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11 July 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 19:56 GMT+2

June 12, 2020

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Hupac plaude the decisions of Switzerland in topic of arranged transport and critical those of the EU

Stahlhut: the measures in support of the transport goods on track hit from the sanitary crisis that is adopted in Europe in some cases are not other that a drop in the sea

If in Switzerland, with the beginning decision june of the parliament to postpone until the 2030 subsidies for the arranged traffic transalpine and to increase them of 385 million franchi, demanded clearly advanced amount to 90 million from the Helvetic government for the period until 2026, has supplied safety for the investments in the field of the intermodal transport, in European Union, instead, the compromise on the Package Mobility, that it will be adopted by the parliament of the July EU at the beginning, places the transport arranged in a position of disadvantage regarding international the street transport. It has emphasized the Helvetic society of intermodal transport Hupac in occasion of the today's assembly of the shareholders who have approved of the budget for the year 2019 that has been concluded with an increase of +5.4% of the revenues(on 20 May 2020).

The company has specified that the delay and the increase of the subsidies decided from the Helvetic parliament create an important base for the follow-up of the modal transfer, contributions that originally would have had to be suspended at the end of 2023 but then granted since, being the completion of the ways of access north to the base galleries behind schedule at least a decade, the transport arranged on this draft is not still in a position to developing the productivity necessary in order to cover the costs of a competitive offer.

Also appreciating the decision of the parliament, Hupac it has observed that, however, the subsidies will be halved regarding the current levels and this will demand ulterior increases of productivity by all the subjects involved in the chain of the arranged traffic. "This - it has emphasized the president of Hupac, Hans-Jörg Bertschi - is an important sign for the market. Continuous Switzerland to engage itself for the modal transfer. The involved companies have therefore the certainty that to invest in the arranged transport ecocompatibile is a convenient choice".

Relatively to the Package next Mobility to being adopted from the European Parliament, Hupac has found that it will allow with the Member States to in future apply the norms on the cabotage to the national transport pre and post terminal on the road and this - has emphasized Bertschi - "will weaken remarkablly the transport arranged in Europe and could endanger the Green Deal. The post and exemption of pre transport from the norms on the cabotage - it has found Bertschi - must remain binding, so as to avoid that the arranged transport is disadvantaged regarding the transport on the road. We hope that the EU commission ulterior contributions changes in favor of the protection of the climate and the atmosphere".

Illustrating the impact of the pandemic of coronavirus on the activity of the company, Hupac it has explained that the sanitary crisis is conditioning the development of the traffic, above all with Italy, and for entire the 2020 Hupac previews a fort decrease of the volumes. The company has specified that, after a first positive trimester, the transport question is diminished in April because of the lockdown to European level and of the particular situation in Italy, where also the industry has remained firm for three weeks. Hupac considers that, in spite of the current signs of resumption, in the next few months the losses of traffic will be meaningful.

Referring to the losses endured from the operators of the transport arranged through Switzerland because of the sanitary emergency, that they will affect in meaningful way the future ability to act in favor of the transfer of the traffic, Bertschi has supported that the intermodal operators are able to not to tackle by themselves to the losses determined from the crisis: "without adequate countermeasures - it has explained - we risk that the modal transfer is slowed down of years".

If Hupac has expressed appreciation for the initiative of the Swiss parliament to compensate a part of the induced losses in transport publics from the Covid-19, and has found that also Italy, Germany and Austria have adopted measures in support of the transport goods on respectful track of the atmosphere", Michail Stahlhut, named today from the new board of directors managing director of the group - it has clarified that "in some cases they are not other that a drop in the sea. Without a partial compensation - he has specified - the operators of the arranged transport are forced to reduce their offer, priming a dangerous descendent spiral in the modal transfer".

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