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December 1, 2020

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In October, the port of Genoa recorded a decline in traffic, while in Savona-Vado an increase was marked

The decision on the plan for rehabilitation of the port company Culmv

Last October, the ports of Genoa and Savona-Vado 5.40 million tonnes of goods, down -4.6% on October 2019. In the airport alone genoese port traffic amounted to 4.05 million tonnes (-9.5%), of which 2.84 million tonnes of miscellaneous goods (-4,7%) consisting of 1.97 million tonnes of goods containerised (-5.9%) with a handling of containers equal to 207,000 teu (-7.2%) and 873,000 tons of conventional goods (-1,8%). In the liquid bulk sector in Genoa, 843,000 tons of mineral oils (-30.2%), 43,000 tonnes of chemicals (+29.1%) and 29,000 tons of oils vegetables and wine (-17.1%); in the solid bulk segment, the commercial traffic was 112,000 tons (+144.5%) and the industrial one of 100,000 tons (+3.7%). Last October in Genoa passenger traffic was 81,000 people (-70.9%), of which 13,000 cruise workers (-92.4%) and 68,000 ferry passengers (-36.3%).

In October 2020 the port of Savona-Vado moved 1.34 million tons of loads, with an increase of +14.0% on October last year. The miscellaneous goods were 565,000 tons (+9.2%), of which 362,000 tons of rolling stock (-7.5%), 141,000 tons of goods in containers (+126.4%), 34,000 tons of fruit (-15.8%), 19,000 tons of forestry (+44.4%) and 8,000 tons of steels (-12.7%). In liquid bulk sector traffic was 639,000 tonnes (+24.2%), including 614,000 tonnes of crude oil (+25.1%) 18,000 tons of refined petroleum products (+27.5%) and 7,000 tons of other liquid loads (-27.0%). The in dry bulk totalled 134,000 tons (-5.6%), of which 71,000 tons of coal (-19.6%), 4,000 tons of minerals (+28.7%), 3,000 tons of cereals and oilseeds (-76.4%) And 56,000 tons of other solid bulk (+48.3%). In the field of cruise passengers were 4,000 (-96.7%) and passengers of ferries 503 (-95.4%).

In the first ten months of 2020 the ports of Genoa and Savona-Vado 48.42 million tonnes, with a total of 48.42 million tonnes, with a total of 48.42 million tonnes a decrease of -15.8% over the same period last year, of which 37.51 million tonnes moveded by the port port of Ligurian capital (-17.2%) and 10.85 million tonnes from the port of Savona-Vado (-10.5%).

Meanwhile, at yesterday's meeting of the Management Committee of the Port System Authority of the Western Ligurian Sea it has been decided to postpone until next Friday the decision on the recovery plan of the port company Culmv, while the notes of change to the 2020 financial statements were examined and the AdSP's 2021 budget, which will be submitted to the formal approval next Friday in view of the fact that both budget documents welcome forecasts related to the Single Company's recovery plan.

Among other deliberations, the revision of the regulation for the shipbuilding sector in port of Genoa, which innovates the provisions for the release of licences to shipbuilding and ship repair companies, so such as the provisions for the granting of state concessions in the industrial district. The port authority specified that the revision, unanimously approved and the subject of a comparison with Confindustria, allows a greater opening up the Genoese repair market by facilitating the acquisition of the necessary permissions and simplifying the administrative procedures.

Finally, the Management Committee has been updated in strategic planning document, which is necessary for the subsequent drafting of the Port Regulatory Plan for which it was completed the participatory path with private stakeholders and institutional institutions, which include all the municipalities concerned development of port traffic and infrastructure. The document, once the final opinions of the municipalities have been acquired, it may be adopted by the Committee for subsequent approval by the liguria region.


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