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10 July 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 18:00 GMT+2

June 22, 2020

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Collapse of world-wide the foreign trade to April

To May the OCSE has found timid signs of resumption

Last April world-wide the foreign trade has recorded a vertical collapse regarding the month precedence. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Develop (OCSE) has announced that many of the main economies have marked advanced bendings, also considerably, to the -20% because of the measures of block assumed in order to contain the coronavirus pandemic. The OCSE has specified that the commercial exchanges particularly are reduced in the fields of the motor vehicles, the machinery and the equipments and are found a strong decrease of the question, while a less meaningful impact is shown by the fields of the computers and the computer science accessories so as from those of the medical equipments and the pharmaceutical products. Equally dramatic the impact on tourism and the transport of passengers, than almost has been stopped, while the services of telecommunication and those computer science ones have resistito to the crisis.

The OCSE, on the base of the preliminary data on the commercial exchanges of last May, has found an improvement of the situation such that - second the organization - worse could be last since some economies have begun to record a moderate increase and for others a slow down of the trend is found negative.

The OCSE has announced that last April in Europe, with the exception of the pharmaceutical field, the value of the goods in export has shown a collapse, with a decrease of the -25,7% of the value of the export of the 19 nations of the area of the euro that is piled to 149,32 billion dollars regarding 200,92 billion in March 2020 and a reduction of the -21,3% of the export of the 27 nations of the European Union that has attested to 340,60 billion dollars regarding 433,05 billion in the month precedence. Between the main economies, decrease of the -26,9% of the exports of Germany, the -33,9% in France and the -15,6% in the United Kingdom are found. Decreasing also the imports, with bendings pairs respective to -17,4%, -26,0% and -21,3%. The exports of services are dropped of the -15,5% in Germany, of the -23,9% in the United Kingdom and of the -8,8% in France and also the imports have shown an analogous course with reductions respective of the -20,8%, -37,3% and -3,4%.

As for the America North, to April the exports of goods from the USA and Canada are diminished of the -25,1% and -29,2%, with values that have attested respective to 95,62 billion and 23,42 billion dollars, and the imports are dropped of the -13,6% and -25,7%. A field that has shown a strong one held has been that of the computers and members whom in the United States an increment of +14.7% has recorded. Relatively to the commerce of services, a consisting reduction in Canada (- 21.1% the exports and -31,2% the imports) and a more contained bending in the USA (- 10.7% is found the exports and -14,0% the imports).

In South America, to prile the exports of goods from the Brazil, whose value is piled to 17,50 billion dollars, have marked a decrease of the -5,8%, while the imports are diminished of -20,6%. Relatively to the Brazilian economy, the OCSE has evidenced that last May the goods in export and import has shown a bounce, plus contained for first (+0.9%) and decidedly more emphasized for second (+25.4%). In Brazil, to April the exports and imports of services are diminished respective of the -21,1% and -28,9%.

In Asia, to April the exports of goods from Japan and South Korea have been contracted respective of the -10,6% and the -21,7% coming down to a value of 47,51 billion and 35,28 billion dollars. Vice versa the exports from China, attest yourself to a value of 207,31 billion dollars, have recorded an increase of +3.7% approximating itself to the levels of 2019. Instead the imports from all and three these economies they have shown a contraction that has been pairs to the -7,9% in China, to the -9,5% in Korea and the -0,1% in Japan.

At last to April the Australian exports of goods, that they have totaled 20,76 billion dollars, are diminished of the -5,5%, while the exports have marked a contraction of -4,8%.

As for the found signs of resumption in May, the OCSE has specified that the first data show an increment of +1.3% of the Korean exports and single an light reduction of the -0,6% of the Chinese exports, and is recorded moreover a slow down of the decrease of the imports that are diminished of the -4,1% in Korea and the -1,8% in China. In Brazil, to May if the exports light are increased of +0.9% on the month precedence, while the imports have marked a strong bounce of +25.4%.

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