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25 February 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 20:30 GMT+1

February 22, 2021

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56% of the value total of the goods counterfeit seized are transported by portacontainer

Study of EUIPO and OCSE on the capacity of I use it improper of this modality of transport

The Office of the European Union for the Intellectual Property (EUIPO) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Develop (OCSE) has published a new study in which producing have analyzed the capacity of use it improper of the containerized marine transport for the commerce of counterfeit, search from which turns out that 56% of the value seized counterfeit total of the goods are sent in container and that the main producing shipments of counterfeit come from Asia oriental, in particular from the China that represents 79% of the value total of the container with goods counterfeit seized world-wise.

The study analyzes in particular the following aspects: which producing types of counterfeit are transported in container vessels; where they are produced the goods counterfeit; which geographic markets are the addressees; which ports of income more often are used for the container with producing counterfeit; as the produced ones are transported in container vessels without being intercepted.

On the whole, in the 2016 value of the world-wide commerce of counterfeitings it piled to 460 billion euros, pairs to about 3.3% of the world-wide commerce. The counterfeit produced ones have represented 6.8% of the imports in the EU from Third-country, for a value of 121 billion euros.

The shipments by sea regard all the counterfeit types of goods: from electronic equipment of high value to leather shop articles, apparel, cosmetics, toys, you play and equipment and pharmaceutical products. For example, in the 2016 world-wide commerce of electrical equipment and counterfeit electronic devices it piled to an estimated value of 125 billion euros, correspondent more of 5.6% of the commerce total of such producing. Almost half (49%) of the value total of the counterfeit electronic produced ones seized transported era by sea.

The study evidences that the increment of the total volume of world-wide the commercial exchanges and the increase of the ability to the ships represents an additional burden for the activity of customs. Relatively to the location of illicit traffics, the search explains that if the scanning to x-rays or gamma ray of the container can be effective in order to characterize other types of illegal shipments, as the narcotic traffic, fits out or species wild, however, it is not if of the goods counterfeit for which the physical inspection constitutes the only adapted instrument, physical inspection to which is subordinate less of 2% of the container, that it supplies to the criminal nets remarkable opportunities to take advantage of this important channel of the supplying chain.

Moreover the specific study that if a series of methods of risk assessment and targeting in order characterizing the transport and the illegal commerce of dangerous and forbidden narcotics and goods is adopted, the illicit commerce of producing counterfeit is vice versa not considered a priority since the counterfeit shipments of goods, instead that illegal commerce and criminal activity, are perceived more rather as commercial infractions.

Finding that "the greater worry for the counterfeiting of personal medicine and protective devices as consequence to the crisis due to the Covid-19 has created the possibility to complete meaningful progresses in the fight to this illicit commerce", the executive director of the EUIPO, Christian Archambeau, has observed that however is "need of a concerted effort in order to fight the counterfeitings of every type on all the routes, is in container shipments by sea it is in those of parcels of small dimensions. The counterfeit produced ones - it has emphasized - damage the lawful commerce, are often dangerous and must return to be a priority in the action of contrast to the international crime".

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