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21 April 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 03:58 GMT+2

March 26, 2021

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AP of Gioia Tauro rejects to the sender the accusations of the association of operators of the port of Crotone

Critics towards the acts of the agency - he has found Agostineli - still more incomprehensible because coming from who, also invited, never he has participated to the operating reunions

The Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro rejects to the sender the accusation turned yesterday to the agency from the association of the operators of the port of Crotone to delay the document adoption of planning necessary in order to allow the development of the activities in the crotonese port of call(on 25 March 2021). Evidencing that the authority "cannot be carrier of part interests", the extraordinary Commissioner of the agency, Andrea Agostinelli, have presssed charges that the Harbour Authority "is object, lately and not to case, of he attacks media and parlamentary inquiries expressions of privatistici interests he part from those of the collectivity".

"It is well to clarify - Agostinelli has explained - than, in ossequio to established how much from the law, the Harbour Authority is held to define and pursuing strategies aimed exclusively at the development of the ports of own competence. It minds to have to state that, in pursuing such determination, you record a continuous one I attack by not very identified part of harbour operators of Crotone, represented from the Chamber of Commerce of Crotone, having to object firstly varying to the Portuale Town development plan. The Harbour Authority, contrarily to supported how much from the Chamber of Commerce who, remembers, is a representative subject of part interests "" - has remembered Agostinelli - until from 2012 it has started the procedures for the realization of the new Portuale Town development plan. The national reform of the portualità, going back to 2016, never in concrete terms put into effect in Calabria although my repeated ones you speed up, has unfortunately interrupted this iter. - It has specified the extraordinary commissioner of the agency - the administration has certainly not remained inactive, indeed, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, that it demonstrates insufficient memory in this and other occasions, the drawing up of a Plan Master has co-financed that has characterized the programmatici objectives to trasfondere in the next PRP. Just 5th March, in the course of a reunion dedicated to the presence of the municipal administration, the marine authority and the Chamber of Commerce, the Authority has introduced localized varying to the current PRP, only solution allowed with enforced legislation, that it holds account and it values the objectives of the Plan Master".

"It is not comprised - it has continued Agostinelli - because, absurdly, today this varying becomes object of preconceived dispute, in Hush the deafening one of a part of the politics that if on one side it has exercised imported pressures for the realization of varying and the determination of managerial orders inside of the port, against these assertions, remain partially incomprensibilmente silente and partially it signs critical parlamentary inquiries towards the acts of the Harbour Authority, still more incomprehensible because coming from who, also invited, never it has participated to the operating reunions. It is assisted so to a stillicidio of attacks to means prints that, in the ham-handed attempt to hinder the legitimate and linear administrative activity of the agency, they inside undermine the action of restoration of the legality of the port. We will not afford it".

"If still it did not have to be clear - it has still emphasized Agostinelli - ulteriorly presses me to clarify that the Harbour Authority work with attention in the exclusive interest of the territory and not of others. To testimony of this distance pack-saddles to think to the next inauguration of the crocieristico terminal, symbol of the change of route respect to an exploitation of the port that in the environmental landscaped past that has only produced pollution and scempio. And still, pack-saddles to think to the next demolition of a manufactured product that anticipates asbestos elements, procedure this particularly complex one put into effect in the respect of all the normative dispositions for digestion of all the cancercausing parts. And still to the dismantling of the crane that insists in the port of call they give beyond 40 years - in Hush of all! - but that, only during the last few years, it has seen to start the procedures of law for the relative dismantling. For last, in the term of fifty days from the reunion 5th March we will introduce to all the harbour cluster and the crotonesi citizens the localized definitive rough draft of varying to the harbour town-planning instrument".

"The issue of the times of commissariamento of the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro - it has specified at last Agostinelli - esulano, as it is obvious, from the competences of who today it manages the agency and is left the appraisals of the competent institutional organs. It is therefore fuor of place every which got ahead consideration, demagogic and instrumental, on the argument to the solo fine to corroborate reasonings that they are and they remain egoistically detached from the requirements of the territory".

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