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31 October 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 09:19 GMT+1

October 16, 2020

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Duci: from the trade conflict between the US and China can benefiting the Italian port

Almost messianic the President of Federagenti: "still once history seems to assign to Italian ports, not to merits but by fate, great opportunities"

From the trade conflict between the US and China can the Italian port will benefit. This is supported by the President of the Federation of Italian Maritime Agents, Gian Enzo Duci, who even believes that this "war of duties" may represent for Italian ports "the second great chance from the post-war period to today. "It is not let us be blinded by the emergency and negativity - he urged Duci - for Italian ports, catapulted back on to the line between two worlds, a historic opportunity for development of traffic and centrality in trade the president of Federagenti, according to the President of Federagenti, similar to that enjoyed by Italy in the immediate future post-war when she was exactly on the border between the Western bloc and the Communist bloc.

"Today," said Duci, "the border line between the us sphere of influence and the Chinese sphere of influence seems to transit on the our country where on 5G and ports lies the epicenter of a particularly harsh comparison, but a forum for Italy of great investment and growth opportunities. The attention that the United States, including through the repeated missions of the secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, and the repeated speeches embassy and consulate in Milan at various strategic airports - noted -- they are demonstrating how important the ally the Atlantic is based on the control of Italian port. On the other hand, Chinese investments (already made or savona, Trieste and Taranto, inside, but also at the outside of the Belt & Road Initiative, are a fact now well known.'

"It is at a time like this- continued Duci - that Italy can turn this face-to-face into extraordinary economic and commercial opportunities, obviously provided you hold the rudder in your hand and draw advantages from a position that has become central again in the Mediterranean and strategic."

But - for Duci - opportunities could also come from the Near and Middle East: "the recent meeting between a lebanese delegation and an Israeli delegation in Beirut - explained Duci - is making you glimpse the start of a process that might have extraordinary effects: overcome the political and religious differences, the combination of the financial power of the Gulf Arab countries and of Israel's technological/organisational skills could give rise to place to a maxi economic, energy and high-tech hub that, extending to turkey's southern borders, could be the next giant of the world economy. This block is intended, even only in terms of the reconstruction of entire countries in exceptional heritage of opportunities for those who will be better placed strategically, industrially and Logistically. It would almost be said -- he concluded (he would just to say) messianically the president of Federagenti - who once again, history seems to assign to Italian ports, not for merits but for fate, great opportunities that would crazy not to catch."

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