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26 May 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 15:17 GMT+2

May 8, 2020

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Federagenti, the Venice case demonstrates to the embrittlement the economic monocultures in the phases of crisis

The federation of the shipping agents denunciation that the government has disregarded the engagements for I throw again of the lagoon harbour port of call

Federagenti denunciation that the government has not only disregarded the exhortation of February of the marine-harbour community of Venice to allow the development of the city harbour port of call(on 13 February 2020), but to have also lain the same day in which era advanced this sollicitation having declared with satisfaction definitively to have resolved the problem of the so-called "protocol mud", fact this that would have had so given the starting signal to all a series of work of escavi vital for the port. "This - it has accused the federation of the Italian shipping agents - has not happened and today we discover that in reality the protocol is still within some ministerial drawer and not sure for guilt of the virus that meantime has upset our country and the entire world".

Federagenti has evidenced moreover as the current emergency for the pandemic of Covid-19 has brought to light still more as the snaturamento of the vocation of Venice which store, port and terminus of commerce can have fatal effects if a cohabitation between city and port is not planned, between city and economy. According to Federagenti, the sanitary crisis has been profitable obvious, in particular for Venice, than the cities whose economy is based on a monoculture - if of Venice tourism - they risk to being destroyed from total emergencies and that without finalized immediate investments to infrastructural participations - if of the port of Venice the dredgings of the channels for the transit of the ships - also apparently healthier the economic woven one can be disintegrated and easy be crumbled.

"The economic monocultures - president of Federagenti, Gian Enzo Duci has explained - reveal all the intrinsic embrittlement of local communities that reveal themselves completely incapable to face the emergencies, while the logistics, the supply chain, and therefore ports, airports, railroad, centers goods, have been revealed and they are confirmed as the only instrument in the hands of national economic systems also in the picture of a revealed globalization to high risk, in a position to contrasting the effects more devastating negatives of the crises and to favor a cohabitation between different economic and cultural vocations. Venice - it has emphasized Duci - is for us, but it could become for all the symbol of that it does not go persecuted, of that goes urgently made and of that would have had to be realized for time".


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