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December 22, 2020

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Port of Gioia Tauro, the budget approved 2021 and the POT 2021-2023

Among the planned works, the construction of the with an investment of 40 million euros

After the favourable opinion of the Board of Auditors, the Port Committee of the Port Authority of Gioia Tauro the 2021 budget was unanimously approved and the Three-Year Operational Plan 2021-2023. The budget estimates of revenue of €28.5 million and expenses equal to €49.6 million, resulting in a deficit of €21 million million euros that, however - specified the port authority - finds total coverage in the assumed budget surplus of 120 million at 31 December 2020. It follows, therefore, that the 31 December 2021 will be 99.5% million euros, of which 91.5 million euros were tied up for works of infrastructure, risk funds and charges and end-of-life treatment Report.

With regard to pot 2021-2023, the Port Authority explained that the new planning expresses the will institution to consolidate the upgrading of the infrastructure and, in particular, to continuation with what was already started in the previous to offer further growth at its airports. In in particular, for the port of Gioia Tauro the guarantee of competitiveness in the transhipment market and, in the at the same time, the start of intermodality thanks to the departure of the rail gateway which, with the New Year, will offer the service on a regular basis. The goal is also to to differentiate the offer and to integrate water-front services with those of the backport and intermodal logistics, to relaunch port activities and, in this way, ensure the leadership of the airport in the international Mediterranean circuit.

At the heart of this strategy is the implementation, in order to an investment value of EUR 40 million, the caress intended mainly for maintenance operations container containers of medium to large size. With this aim in the resection work of the quays has also been planned of the west in sections G - H and I, in order to allow the dry dock, worth 20 million euros.

In addition, among the works provided for by the POT, it will continue with the refurbishment of quays on sections A and B, with works that are already been entrusted and will be launched in the middle of next month, and structural adjustment of the quay flooring in the section C programmed to increase its bearing, for a value of three million euros. Linked to these interventions, the strengthening of bits that, with an investment of one million euro, will be replaced with as many higher power (200 tonnes) in order to ensure a secure docking of mega container container container.

With the aim of giving full operation to the synergies institutional institutions, the housing of the Captaincy of Porto (2.6 million euros), an aerial platform (1.4 million euros) and a structure that will host the border inspection customs revenue (EUR 2 million).

Among the works planned, however, for the port of Crotone are the reflowering of the mantellata and the reconstruction of the foraneo wall, in support of the operation of the of the old port, with an economic value of two million euros. While, to improve its close-up, in the presence of weather conditions adverse, the extension of the pier was planned (seven million euros). Finally, with the specific objective of to give concrete response to the demands of the fisheries sector, it will be mobile quay for fishing units (two million euros).

In support of the development of the port of Corigliano Calabro, among other project activities, the project has been planned, the creation of the cruise quay (8.1 million euros) for ensure greater development in the sector at the airport. Same time, to optimize the operation of the entire infrastructure, the reorganisation work has been planned roads to allow the channelling of traffic flows to and from the port port, with an investment of 800,000 Euro.

Finally, specific planning finds the redevelopment of the port of Palmi through the construction of the shore quay which, thanks to a funding of four million euros, aims to offer an increase in the provision of airport services.

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