditions, if not to fragment the aliquot organic operating answer with and sure a not sufficient one or worse little prepared to answer with immediacy and preparation for the question of job of the port".

"To ours submitted warning - the note of ANCIP and CULP continues - the problems of the port, in particular of the port of Naples, are others and more precisely in the distortions that happen daily: exchange of labor between the various enterprises article 16 and 18; article 16 that supply mere performances of job appanage of article 17 in case of necessity authorized; the fragmentation of the harbour areas in almost the totality at this point enslaved in concession with obvious impossibility of access to the port regarding others and various entrepreneurs who could enrich the port with ulterior lines of traffic; the exploitation of the workers through attitudes assimilable prevaricators finanche to the stalking; the arrogance of some interlocutors who, pervicacemente, take refuge by now on exceeded positions from the facts about the costs of labor and an organization of the subject authorized to the supply of temporary harbour job that for a long time has changed its parameters adapting them to the necessities of the port and its actors".

"Getting to the point of the complex truth of the partenopeo port - they have specified moreover ANCIP and CULP - it is not revocable in doubt as the Company has demonstrated in the facts to be a reliable and careful society to the requirements of the harbour users; only someone has not still understood it although still recently it has been demonstrated with the facts that the harbour operativity cannot that to find giovamento from I use it of the workers of the CULP".

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