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05 July 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 18:59 GMT+2

June 24, 2020

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German shipowners complain that the problem of exchange crews continues to get worse

Hartmann: those successfully completed are still exception, not the rule

The problem of serious obstacles to the change of crews ships determined by the global restrictions imposed on contain the Covid-19 pandemic is not abating, rather it is Getting worse. Ahead of tomorrow's celebration of "Day World Maritime Service" set up ten years International Maritime Organization (IMO) to highlight the essential contribution of sea workers to trade Association of German Shipowners has complained that the situation continues to deteriorate, making it extremely difficult to arrange for the crews of the ships to be changed, problem that currently directly affects the 200,000 seafarers of the world currently aboard the ships that this month should be replaced. In fact, the association recalled 55,000 merchant ships in service around the world are more than 1.2 million seafarers boarded and every month 200,000 of them need to be replaced because their on-board service is terminated, replacing that for about three months could not be implemented because of the pandemic.

"That crew changes are not yet authorised measure at least sufficient -- pointed out the President of the It is not the first time that the European Parliament has been involved in this debate. unsustainable situation. We are concerned about our seafarers, health and safety on board the ships. If the situation doesn't change -- warned the president of the association German shipowners - the supply chains will break down because ships cannot continue to operate. So even the supplies for all of us, for example food, raw materials or medicines, are at risk."

Explaining that to make a change of crew in a port seafarers must be allowed to get on or off the ship, they must be allowed to reach a nearby airport to boarding a flight to their country where it must be allowed to enter them, and so must be the case for maritime authorities to replace these colleagues, Hartmann specified that "in some ports, such as those in Europe, Hong Kong or Singapore, this is again made possible, but - he said - this should not allow us to draw Misled: the successful crew changes are still the exception, not the rule."

The President of the VDR pointed out that the maritime industry and the unions have done everything in their power to try to resolve the situation by providing, among other things, to all countries in the world a step-by-step procedure that allows you to change the crew also during the pandemic, procedure - has recalled Hartmann -- "that costs nothing and is easy you want to implement. The problem, he added, is not the shipowners, but governments that do not implement these procedures. We urge them to permanently remove travel restrictions and allow travel restrictions crew changes. Seafarers, Hartmann pointed out, are systemically important."

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