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03 June 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 03:59 GMT+2

May 12, 2020

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Last year the volume of goods is dropped transported on the road and on track through the Swiss Alps

Accentuation of the bending in the second half of the year

In the 2019 volume of goods transported on the road and on track through the Swiss Alps has been inferior to that of the year precedence. The Helvetic Federal Office of the Transports has announced today specifying that last year the transits of 898 thousand are recorded heavy vehicles and trailer trucks, with a decrease of the -4,6% regarding 2018 and with a decrease of about 500 thousand vehicles regarding the 2000 year in which the introduction of the tax on the heavy traffic which proportioned to the performances (TTPCP) and the gradual authorization of the motor vehicles from 40 tons they have created new conditions picture.

The UFT has specified that the root cause of the bending of the street traffic goods through the Alps has been the weakening of the conjuncture in the Countries of importance for the transport goods through Switzerland, in particular the inactivity of the volume of foreign trade of Italy towards the zone EU.

To the two alpine passes more important the volume than traffic in 2019 has been inferior to that of 2018: the bending more emphasized (- 8.7%) has been recorded to Saint Bernardino, second greater pass (14.6% of all the transits), while to Saint Gottardo (71.6% of all the transits) has been of -5,1%. Al Sempione, after the decrease recorded in 2018 as a result of the closings due to inclemencies, the number of transits is increased of +3.7%; to Large the St Bernard it is found an increment pairs to +1.8%. Al Brenner the number of transits newly is increased, passing to 2,47 million (+1.9%) against 2,42 million 2018. The two French passes have marked an inactivity, with minimal variations are to Fréjus (- 0.5%) are to Monte Bianco (+0.0%).

In the 2019 volume of transports on the road through the Alps measured in tons it has recorded a decrease of the -4,8% being journeyed 11,1 million tons of cargos.

In the single second half of the year of the 2019 number of heavy vehicles goods in the transalpine traffic goods it is diminished of the -6,7% regarding the same semester of the year precedence coming down to 434 thousand average.

In entire 2019 it has turned out decreasing also the railway traffic goods through the Swiss Alps that a volume of about 26,6 million has recorded tons (- 4.6%). The UFT has explained that also in this case the decrease trend is riconducibile mainly to the weak person conjunctural situation. Moreover the evolution is limited by the still insufficient reliability of the traffic goods on long track from as well as numerous the Rhine-Alps corridor ulterior extraordinary events, which along strike in France.

Considering the railway aces singularly, in the 2019 a decrease of the volumes has been delineated is to Sempione (- 8.5%) are to Saint Gottardo (- 1.4%). Particularly interested from the reduction of the volumes it has been the transport to complete wagons (TCC), that it has recorded a reduction of -9,3%. On the travelling freeway (Rola) the volume has been reduced of the -5,5%, while for the arranged traffic accompanied (TCNA) the decrease has not been of -2,7%.

In the single second half of the year of the 2019 bending of the railway traffic goods it has been of the -5,6% is therefore more consisting regarding that of first semester 2019 (- 3.7%).

In entire the 2019 market shares of transalpine traffic goods of the enterprises of rail shipment they have quickly variations limited regarding 2018. SBB CFF FFS International Cargo has confirmed leader of the market also in 2019 (- 1,0 points percentages regarding 2018) although it has recorded of the losses, with a market share pairs to 39.5%. Al according to place remains the BLS Cargo, with a quota 28.1% (+0,5 points percentages regarding 2018); to the third party SBB CFF FFS is placed Cargo with 23.6%. The quota the remaining enterprises, pairs only to 8.8% (+2,0 points percentages regarding 2018), is meager and that more consisting Cargo (5.3% is stopped by DB).

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