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20 June 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 15:10 GMT+2

June 1, 2020

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Assarmatori, to the proposal not to allow with the which joined ships the International Registry to operate on national routes of cabotage

Messina: we would find in the paradoxical situation in which the State it uses deep in order to facilitate the costs of labor in the recreational or commercial activities on cruise ships, while it denies the same aids to the marine Italians who guarantee essential services of transport

Al beyond the positive judgment or negative on the support that the government has given or previews to assign to the Italian industry of the marine transport in order to tackle to the crisis primed from the effects on the commercial exchanges of the coronavirus pandemic (and up to now such opinion is unanimously negative), the opinion of the two national shipowning associations Assarmatori and Confitarma on the categories of the shipping Italian that would have to benefit of aids diverges. Assarmatori in fact has expressed contrarietà regarding the favor with which in recent days Italian Confederation Shipping it has estimated the proposal of Costa Crociere to amend Decreto I throw again in order to allow with the societies - as Costa Crociere - that they have ships enrolled in the International Registry of being able to operate on national routes of cabotage.

Proposal, this last one, that it finds Assarmatori clearly contrary, even if the Concorde with Confitarma in demanding to the institutions a greater support to the field: "our opposition - it has specified the president of the shipowning association, Stefano Messina - not drift from a contrast between acronyms neither tantomeno between companies. In these three months in which all our category has had to perhaps face worse the crisis from the last post-war period, in the continuous interlocuzione with the national and regional government, parliament and the other institutions - Stefano Messina has emphasized - Assarmatori, with the support of Conftrasporto to which it joins, in fact has constantly worked in order to search the maximum collaboration with all the other which convinced associations, as we are all, than the gravity of the situation demands the maximum of the unit. But own for being coherent with this formulation - the president of Assarmatori has explained - we cannot that to manifest our dissent regarding the amendment of which Confitarma the paternity has claimed, that it would also afford to an excellent and primary company of navigation to enjoy introduced the fiscal and contributive facilities with institutive law 30/98 of the International Registry when Corto Raggio exercised activity in regime of national cabotage ()".

"We have always supported and still we support - it has still specified Messina - the regime of support to the enterprises of navigation previewed from the International Registry, regime that the instrument constitutes that affords to fight to weapons pairs the competition in the international markets and that many times over it is validated by the same European Union as respectful of the norms dictated in matter of aids of State. The topic - it has specified the president of Assarmatori - is very other. It is obvious as the crisis derivative from the Covid-19 pandemic has had the hardest impact on the entire field of the marine transport, and therefore also on that of the crocieristico section. I comprise certainly that for the cruise companies it could be important, in the next summer, to concentrate own activity on national routes, until the accesses to the ports of other Countries will be prohibited. But this is already possible with the current rules without there is need of a new law".

"Various hypothesis - it has clarified Messina - is to consider that activity can be made on national routes enjoying the benefits that are denied to the companies that they make service on the same routes guaranteeing also the territorial continuity between the islands and the mainland. A service that is maintained also during the months of lockdown, with diminished traffic fleeting substantially of 100%, and continues to be practiced pure hour, with all the limitations to mobility that permangono, in spite of incredible collapse of turnover quickly from the same companies that, among other things, exclusively marine Italians embark".

"It is worth marine contributive the pain then to remember that the relief granted to boarded on the cruise ships the clappers Italian flag - has found Messina - goes also to the staff who does not re-enter in the category of the marine (ancillary services, well-respected workers which entertainers, musicians, assigned to the cure of the people, store clerks of store, etc): reason in more in order contesting the initiative supported from Confitarma. If, in fact, this demand came received and law modified we would find in situation paradoxical in which State uses deep in order to facilitate costs of labor in activity recreational or commercial on cruise ships, while it denies the same aids to the marine Italians who operate on ships that guarantee fleeting essential services of transport and goods there, in particular by and for the islands guaranteeing the rights of constitutional rank subtended to the territorial continuity of the populations residents, this would be a very serious hypothesis".

"As associations of shipowning enterprises - it has continued the president of Assarmatori - we would have to be worried, in the first instance, of the Italian enterprises and their workers; according to me the companies to have right to those aids are these that are until now not made available for the allegated economic ristrettezze of public finances. In a so serious moment, we believe that all would have convene that the little resources available go second assigned a priority order that sees to the first place those subjects that must be to the center of our action and that is the enterprises that they have continued to operate in the strategic services - as they are the services of arranged transport fleeting and goods and of territorial continuity with the islands - and the marine boarded Italians on our ships. Today they are these more fragile subjects and mainly exposed in the crisis".

"The proposed amendment - it has concluded Stefano Messina - not only forgets them but it intends to remove ulteriorly deep of the State that very could, in the emergency, being used for the scopes that all we would have to pursue. Leaving from this task key, I hope is possible to reconsider this initiative and to resume with Confitarma the collaboration distance that in this phase we had convintamente followed both".

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