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27 November 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 15:49 GMT+1

May 12, 2020

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Assarmatori restates the demand for specific measures of support for the enterprises and the workers of the marine field

The government - he has accused the association - has decided to save the aerial transport and to sink that marine one

The shipowning association Italian Assarmatori is not for satisfied nothing of moves measures that the government is managing for throws again to light of the economy of the crisis provoked from the sanitary emergency from Covid-19. "The government - he has accused the association - has decided to save the aerial transport and to sink that marine one, assuming a serious responsibility in a Country to the center of the Mediterranean, where sixth of the population alive on islands and 90% of the production of goods the marine transport for supplying of the raw materials or for the distribution of the finished product one depends on".

Assarmatori has explained that in the last version of Decreto I throw again, to art. the 201 is previewed a bottom of 150 million for the compensation of the damages endured from national the airlines for effect of the reduction of the number of the passengers transported during the phase of emergency from coronavirus and to art. the 206 a bottom of three billions of euro for the constitution of a new flagship company is previewed. For the navigation companies, than the passengers just them they cannot still embark - it has observed the association - instead is not previewed some indemnification or aid, if the suspension of the anchor duty is excluded. Other that - Assarmatori has denounced - to support the marine activities and to prevent to the financial ruin of a strategic field of the national economy and the immediate cancellation of thousands of places of work, as the government had assured of wanting to make.

Assarmatori has rimarcato as "the gravity of the situation is not picked to bottom since after beyond two months of lockdown the marine cluster, fundamental member of the logistic chain that holds the Country standing, is to the extreme for the consequences of the pandemic".

The association has specified the important impact negative, already evidenced the government, than the sanitary crisis it has had and it is having on the marine field, beginning from the segment of the cruises that - Assarmatori has remembered - second the end forecasts 2019 this year would have had to start to exceed every record precedence, with beyond 13 million passengers in Italy, between embarks, it disembarks and transits, and that now it is entirely firm. And in Italy - it has found the association - the situation is still more serious because the companies that have assured up to now such volumes (and that for 80% they are international companies), not only must tackle to the difficulties of I re-enter of marine in the their nations of origin for the prohibition places from the launches steer all over the world (are 100 thousand the marine ones blocked on the ships for this reason), but they cannot not even not berth in the Italian ports in order to put the ships in disarmament because of an inexplicable block tax with you decree emergenziali. A choice - Assarmatori has criticized - as well as myopic how much self-destructionist: to hold far away in a so critical moment who has guaranteed in these years the increase more consisting of the tourist proceeds is not sure test of farsightedness.

It does not go better - he has still explained the association - to the national cabotage of transport goods and passengers: the ferries that connect the main national ports and in particular the greater and smaller islands and the ships engaged on the Freeways of the Sea, continue to travel in order to allow the transport of the goods, indispensable for supplyings and in order to guarantee the continuation of vital economic and industrial activities, but the huge costs of these services, essential things for the Country, do not come minimally compensated from the revenues lacking completely the fleeting member of the traffic. And - it has specified the association - it does not make to preview improvements the perspective of having to perhaps travel to the 50-60% (and also less) of the availability of the places also after the end of the lockdown, for being able to guarantee the physical distanziamento that with justice will have to remain in vigor until the complete debellamento of the pandemic and for which the shipowning companies they have already adopted all the protocols. From the analyses carried out from the shipowning companies turns out, in fact - Assarmatori has explained - than while the revenues will drop for beyond the half (the current decrease are advanced to 90%) the fixed costs and variable they will not be able that to come down little more of a quarter or, conditions that return any hypothesis of business continuity impossible. As well as more if also for the companies of navigation, as for the other companies "intensive Capitals and labour", the access to the liquidity with public guarantees remains at the single moment an illusion.

As for the international traffic of container and bulk - it has explained at last the association - the ships continue to being slowed down from various and often contrasting the decided measures of control from the several numerous national authorities and of other Countries. Consequently the decrease of the activity in the Italian ports exceeds 30%, but the forecasts are of ulterior worsenings for near future.

Assarmatori, with Conftrasporto to which it joins and the other associations of the cluster, therefore has asked specific measures for support for the enterprises and the analogous workers of the marine field those previewed for the aerial transport since first Decreto Italy Cure of half March. "Measures - it has concluded the association - that they will have in particular to help the entire system of the marine transport and fleeting, to guarantee of the greatest insulare population of Europe. But up to now, beyond oral reassurances and engagements, it has not been seen nothing of concrete. And the time is expiring making to emerge the borders of a systemic crisis that, for a Country that depends so in obvious way from the marine transport, is destined to assume the characteristics of a real collective suicide".

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