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14 August 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 03:43 GMT+2

July 8, 2020

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Schiavoni (Alsea): we ask an only place where private public administrations and can be confronted and be decided

The Milanese logistic region confirmation logistic pole of Italy, but in Europe is behind Holland, France and Germany

Last quarter and in classifies. So introduced the logistic field of the Milanese area it does not seem to be very competitive, but it is necessary to on behalf specify that draft of the position in the ranking between important European clusters defined in a study realized from University LIUC of Castellanza of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan Monza Brianza Lodi and with the support of Alsea (Lombardic Association Shippers and Haulers). The other logistic systems with which it is confronted are in fact that of the Netherlands Western, of the Île de France, Bavaria and the Catalogna. In this within, if that Milanese confirmation first logistic pole of Italy, instead turns out behind of the others three European clusters classifying quarter equally with that Spanish.

"We have put to I confront, with statistical data and surveys between professionals - it has explained Fabrizio Dallari, director of the Center on the Logistics and Supply chain management of the LIUC School Business - four logistic clusters with the Milanese Logistic Region and precisely: Netherlands western, Ile de France, Bavaria and Catalogna. We have made taking to reference three macros voices: the costs of making logistics; the efficiency and the competitiveness of the system; accessibility and connectivity. The Netherlands Western - it has specified Dallari - confirmation, as from forecasts, first European logistic cluster, with the Milanese Logistic Region that places to the quarter and last place, equally with the Catalogna. In particular, a gap important of the RLM with the other Countries regarding two indicators is evidenced: the efficiency and the competitiveness of the system and accessibility and connectivity".

In order to exemplify the gap in terms of accessibility and connectivity, the study has detailed list that the Milanese logistic region has the same railway net of West Netherlands (875 km) and the half of that of the Île de France (1,609 km), turning out deficit if rapportata to the number of inhabitants and to the surface of the territory. About the difference how much to efficiency and competitiveness of the field, the analysis evidences that in 2018 in Italy 3.3% of the customs bills in import have visit quickly goods, value that salt to 5.7% for the imports by sea. According to the LPI (Logistics Index Performance) - the study remembers - medium rates physical control in import pairs to 2.86% are recorded in Europe with nations as Countries Bassi and Germany that come down to 2%. "It is necessary however to observe - law in the conclusions of the study - than Dutch customs in the 2018 have managed beyond 22 million customs bills in import, pairs to 3,5 times those Italians. He is natural therefore to imagine the different level of productivity between customs to service of the national imports dispersed in beyond 90 alleviate regional and interprovinciali which that Italian and customs, which that Dutch, concentrated in little centers in a small territory".

In its participation the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan Monza Brianza Lodi, Carlo Sangalli, has emphasized that "the logistics has had a fundamental role during the sanitary emergency having afforded to maintain to assets those indispensable rows to the economic survival of the Country. Great Milan - it has remembered - covers the Italian role of hub from which, every year, they journey goods for a value of 140 billion euros, 16% of the national total, and 35 million people. They are important numbers, that the Covid crisis has dramatically reorganized".

Referring to the causes that determine the difference between the Milanese logistic cluster and the other main European logistic areas, the president of Alsea, Betty Schiavoni, have stopped themselves on the congestion of the traffic that in these days has happened on from Liguria freeways because of the numerous open yards. "REELS - it has asserted referring to the society Freeways for the Italy that manages the highway drafts in question - accusation the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports and vice versa, with the Liguria Region that accusation REELS and MIT. To we - Schiavoni has denounced - they do not interest these giochini: it is very difficult in Italy to characterize the effective responsible. We - he has added the president of Alsea - ask therefore that an only place is defined institutionally where private public administrations and are confronted and decided. Abroad the corridor societies work, follow this vituous example. If it were not done today, with the crisis that we are living, he would be unforgivable. We are sure that only in this way the gap can be overwhelmed that we have with the other clusters. The distance, above all with some Countries is not incolmabile, works in order to recover the lost land taking to cue from the results of this important study".

"We are assisting during the last few years - it has continued Schiavoni - to an alarming phenomenon. While until little time makes recorded continuous a reciprocation of the governments, what already in itself serious and that the institutional dialogue undermines, today this continuous change happens also in the directors of the public administrations, so coming to lack the fundamental points of reference the world of the enterprises. A pair of examples: in last the three years four directors of the Agency of Customs and the Monopolies are changed, so as are lacked for years the territorial directors the marine and aerial health (in Liguria, in Lombardy, in Veneto). Gap only healed from little months and that it has still not produced turned out meaningful in the reduction of the times of release of the sanitary Authorizations for the goods, with serious delays that penalize our operators and importers. If in private it happened how much happens in the public - has observed the president of Alsea - the enterprises would fail: perhaps it is also for that Italy discounts from years a deep crisis of credibility. The Milanese and Lombardic system asks therefore stability and certainty for rules".

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