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11 August 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 03:15 GMT+2

July 3, 2020

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Confitarma adheres to the ICS initiative to ensure that governments address the issue of changing crews Ships

Mattioli: Confitarma together with ICS, ECSA is asking by now rapid and decisive humanitarian action for months

The Italian Confederation of Armatori (Confitarma) has joined Heroes at Sea Shoutout initiative launched by the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) to put pressure on governments on the issue the issue of changing ship crews, with which you ask ships all over the world to ring their sirens in 12 o'clock on 8 July, one day before the summit organised by the UK government to discuss the impact COVID-19 on crew changes and in conjunction with the ILO Global Summit. With this initiative, in addition to remembering the fundamental contribution made by seafarers to economic and economic life social security on the planet, you want to draw the attention of governments and public opinion on the maritime sector and current problems of crews still stuck on ships due to Covid-19 emergency.

The ICS general secretary, Guy Platten, recalled that currently globally there are 400,000 seafarers stranded in sea or land, which 200 thousand for months have been on board well beyond their contractual period and another 200,000 are waiting to boarding in order to work. The ICS has specified that if you do not allow crew changes to replace seafarers on board of the ships, many of them may no longer be able to navigate.

"It is therefore necessary," noted the President by Confitarma, Mario Mattioli - think, in addition to the priority absolutely to prevent the spread of this terrible virus, even other priorities: safeguarding human life at sea and that of the safety of navigation and our Ships. Confitarma together with ICS, ECSA has been asking for months now rapid and decisive humanitarian action by governments across the world the world to provide seafarers with safe transit corridors for get them on board to work and to get them home a once the normal boarding period has been over.'

Platten recalled that global shipping has already solution for this difficult solution: a road map for 12-step crew change according to approved protocol By the International Maritime Organization. "It is -- he explained the Secretary-General of the ICS - a solution that did not need money or complicated negotiations. Governments must now implement these protocols. If the bureaucracy continues to put In between, what is already a humanitarian crisis in sea, will quickly become an economic crisis, with serious consequences for an already too tense global economy. The time of political leadership is now."

"If ships from all over the world will sound their sirens At 12:00 local time on 8 July, Platten continued, the governments won't say they haven't heard this strong appeal to solve the problem of crew changes. Seafarers have done what they could, stretching their shifts on board and continuing to work to secure all supplies. Industry too owner-made his duty with the predisposition of the 12-step protocol. We are more than four months behind schedule 400,000 seafarers need crew changes. Is an untenable situation. We can no longer give for discounted these heroes of global trade."

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