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26 May 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 14:37 GMT+2

May 12, 2020

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Also the National Association Companies Harbour Enterprises rejects the rough draft of Decreto Increase

The ANCIP asks among other things that former authorizations art. 17 come all which postponed at least five years

To the rain of critics whom they give the field of the transports and the logistics is pulling down on Decreto Increase, the provision that the government is defining in order to support the economic activities hit by the sanitary emergency of the coronavirus, joins to that of the National Association Companies Harbour Enterprises (ANCIP) that today it has sent a note to the ministra of the Transports, to the representatives of the groups of majority of the government, let alone to the Association of the Italian Ports (Assoporti) in order to signal that the rough draft of the bill goes indeed improved "safeguarding the job and the workers".

In the note the ANCIP has remembered to have "reiteratamente demanded some indispensable proposals to the harbour field in occasion of numerous emanated bills in order to face the consequences of the pandemic", proposals that the association has sent to ministra Paola De Micheli united to the labor organizations of the workers of the ports and the transports, to the Angopi to some associations of the harbour field. "We have asked to them in more occasions - it has remembered moreover the ANCIP - also an encounter that has until now not been possible to organize. In more occasions it is communicated, also by authoritative members of the groups majority parliamentarians that with Decreto I throw again such thematic ones they would be faced. Instead, being also to the last circulating text - it has explained the association - intravvedono measures times not to resolve the problems of the workers of the ports".

"As it would have to be famous - the note continues - the authorized companies and enterprises to operate according to in the ports of art. the 17, codicils 2 and 5, of the law n. 84/1994, in this moment of absolute emergency, de facto guarantee the operating estate of the Italian ports, supplying own performances of temporary harbour job and, so, satisfying the force lack job of the harbour Enterprises and the terminalisti (former authorized persons articles. 16 and 18 law n. 84/1994 to the execution of the harbour operations) generated from the absences of the staff of these last enterprises due to the solid resource to diseases, vacation, takes leave various, let alone to other contingent factors. In short, thanks to own flexibility let alone to the elevated formative level of own work force, the qualified subjects according to art. the 17 (cooperatives and enterprises) represent the main and fundamental element in order to maintain to the efficiency and the operativity of the entire national harbour system. On the flexibility and professionalities offered from the subjects in argument, therefore, royal palaces, now more than ever, the entire Italian harbour system".

"The recrudescence of the effects that the Covid-19 pandemic - it has explained the ANCIP – is being revealed also in the field of the portualità (that it deserves an just acknowledgment in order to have guaranteed indispensable supplyings to the Country), with a progressive and important decrease of the volumes of harbour traffic in the next few months. However, besides the management of the emergenziali phases, also in terms of work safety, the necessity to maintain to the operating alacrity of the harbour activities in support of the resumption of the industrial productions is certain".

"He is completely obvious - it has denounced the National Association Companies Harbour Enterprises - as the normative dictation of the decree-law I throw again (in the known last text of 11 May) so structured, according to does not bring some aid to art. the 17 the authorized enterprises of law n. 84/94. Not it is acceptable that the principle of the administrative and accounting autonomy of the Authorities of Harbour System is only repealed in part for the marine carriers, you read shipping generally clappers flags non-EU, to which are granted zero settings of anchor duty, while this exception does not come minimally contemplated for the aids to the enterprises art. 17 that de facto carry out a role of service of general economic interest for the benefit of the efficiency and of the operativity of the Italian ports, therefore of the general interest of the entire nation. So as the societies of the ormeggiatori that carry out services publics of general interest, workers they also that they do not have salaries neither refreshment of the carried out services".

"So as they are formulated, in fact - it has specified the ANCIP - the contained norms in the decree-law I throw again appear much difficult interpretation, indeed own of reading. Firstly, it is from rimarcare as the system of the law checks contributions to the shipowners (than already they enjoy remarkable regional and national benefits) in redundant way and, however, borne by the State, allowing in the political facts of monopoly and dumping goods in foreign market, while the contributions eventually previewed for the societies of harbour job are at the expense of the cases of the Authorities of Harbour System, in some case not in a position to tackling to the expenses and that indeed already they have been private with decree-law 18/2020 of 13 million euros and that now they would lose other 18 million euros. It benefits, moreover, to remember that no indication or norm is not previewed in order to check and to prevent the activities of self-handler by the shipowners, whose authorization often is obtained in spregio to the enforced norm and, however, to they time, cause of crisis and deficit for the enterprises and the workers of the port although writing, to the pairs of the labor organizations has transmitted a precise one to them articulated of proposal of modification of the art.16. Which aim has made? All that premised one, in extreme synthesis, we must emphasize that in case the circumstance in force did not come inside understood of the system of the law of which the previewed contributions must go in the first place to heal the budgets of 17 societies art. law 84/1994, will not be possible to avoid that the suffering due to the current period of emergency become an abyss from which the societies cited will not succeed to exit not even in the years not to come".

"Once clarified, therefore, than the main scope of the sums already previewed (until a maximum of two million euro for everyone years 2020 - 2021) - continue the note - it consists in theirs I use in order to ripianare the budgets on the base of the forecasts of art. the 17, codicil 15 second, law 84/1994. To such fine, they go exceeded the bureaucratic resistances and they go protected and encouraged the presidents of the Adsp, following the examples of Palermo, Trieste and Venice, that they must be able to carry out with serenity the not discretionary participations that are "due" and. It is necessary, moreover, that former authorizations art. 17 come all which postponed at least five years from the respective expiration (comprised those currently in regime of delay) to the aim there to grant to all the interested enterprises a consistent period in order to recover efficiency, productivity and profit eventually lost because of the sanitary emergency".

"Regarding the self-handler - it has found moreover the ANCIP - it will be necessary to normative take part to the aim to return the forecast of art. the 16, codicil 4 clear and exaustive, law 84/94, comprised inherent the prescribed within there the relative autorizzatori profiles, and this to the aim to prevent to every kind of abuse of the instrument of the self-handler of the operations and harbour services by the marine carriers in lack of the compulsorily previewed elements from the law".

Moreover, second the ANCIP - it is necessary "to express preview the exclusion of the activities own of 17 former subjects art. 16 and law 84/1994 from the within of participation of the Authority of Regulation of the Transports" and also "to take part previewing the determination of the criteria for the temporary exoneration and the reduction until the zero setting of the payment of the concessori/autorizzativi canons, with contextual exoneration by the AdSP from current constraints budgetary; creation of appropriate bottom near the competent Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports for the eventual compensations to the Authorities of Harbour System united to additional abolition IRES".

ANCIP has closed the note renewing the demand to the ministra of the most urgent encounter with the labor organizations.


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