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June 29, 2020

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In the comprensorio of the Ironworks a logistic pole to service of the port of Trieste

Signed the agreement of program for the performance of the project of industrial reconversion

Saturday to Trieste is signed the agreement of program for the performance of the project of industrial reconversion of the iron and steel complex of the Ironworks of Servola, in which last April the dismantling of the area is started in the heat of the moment. The understanding aimed to throw again the industrial comprensorio where the blast furnace rose, extinguished in the past few months after 123 years of activity. Objective is that to give life to its place a logistic pole to service of the port of Trieste and the economy of the territory.

The new order of lands will in the heat of the moment be composed of the consolidation of the investment of the Arvedi group in the cold-rolling mill for the industrial part and from the dismantling and reconversion of the area in a harbour and railway terminal, connected to the development of the new Logistic Platform, guided from the Icop-PLT group. Draft in short - it has explained the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Orientale - of two equivalent areas: that private one, managed currently from Arvedi, comes demanializzata and assigned to the giuliana authority, with next concession of lands to Icop-PLT, while that currently publishes is yielded to Arvedi. In an optical of harbour development - it has specified the AdSP - it goes found that on the former area in the heat of the moment the railway connection of the station of Servola will be developed, that it will be able to receive complete trains from 750 meters, let alone one I unwind highway directed on the Great practicability, placing the bases for the next start of the work of Pier VIII, previewed from the Portuale Town development plan approved of in 2016.

The participations previewed from the Icop, partner of Logistic Platform Trieste, will mostly concentrate on the reclamation and mass in safety of the perimeter, and will be realized in three phases, as soon as the activities of dismantling of all are capacities to term from Arvedi the ferrous systems and materials. Against a concession 26-year-old by the AdSP, the total investment of Icop-PLT will be of about 127 million euros. The purchase of lands of Arvedi by Icop-PLT, will have a value of about 21 million euros. The years previewed for the reconversion are five, with a subdivision in three distinguished phases, and a value of 98 million. The new logistic terminal will be equipped of two crane and other equipments of dock, with a seven investment million euro.

The AdSP has evidenced the perspectives for the occupation: to the term of the work of mass in permanent safety of the area in the heat of the moment of the Ironworks - it has explained the agency - they will be more than the 100 people used in the activity of logistic development of the comprensorio. The attache's of the logistic activity for steel could be employed immediately for the development of operations and harbour services third parties for raw materials supplying (iron scrap iron, cast iron, minerals), are to service of the Arvedi group, are for the shipment by sea of the destined finished product ones to the Mediterranean and Middle East. The AdSP has specified that, moreover, the eventual next step aerobics of the project, that they include the realization of Pier VIII, preview the employment of other hundreds of attache's, having represented one of the more important perspectives of job for the future of the city of Trieste.

"The agreement of program for the Ironworks of Servola - it has emphasized the commissioner of the AdSP of the Adriatic Oriental, Mario Sommariva - must be intended as the epochal passage towards a phase of new industrialization of our territory. Trieste demonstrates of being a modern city projected towards an advanced and sustainable development, since port and industry are an inseparable binomial. It is not possible to think to a perspective of development and increase of the occupation if both fields are not developed contextually. The giuliana authority with this operation succeeds in the scope to safeguard integrally the workers, reorganizing the atmosphere and creating new lease on life for the future generations".

"Rowing all in the same direction - it has evidenced president of the Region Friuli Venice Julia, Massimiliano Fedriga - we are successful to unblock a firm situation give beyond twenty years, guaranteeing the health of the citizens, protecting the occupation and offering opportunity of development in logistic within. The closing of the area, that it is the first step for the requalification of the site and marks the start of an era for Trieste, could in the heat of the moment not have realized without an action to defense of the job and an industrial perspective revolt to the future".

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