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24 October 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 20:15 GMT+2

September 21, 2020

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European Shippers' Council and Global Shippers' Alliance call for the problem of changing the crews of the Ships

A shortage of seafarers, they warned, means that eventually the ships will not sail and the supply chains they'll start to freeze

The European Shippers' Council (ESC) and the Global Shippers' Alliance (GSA) urged the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the European Commission, national governments and other authorities to work urgently to allow changes in the crew of the ships so that the logistics chains can continue to be operational at the current time of crisis caused by the pandemic of Covid-19.

"A shortage of seafarers - warned ESC and GSA - Ultimately, it means that in the end the ships will not sail and if the ships ships don't navigate the supply chains on which we depend everyone will start to freeze. This will have an impact directed on the quality of our lives because the goods essential supplies we need they're going to stop coming. We can't let that happen at a time when recovery from the Covid pandemic is in such a critical stage. For global trade, it is vital and fundamental that, in the course of this pandemic, the quality life can be returned to crew members as yet at sea and their families."

"This - the two associations pointed out, that represent shippers and shippers - it's not a choice between public health and facilitation of crew change. Compared to the total number of people still crossing borders around the world - explained ESC and GSA - 300,000 maritimes represents a small but essential number of people cross-border mobility needs to be facilitated keep world trade moving."

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