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December 18, 2020

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The recommendations of the working table on the logistics of Covid-19 vaccines were delivered to Commissioner Arcuri

Recommended an industrial approach to the countryside Vaccination

The document containing the recommendations analysis and comparison between the experts of the working table on the logistics of Covid-19 vaccines of the Observatory Interdisciplinary Food and Drug Transport (OITAf) is was handed over to Domenico Arcuri, extraordinary commissioner for the implementation and coordination of measures for the containment and epidemiological emergency.

The multidisciplinary panel gathered by the Observatory of Experts identified the critical points that, if not resolved, could compromise the achievement of herd immunity of the entire Italian population by next autumn, but above all, defined the overall approach to preventing them and overcome them and has derived practical and immediate solutions Application.

The document contains almost 40 recommendations and suggestions, all deriving from an analytical and basic design philosophy, that is, that the mass anti-Covid vaccination campaign is an initiative that can only be successfully carried out with an industrial approach, applying the production and more advanced logistics than manufacturing industry. To the center of the process is administration, seen as the "factory" of vaccinations, which must work with efficiency and be powered without interruption by three supply chains: vaccines, vaccinators and vaccinators. Only by adopting this model - the experts pointed out - risks of not reaching all candidates for vaccination or unacceptable delays in the immunity of the population can be avoided with reasonable certainty.

These are some of the recommendations made by the experts of the working table:
  1. Maximum simplification of user interaction, both from the point of view of view of the necessary hardware and software equipment on the user side the complexity of the interface, in the process of booking: a web browser, an address and an address must be sufficient email and the ability to receive SMS
  2. Any power supply of data to and from other information systems must be occur asynchronously with respect to operations related to the administration, except limited cases related to logistics vaccines and equipment
  3. The administration of each category of vaccines must be simulated in advance to detect the timing and more efficient procedures, and on the basis of the results calculated the sizing of the necessary human resources
  4. Particular attention must be paid to the sizing of resources and methods of vaccination in RSA, at home and in peripheral and disadvantaged locations (about 20% of the population to be reached according to OITAf calculations)
  5. Attention must be paid to finding, conducting, managing and maintenance of mobile units provided for the needs of the vaccination referred to in the previous point
  6. The Modern vaccine, which sees its importance grow as a result of of the delays of other alternatives, is however a preparation that must be moved and transported in a state of freezing: its logistics between the central hub and the regional and last mile hub must receive attention equal to that of the Pfizer/BioNtec vaccine
  7. The reverse logistics of waste collection and disposal generated as a result of administration in spaces not hospitals or doctors must be managed centrally
  8. Walk-in vaccination centres must be carried out on as much as possible in existing facilities even non-sanitary, as in other European countries, immediately equipped with the majority of the necessary basic equipment; in case of facilities created ad-hoc, the best solution is made up of hospitals made by the Red Cross, the Armed Forces or made by private individuals along the same lines.

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