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28 October 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 04:10 GMT+1

May 20, 2020

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In controtendenza regarding the other main world-wide ports, the traffic of the goods in the port of Bremen grows

In the first trimester an increase of +1.1% is recorded, but it previews that in next the three months of they will more clearly manifest the effects of the Covid-19 crisis

In obvious controtendenza regarding the course negative of the traffic of the goods in the ports of the nations that mainly are hit by the impact on the economy and the social activities of the pandemic of Covid-19, in the first trimester of this year the traffic enlivened from the German port of Bremen/Bremerhaven has shown an increase, though limited, of +1.1% on the same period of 2019. An increase that would expect to us to be mainly generated in the first part of the first trimester of 2020 when still in Germany the sanitary crisis had not been manifested and the government had not assumed preventive measures in order to check the possible spread of the contagion on the national territory. Instead last January the traffic of the goods in the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven had recorded a bending of the -4,9% on January 2019, while in the next months of February and March increments respective of +2.8% and +5.1% on the respective months are marked last year, positive trend that to February are produced mainly by the increase of conventional the liquid bulk and the goods and that to March it is generated by increments in almost all the main merceologici segments.

Moreover the progressive improvement of the trend of the traffic in the course of the first trimester of 2020 is produced by the resumption of the traffics in import that, after a decrease of a -16,3% and light reduction of the -0,6% marked respective to January and February, to March have shown a decided increment of +9.6%. Vice versa the positive tendency of the traffics in export, after an increase of +8.1% to January and +6.1% to February, ulteriorly has been attenuated with a limited rise of +0.7% to March.

Altogether in the first trimester of this year the German port has enlivened 17,82 million tons of goods regarding 17,62 million tons in the correspondent period of 2019, of which 8,75 million tons of cargos in import (- 2.4%) and 9,06 million tons in export (+4.7%). The total enlivened in the single field of the several goods has been of 15,78 million tons (+2.6%), of which 13,38 million tons of goods containerized (+1.1%) with a handling of containers pairs to 1.206.544 teu (- 2.8%) and 2,40 million tons of goods conventional (+11.9%) between which 932 thousand tons of rotabili (- 17.0%), 457 thousand tons of iron worker (- 22.8%), 176 thousand tons of producing forest (to +6.7%) and 839 thousand conventional tons of other goods (+211.9%). Handling of automobiles, that it turns out to be the segment of activity probably more hit from the impact of the pandemic because of the straits productive and commercial ties between the German automotive houses and their Chinese suppliers, has shown a bending of the -15,8% attesting itself to 455.330 vehicles. The liquid bulk has totaled 494 thousand tons (+11.8%) and those solid 1,54 million tons (- 14.5%), included 787 thousand tons of minerals (- 17.2%), 141 thousand tons of coal and coke (- 53.9%), 135 thousand tons of cereals and food (+17.4%) and 972 thousand tons of other bulk sand banks (+11.3%).

Even if in the first trimester of this year the activity realized in the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven can certainly be said than more satisfactory regarding that of other European and world-wide harbour ports of call, also directed concurrent of the German port of call, however also to Bremen/Bremerhaven a worsening of the situation from the second half of the year when - it has explained the Senator to Science and ports of the Land of Bremen, Claudia Schilling - the crisis of the coronavirus could be manifested more clearly in the numbers recorded from the port, with a trend attends already negative of the traffic that - it has specified - will not be uniform in all the terminals but it will depend on the specific conditions of the markets of reference and from the type of their users.

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