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November 20, 2020

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Cisl urges the Sardinian AdSP to clarify the outcome of the international call for the Porto Canale di Cagliari

He also expressed the hope that the proposed agency for the port work doesn't turn into a timed parking lot indeterminate for workers

Cisl is alarmed by the grave silence of the Port System of the Sea of Sardinia on the outcome of the call international level to identify the operator who will manage the container terminal at the Porto Canale di Cagliari, an infrastructure that is remained unused for more than a year after it is cagliari's concession has been declared to have lapsed International Container Terminal (CICT) of the Contship Italia Group ( of the 10th September 2019). A fear probably exacerbated by the outcome of the procedure to identify the company that will manage the landing which -- after three extensions -- ended last august with the arrival of a single proposal made by the Londoner PIFIM, a new company that aims to operate in numerous sectors and that has no credential in the port, lack of covered by the use of the Port of Amsterdam International ( of the 31st August 2020).

"Although almost three months have passed since the closure of the call - explained the Secretary General of Cisl Cagliari, Mimmo Contu, and fit cisl's regional secretary, Corrado Pani- we still don't know if the technical committee installed considered all the documentation produced to be valid and it is possible to then proceed to assign the entire quay of the container terminal to PIFIM, the only participant. All this in the total silence of the President of the AdSP, Massimo Deiana, to whom we strongly ask to give our opinion as soon as possible in on the developments of the international call but above all on what scenario awaits the port workers.'

Contu and Pani specified that they share "the path the Sardinia Region has implemented in recent months to find more solutions that allow further integration into the income of workers ex CICT, currently in NASpi, through the activity of training with active labour policies; without however the desirability of using the EGF Funds.'

Referring to the hypothesis that the workers of the Porto Canale can be used through the creation of an agency to temporary port work ( of the 7 September 2020), while representatives of the trade union organization have highlighted the goodness of the measure on the other suggested greater caution on the timing of the and made it known that they had requested clarifications on the path of implementation and how to pay. Contu and Pani they also reiterated the importance of knowing urgently the outcome of the call, "did this - they noted - that would allow the successful tenderer (if confirmed) to absorb most of the workers as expected in the same notice.'

"In our opinion," the two trade unionists continued, " it is urgent to know whether mise has identified not only this solution immediate, but is also preparing a real development plan for the Port Channel of Cagliari, as also requested by Confindustria. In addition, we believe it is essential to understand whether in the decree-law Relaunching medium-long investments are planned term such as to facilitate a tax advantage that favours the return of transhipment, which is what is would turn into a big breath of oxygen not only for Cagliari, but for the whole region».

"Like Cisl and Fit- concluded Contu and Pani - we reaffirm the right to work for former employees of the Port channel, which certainly do not prefer forms of welfare masked, and at the same time we hope that the agency will not turn into an indefinite parking space for operators ports of Cagliari.'

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