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04 July 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 11:22 GMT+2

June 4, 2020

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In order to preserve the crocieristica activity to Venice not there is other time to lose

Spain (VTP): we take advantage of the period of inactivity which had to the Covid-19 for being ready to move the cruise ships from the channel of the Giudecca until from March 2021

In order to preserve the crocieristica activity to Venice not there is other time to lose. It has emphasized Fabrizio Spagna, president of Venice Terminal Passeggeri (VTP), the society controlled from the local authorities whom the traffic of the passengers in the port of Venice manages, in occasion of the assembly of the associates that has met yesterday in order to approve of the balance sheet 2019 and to renew the composition of the board of directors. The assembly has confirmed unanimously Fabrizio Spagna in the role of president for ulterior three years. Moreover new the Board of Directors will be composed of Monica Scarpa (named from Save Spa), Chiara Cacciavillani (named from APVS Srl) and in representation of the companies of cruise associated in the Venice society Investments, Joshua Carroll (named from APVS Srl), vice president of Royal Caribbean Cruises, and Stephen Xuereb (named from Finpax Srl), chief operating officer of Global Holding Ports.

In occasion of the assembly two project is discussed financing for the fields of the yachts and the cruises that VTP has deposited last October to the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Settentrionale and to the competent authorities because they can be subordinates to contest with public evidence. VTP has emphasized that the two projects, of the value respective of 11,8 million euros for the development of the field yachting and of 66 million euros for the development of the field cruises, they would guarantee a harmonious development of the two traffics with the city, let alone an ulterior one flies for the harbour economy of the entire Northeast.

In particular, the VTP-Yacht project previews the combined and sinergica management of the five structures of mooring of the historical center of the City of Venice (San Basilio/Santa Marta, Adriatic, Health, Saint Blaise and Riva 7 Martyrs), where to accommodate megayacht and, only in the terminal of San Basilio, cruise ships of luxury of small dimensions. VTP has specified that draft of a project of entire requalification of waterfront the city one that involves investments for a value of about 11,8 million euro, that they regard, particularly, the electrification of all the moorings of the docks of San Basilio and Santa Marta and placing the port of Venice as destination of excellence in the Mediterranean.

"In order to throw again the field of the megayacht - Fabrizio Spagna has announced - already they are placed in being advance contacts with primary international investor and in particular with three groups Americans, European and of the Middle East that represent excellence in the field of the yachting world-wide and that they could carry new know-how-how in the city for the efficient management of this field of market with the objective to increase the attrattività of tourism of luxury with a focus pushed towards the cultural offer of the city. It is obvious that this traffic on one side would allow to prime a vituous circle that goes beyond tourism including the services to high added value destined to the boats (shipbuilding) and the crews and from the other to value the vocation to the development of the territory of VTP".

Relatively to the crocieristica, the VTP-Cruise project - Venice has explained Passenger terminal - has as objective "that to maintain the centrality of the Marine one preserving a market that represents an irrenounceable one flies economic for the city area, thanks to the integral displacement of the ships with advanced tonnage to the 40,000 tons from the current distance Saint Channel Mark-Giudecca to the new distance through the Channel of the Oils and the Channel Vittorio Emanuele III". The company has specified that the project, of the total value of 66 million euros, demands, firstly, the risagomatura of the Channel Vittorio Emanuele III as expected from the enforced Portuale Town development plan, it includes also the improvement of some structures of the current marine station and has a strong environmental valence with compensation works in order to restore the idrogeologico balance of the lagoon to estimate and to realize with the competent authorities.

The company has specified moreover that, "from the moment that this project has a temporal horizon 4-5-year-old, VTP - aware of the urgency to comply as soon as possible to a reduction of the transits of the ships in the Channel of the Giudecca - had managed a project for the immediate displacement of the larger cruise ships already from season 2020. The so-called "Contingency plan", also it introduced to October 2019 to the AdSP and other competent agencies contextually to the Project VTP-Cruise - it has remembered VTP - characterizes in fact temporary solutions for quickly approaches it of cruise ships to Marghera moving from the ships of more important dimensions from the channel of the Giudecca. In purpose - it has still specified VTP - they were already in course and they continue avant-garde contacts with the minister of Infrastructures and the government, as well as obviously with local authorities, in order to create to the proposal being moved at least two or three ships every weekend in some not operating docks of Marghera second also the indications of the AdSP, the Municipality and the Venetian Region. All in order not to hamper the commercial traffic and to safeguard that croceristico".

VTP has evidenced that "the moorings available are studied all and are lead appropriate simulations near the naval center of Almere (Holland) of the Carnival group and near the public Institute the Force of Copenhagen in order to test the possibility of access of the ships until a maximum of 300 meters of length (greatest among those that already today scale Venice), to the presence of the commanders of fleet of the main companies of cruise, the Harbour-office and the Pilots of the port of Venice, on pre-emptive authorization of the MIT. The project - it has specified the company - previews an immediate million investment ulterior five euro that VTP has already made available for the risistemazione of the characterized landings place".

"We do not have - Spain has perceived - other time to lose. The displacement of the crocieristica from the Channel of the Giudecca is from too many years debate object without it is reached to a real solution of the problem. VTP has considered to put on deep and experience in the field for the realization of concrete and immediately realizable projects. We were ready with the Contingency Plan already for season 2020, we have in front of little less than a year in order to realize this project for being ready in 2021. We have - it has observed the VTP president - the extraordinary occasion to make it in a period of traffics slowed down (or absent) because of the pandemic. We take advantage of this opportunity in order to make investments and to look to the future of our city. VTP is ready to make its part, in the respect of the local and national institutions and putting on of all its know-how-how. It is necessary to take advantage of to the maximum this period of inactivity which had to the Covid-19, inactivity that for us will be extended probably for all first semester 2021, in order to start the work of the Contingency Plan and to be ready to move the ships until from March 2021".

The balance sheet of VTP on December 31, 2019 approved of yesterday from the assembly of the associates shows a turnover pairs to 34,4 million euros (+4,9%) with a profit of 4,2 million euros and EBITDA clearly pairs to 9,9 million euros both online with the year precedence. The difference between values and costs of the production has been attested to 5,44 million euros while the result before taxes has been pairs to 5,70 million euros. In the course of the 2019 VTP it has carried out investments for beyond two million euro for the purchase of equipments and equipment of security (control baggages), I renew of the systems of fleeting conditioning of salt but also software for the management of the parkings and improvements to the structures of access to the terminal with the objective to maintain and to increase the services offered to the ships and the passengers.

The assembly of associates has decided not to proceed with the distribution of the dividends, being received the proposal of the board of directors with the objective to strengthen the case of the company in order to tackle to the create emergency for the advent of the pandemic Covid-19 and to create just reserves in order to face 2020 with greater force and serenity.

In the 2019 terminal of VTP it has received 35 various companies of cruise and 68 various ships of which 86% managed in home port with companies and passengers who as a basis have therefore chosen of departure and arrival the lagoon city. The enlivened passengers have been 1.611.341, with an increment of +3%, while the recorded ports of call have been 500 recording a bending of the -0,4% regarding the year precedence.

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