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23 September 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 12:06 GMT+2

September 14, 2020

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The Pilots Union disputes the new criteria and mechanisms define the rates of piloting services

Among the actions proposed, a self-servants' measure MIT or an appeal to the TAR of Lazio

A self-sedural measure by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport or an appeal to the TAR of Lazio. According to the Pilots Union these could be the two ways mit to backtrack from its changes contained in the guidance issued last August by the Ministry on the pricing criteria and mechanisms for piloting service. At a conference entitled "New pricing criteria and mechanisms, the Pilots Union will not do the Don Quixote", meeting open to all port pilots regardless of their union acronym that was held Last Tuesday in Trapani, the president of the Pilots' Union, Vincenzo Bellomo, explained that "among the critical K1 (station presence) which, according to the MIT, should be reviewed taking into account a minimum percentage of presence of the pilots in turn approximately 70%, (the percentage currently fixed and set at 5% for the year enjoyment of the nautical means - Bellomo pointed out - would replaced with three age-differentiated percentages average of 3.6% for drivers with a 0 to 10 years, to 2.6% for those aged 11 to 20 1% for those aged 21 to 30) and the transition from the allowed to the actual spending that will reset savings share."

The Secretary of the Pilots' Union, Ciro Romano, highlighted K1 remodulation (availability of pilots in (service) will result in "a realignment of the zero point. In practice , Romano noted, this is a new definition starting point that, to those who now guarantee 70% of the attendance will not ensure the recognition of a K-35 and that this, if not immediately in the near future, will be zero. The 5% for the enjoyment of nautical means- noted - is something that has a major impact on the pilots on duty and will bring down their pay by more than 10%.'

In his speech, Captain Romano drew a parallel with the moorers, noting that these, while carrying out recently liberalized business, use the same formula of the pilots, enjoying -- he specified -- however of much more favourable criteria. Noting that, to such an end It does not explain how MIT and the users can moorers agree to consider the criteria for pilots to be appropriate were questioned, Romano recalled that "for the moorings as a reference you take the base pay of the senior management of the Port Authority with the recognition of a conventional lump-size increase in 55%. For pilots - noted Romano - the value of basic pay Eb pilot, set at 2,043.80 euros, not even the pay of the first are not provided for: the EDR; periodic increases in seniority, with a maximum of five shots, much less the recognition of a conventional lump-size increase in 55%. The pilot is also not recognized, as is the moorers, the pay of the 13th and 14th monthly multiplier formula, while for pilots it is 12 for the moorers is 14. The pilot's paid days of absence are made up of: five-week holidays, 12 days of holidays, four days for suppressed holidays, a clinical examinations (visits and interventions) one day for assemblies, three days of mourning, three days of mourning, three days for the protection of motherhood and paternity, all of which are incorporated into the divider n/32, as a result the incidence of K 2, 3 and 4 will have to provide an additional divider equal to 42/52 or 0.808 just like the other service. The K dividers must represent the number of pilots in service excluding the Pilot Chiefs, off-duty, as well as out-of-shifts for mooring service are excluded. The pilots, Unlike the moorers, they have 173 monthly dividers and 168, so no ROL is applied to the pilots. Finally, 40 hours per week, while for the moorings there are 39, of therefore the divisor for them is 31 and for us 32.

Romano then complained that, despite being discussed in more ministerial meetings changing the federal quota 2%, the latter, unexpectedly, was not entered in the summary document of the investigation activity and, Similarly, the remodulation has not been inserted of the rate to be allocated to the Pilots Fund, which is also widely used Discussed.

During the meeting, various hypotheses were explored Ministry to back down: a strike is was deemed impractical because it could be incurring offence of public service interruption while two streets deemed practicable are a self-ing measure by MIT or an appeal to the Tar del Lazio. How could he be guessed by the title Pilots' Union has specified that it will not undertake self-driving action, believing that - explained Vincenzo Bellomo - it's up to the whole category, regardless membership of one or the other trade union acronym, decide the to be made on an important issue such as that of the appeal against criteria and tariff mechanisms.'

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