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25 September 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 06:25 GMT+2

September 4, 2020

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Has the pandemic returned vituous or esosi containerized the carriers marine?

The CLECAT assumes the formation of a trust between the companies of the field in order to face the crisis primed from the sanitary emergency

Giving news of recorded the economic and operating results from the main companies of navigation that operate in the segment of the containerized marine transport in according to trimester of this year, period that is characterized spreading world-wise of the pandemic of Covid-19 and from its impact on the economic and social activities, in the last weeks our newspaper has evidenced, with reference to the performances of some of these societies and within a generalized reduction of the volumes of goods transported by the fleets of portacontainer and the consequent decrease of the volume of transactions produced, the difference sometimes evidenced between the trend of the reduction ofthe revenues and the trend of bending of the operating costs.

Some companies have announced a considerable operating cost reduction more emphasized much of the lowering of the revenues, so much so that it seemed to be itself lost also the minimal correlation between the two voices of the economic account. Between the hypotheses formulated relatively to the content decrement of the revenues, achieved in spite of the strong decrease of the transported containerized cargo volumes from the ships, is that of the positive effect deriving from the rise of the hires, increase confirmed from the companies of navigation but apparently not sufficient to explain the reduced rate percentage of bending of the volume of transactions. As for the drastic control of the operating costs, collapse that turns out to be more online with that of the generality of economic other asset, the containerized companies have debited it to the success of their measures in order to reduce the expenses, between which those times to rationalize the marine services.

A highly summarized analysis of the evolution of the revenues and the costs, of the level of the hires and the transported containerized cargo amount in according to trimester of the 2020, appraisal returned extremely difficult from the limited subdivision in the budgets of the voices that compose the revenues and of operating costs and from the traditional reticence of the companies in disclosing given considered sensitive, reveals that if the difference between operating revenues and costs turns out eclatante for some of the main containerized companies of navigation that have already communicated the performances achieved in the period, for many others turn out absentee or not excessive marked.

Today CLECAT, the European representation of the shipment companies, transport, logistics and of customs services, referring to the increasing sense of frustration between the shipment enterprises hit by the effects of the crisis primed from the pandemic, have examined happened how much meanwhile in the field of the marine carriers that on behalf transport containerized cargos of the shippers. An analysis that is centralized on the relationship between the clearly recorded economic result from the marine companies, less indicative in order to perhaps estimate the direct impact of the crisis on their activity, and the volumes of goods in container transported from their ships.

Also CLECAT has remembered that the marine companies have motivated their positive results with a rationalization of the realized ability to transport in order to diminish the effects of the crisis and have emphasized the particularly shining results recorded from some carriers beginning from the leader of the market, the Maersk Danish, than in according to trimester of this year it has achieved a profit clearly of 443 million dollars regarding 154 million in the same period of 2019 although the containerized volumes transported from the company meantime are dropped of -16%. Equally it has happened for the Hapag-Lloyd German whom the profit clearly from 56 to 287 million dollars against a bending of the -11% of the transported volumes has increased and also for the South Korean HMM who has recorded a profit clearly of 23 million dollars respect to a net loss of -54 million in according to trimester last year against a strong decrease of the -22% of transported containerized cargos from its ships.

CLECAT has rimarcato that, if for the marine carriers the period has been anything but negative, loaders and shippers have had instead to be confronted are with a huge increment of the costs let alone with dysfunctions of the marine logistic chain, problems - it has evidenced the federation - of which the carriers of the shipping they inculpate the pandemic.

An explanation that does not satisfy the European federation of the companies of shipment and logistics, second which such situation once again has place in evidence that, also in a moment in which the European industry it has fallen in a serious recession, "all are to the mercé of the carriers, without instruments or means, at least in Europe, in order to control their acts". To such purpose the CLECAT has restated that the delay four-year-old of the exemption from the norms on the competition for the containerized marine companies, that is granted to March from the EU commission (inforMARE on March 24, 2020), "has been a lost occasion in order to help the field of the containerized marine transport to become more reactive in its role to service of the exporter and the European importers".

"The truth - it has denounced the CLECAT - is that today on the main routes East-West, with three alliances of containerized marine companies that cover beyond 95% of the East-West traffic, the carriers operate in alliances that do not endure coming competition from others. The modern digital instruments - it has still denounced the federation - allow they to collaborate beneath to the maintenance of the cargo spaces of the question, that it is the way in order to make money".

The CLECAT therefore has renewed the accusation to the containerized marine carriers to use Regolamento of exemption for category for the containerized marine consortia as a basis in order to extend the exemption to the Voluntary Discussion Agreements, than - the federation has remembered - the hires include. Moreover the CLECAT has observed that if from a part the EU commission has quite supported with enthusiasm the necessity "to grant to the carriers continuous and generous exemptions regarding the European right on the competition", in spite of - it has found the federation - it does not have of adequate means in order to estimate the conformity to Regolamento of the navigation companies, the increase of the hires found relatively to the transpacifici traffics has provoked the interest of the Ministry of Transportation Chinese that - the federation has announced - would have written to six of the main marine carriers asking explanations for these increases, while in the Maritime USA the Federal Commission intends to put into effect one monitoring more taken care of the blank sailing programmed from the carriers and is analyzing the impact on the hires of the variations of ability to the ships and the projections on the ability.

The CLECAT therefore has exhorted the European politicians to set some questions: would the EU - it is before the issues that second the federation would have to face - have to continue to grant excessive privileges to the marine field that work as a oligopoly to expenses of the supply chain European? Moreover - the CLECAT wonders - would the EU and the Member States have to continue to grant to aids of State and other subsidies, between which the tonnage tax, to navigation companies that, through acquisitions in the supply chain, extend their activities in fields in which they are found to compete with logistics society that they are not subsidized? At last the CLECAT asks the politicians EU to estimate if the current norms on the competition of the European Union still are adapted in the light of these developments of the market.

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