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27 January 2022 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 07:04 GMT+1

October 11, 2021

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Spediporto's proposals to solve critical issues access to genoa port terminals

Pitto: "the goods cannot be subject to additional costs and inefficiencies in addition to those it already supports for the malfunctions of the motorway network»

The Genoese shippers have submitted to the Authority of Port System of the Western Ligurian Sea some proposals for solve the aggravated problems of access to the port terminals of the Ligurian capital and to allow a decongestion port viability. In a letter to the president of the institution port, the president of the association of shippers Spediporto, Alessandro Pitto, specified that, "in the light of repeated episodes of traffic congestion port in the Sampierdarena Basin, often coinciding with the arrival in port of carrier units particularly important, our category has started a careful analysis linked to the so-called "bottlenecks" and "dysfunctions" operational" from which emerges, with clarity, the need for a strong and sustained digitalization of processes. With this in mind - observed Pitto - the punctual punctual will be decisive application of Ordinance No 7/2021 (on digitization of the documentary cycle, ed.) to date postponed in its entry into force on 1 November 2021. Pending the application of the aforementioned order and pending of the realization of the Varco di Ponente that could significantly affect in a positive way the temperament of the problem - wrote the president of Spediporto - vi we represent the urgency of identifying measures to prevent, already in the coming days, further episodes of strong slowdowns at the gates of the terminals. Such situations, we want remember it, they generated for our category, as well as other, considerable damage and unjustifiable delays against the clientele, helping to create an aura of inefficiency of the port of Genoa that risks becoming irremediable. The goods can not suffer additional costs and inefficiencies in addition to those that already supports for the dysfunctions of the motorway network".

With the aim of reducing or diluting the negative impact generated from the peaks of traffic, "today - pitto recalled - concentrated in a few hours a day on some days of the week", Spediporto expressed his availability of the category of freight forwarders 'to ensure operation of the gates already from 05.00 am (today 06.00 am) in order to encourage an early arrival and entry of colleagues of road transport at port terminals'.

The association has also proposed an "increase in the so-called "free time period" for containers, this - explained Pitto - in order to favor, with a staggered arrival on more days of the week, less access for vehicles at the port gates. If this proposal is accepted - specified the president of Spediporto - it will be our care intervene on customers in order to facilitate a modification of the loading plans and daily transport to the port of Genoa'.


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