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05 December 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 00:38 GMT+1

July 22, 2020

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Proposals for the competitiveness of the intermodal rail shipment between Italy and France

They are left over by Lombardy Confindustria, Confindustria Piemonte and Assologistica, that they have constituted a specific working group

The confindustriali associations of Lombardy and Piemonte and Assologistica have constituted a working group with the scope to propose, from here to the date of activation of the tunnel of base of Turin-Lyon previewed for 2030, aimed participations to strengthen the competitiveness of the intermodal rail shipment in the relations Italy-France and to already place the conditions in order to at best take advantage of the ability to the new line when he is available.

Lombardy confindustria, Confindustria Piemonte and Assologistica have remembered that in the interchange Italy-France, the intermodalità is relegated to a completely marginal quota, in clearly contrast with the situation of the other alpine passes: 6.7% the modal quota railroad of the passes with France (Frejus-Ventimiglia) against 69.9% of the passes with Switzerland (Gottardo-Sempione) and 29.7% with Austria (Brenner-Tarvisio).

The three organizations have evidenced that, however, the traffic goods between Italy and France and with the bordering Countries - Spain, Belgium, United Kingdom - exists and is important as for current volumes and to future perspectives and is the second for importance after that with Germany. By now it is determined - they have found moreover the confindustriali associations and Assologistica - than the limits of the current railway infrastructure prejudice quality and costs of the service, being profitable little attractive the intermodal transport, while the new Turin-Lyon line, thanks to the peculiar characteristics of the corridors IT TRY and to a remarkable increment of the traces hour (from current the 60 theoretical to 200 for the single traffic goods) will afford trains from 2.000 tons, length 740 meters and suitable P80-410 shape for the transport of semitowings from 4,00 meters let alone an optimized management of the circulations, being profitable competitive the railway system regarding the all road.

With the objective to throw again the competitiveness of the intermodal transport between Italy and France, the working group of Lombardy Confindustria, Confindustria Piemonte and Assologistica has already advanced some proposals. The first is the demand for the distribution of an incentive in support of the intermodal and which reshipped transport on iron with the same characteristics of the so-called "Iron-bonus", but with the peculiarity to apply itself to the rail shipments that are carried out on this axis of transit to the aim to compensate the greater costs and burdens deriving from the inadequacy of the line and until the realization of the new tunnel and relative railway tracing.

Moreover the distribution of financings is sped up, also through the deep resource to European, for the purchase of interoperabili locomotives, between Italy and France, functional to reduce the total costs of the transport and to reduce to eliminate the ill services deriving from the loss of time correlated to the changes of traction, investments that will be propedeutici to the full functionality, to the action of the opening, the new railway line.

It is demanded also to grant financings for other rotabile material, beginning from the ultra low wagons, online with the European norm on the noise, for the transport of cargo unit, comprised semitowings that need of particular shapes waiting for the realization of the new line. Such deep ones - they have explained Lombardy Confindustria, Confindustria Piemonte and Assologistica - would afford until from today the acquisition to the railway modality of the question of transport of many customers and would be immediately usable, not needing of investments particular in order to prepare new specialistic terminals.

Ulterior financings, also through the resource to deep European, would have to be granted for the realization of the new intermodal terminals in forecast of the new line of pass (in particular indicate the requirements in Italy of Turin Orbassano, Novara, area of Milan - systems of Milan Smistamento and Segrate - and, in France of the area of Lyon, Paris).

The working group has addressed moreover to the managers of the railway infrastructure and to the railway enterprises some suggestions of managerial character with the scope to improve in immediate the conditions of operativity and therefore the quality of the service: to specialize the railway traces for the trains with goods dangerous, considered the impossibility of co-existence of crosswalk in the tunnel with other trains to the aim to avoid delays; to carry out a planning of the traces of the trains integrated with the operativity of the terminals of arrival and departure to the aim to better take advantage of the ability to the line and to eliminate the delays in the put on one of the goods; to carry out a proattivo monitoring of the course of the trains also being carried out activities coordinated with control room of the railway enterprises and the terminals of arrival and departure, in order to improve the quality of the service with reduction of the delays, to improve the information, to manage the warnings to the final customers. According to the working group, for this activity an active role of the Railway Corridor of the Goods can be assumed Mediterranean, through the creation of a Center of Monitoring of the Traffic, object of a first project pilot this year.

In occasion of the today's presentation of these proposals, Mario Castaldo, president of the Group Trasporti of Assolombarda and representative of Lombardy Confindustria in the working group who has realized the document, have found that "the Covid-19 emergency has evidenced the strategic role of the rail shipment of the goods as irreplaceable device driver for supplying of assets of the various productive rows. To invest on infrastructures and transports - it has emphasized - means to invest on the competitiveness of the enterprises and the attrattività of the territory. We leave here from in order throwing again the North the West, heart of industrial Europe and the great European manufacture. To place the bases until from today, through a series of operating proposals that are shared, in order to return the rail shipment really competitive goods between Italy and France, coherent and propedeutiche proposals to the realization of Turin-Lyon, is an intransgressible responsibility that demonstrates a vision of long period, necessary to reconstruct and to consolidate European rows, after the pandemic demonstrated the embrittlement to us of the long nets of the industrial supplies".

"Territory and infrastructures - the president of Piemonte Confindustria has commented, Marco Gay - are a nodal binomial for the development and the increase of the companies. For this it is essential to pursue with responsibility and determination the strategy and Italian and European vision of a modern net infrastructural railway, that it returns our territory and our accessible Country, sustainable and competitive. Since the start of politics TRIES European, Piemonte Confindustria has supported the importance of the transport on iron and the intermodalità. Memory also the works of support to the territories, previewed for law and whose contained they are defined by and with the mayors of the interested Municipalities and evidenced to ministra De Micheli, asking of, together with the Region Piemonte, the immediate financing and start of the work. The new line will have to then be integrated, as well as from the completion of the infrastructural participations previewed in flat the investments of Contratto Program MIT-RFI, also from the conclusion of someone by now paradigmatic street works of bureaucratic diffuseness for which we cite, only example title, Asti Cuneo, fails to fulfill from some decade".

"From the combined study of Confindustriae of Lombardy and Piemonte with Assologistica - it has emphasized Eugenio Muzio, president of the Commission Intermodal Trasporto of Assologistica - it emerges in outright way as relative the infrastructural participations to the railway connection Turin-Lyon are not are essential but not indeed more extended, firstly for the economy of the north-west and therefore of entire Italy".

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