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14 August 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 19:03 GMT+2

July 20, 2020

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Tomorrow to Genoa the manifestation against the isolation of the Liguria caused from the highway congestion

Laghezza (Confetra Liguria): caused a permanent damage for from Liguria and Italian logistic system. Also the Venice Port Community protests

Tomorrow the manifestation of protest against the isolation of the Liguria caused from the congestion of the determined highway net from the opening of various yards will hold to Genoa that is promoted by the Committee Saves Genoa and the Liguria constituted from trade associations of the fields of the production, the services and the commerce of Genoa and the Liguria, a manifestation that would be due to hold Wednesday to Rome but that it is not authorized in the Capital.

In sight of the manifestation, the president of Confetra Liguria, Alessandro Laghezza, has found that, paradoxicalally, the collapse of from Liguria logistic system has placed in evidence a solo a dramatically positive aspect: "perhaps, for the first time in conscious and aware way - he has explained - woven productive of the north the west of Italy he has assumed knowledge of the importance of from Liguria ports and the role that they carry out on the flows of goods from and for the Italian industries". For Laghezza, the manifestation that will be carried out tomorrow to Genoa assumes moreover a completely particular meaning, deriving from a system that it not only goes in default for inefficiencies of the concessionaire of the highway drafts, but - it has emphasized - also and above all for precise political responsibilities that find synthesis "in the awkward attempt to put the things in order accelerating in paradoxical and grotesque way the verifications of safety to viaducts and galleries and paralyzing the highway traffic".

"The damages - it has observed the president of Confetra Liguria - are incalculable: in short the draft of an operating financial ruin but this that worries us more it is the future: the loss of image and therefore of reliability could ulteriorly increase the quota goods and producing that they opt for the road of the north, that is for the nordeuropei ports, generating a permanent damage for from Liguria and Italian logistic system in its complex, as well as a loss sand bank of entrances for the state treasury".

To the eve of the manifestation, the Committee We save Genoa and the Liguria has introduced a first salatissimo account provoked from the congestion of the freeways, that it includes losses of turnover of 75% in the florovivaistico field, of 50% for exercises of environs and local markets, of 25% in that of the great distribution. The Committee has evidenced that also the presence of tourists is hasty of 65% for the Aquarius of Genoa, museums and sites of interest, 50% for hotel and restaurants, of 30% for the marine bathrooms, of 35% in the tourist ports. The contraction for the agricultural field is of 15%, while the farm holidays record losses of 30% so as the agricultural activities tied to the catering and the wholesale. At last in the transport and the logistics the costs are increased of 50%.

Denouncing "total damages for beyond a working billion to the month and 40 thousand in redundancy fund in all the region", the Committee has anticipated which will be the "little but fundamental topics" on which answers and the guarantees of the minister of Infrastructures and the Transports are attended, Paola De Micheli: "to obtain a provision of the maximum urgency of compensation of the damages, necessary in order to defend the economic and occupational continuity of our territory; to obtain a provision of law of the maximum urgency that disciplines in uniform way on all the national territory the activities of inspection to the aims of safety on the street and highway net; definition of a program of the work, articulated in the time, than contemperi effectively the necessary activities of inspection and maintenance on from Liguria highway net with the necessary ongoing use of the infrastructural system, without more to penalize the entire regional economy; to obtain a provision that it recognizes the lack of finalized territorial continuity to the obtaining of aids of State".

Tomorrow the manifestation will be started on hours 11,00 with the procession "snail" of Tir from Saint Benigno that will arrive to the 12,30 on top of via XX September, with appointment directly in Square the Marose Fontanas to hours 12,00 for manifesting on foot.

To the denunciation of the isolation of from Liguria portualità the Venice Port Community is associated also, that it represents the harbour and marine entrepreneurial and associative world of the city, that remembers the unsolved problems that ditch the competitiveness of the lagoon port. "Not the Saracen ones were successful to destroy the two Marine Republics, the Arrogant one, that is Genoa and the Most serene one of Venice - it has emphasized Alessandro Santi, president of the Venetian shipping agents and coordinator of the Venice Port Community - is succeeding today Rome".

"Genoa and Venice - it has found Saint - live in parallel dramatic hours. On one side, from Liguria port of call and more in general terms the portualità and the logistic system of the Liguria, are destroyed by the concentration of the verifications of safety to all the genoese highway node with yards that are paralyzing from weeks the practicability and provoking advanced bendings of harbour traffic to 30%; from the other Venice it is enduring the inexorable burial of its channels of access to the port, for which a maintenance attends last February from years also river-promise from minister De Micheli".

According to the Venice Port Community a single difference regarding a process of annihilation of the harbour and logistic system exists: the minister of Infrastructures and the Transports has announced the intention to meet the representatives of the entrepreneurial categories that tomorrow will come down in square. "To Venice - the Venice Port Community has denounced - this has not happened not even and to the protest in the channels it has made followed a promise not maintained and then guilty months Hush. Evidently the next time the boats and manifesting that they will come down in the channels of the Most serene one will be many more".

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