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20 September 2018 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 20:11 GMT+2

20/09/18Uiltrasporti asks the immediate opening for a table that faces the situation of crisis of the Port Channel of Cagliari
Dossier-denunciation of the union in which it is evidenced that the cost of the renunciation risks to being enormously advanced to the cost of the investments necessary in order to continue to compete

20/09/18Mattioli (Federation of the Sea): the marine cluster has a strategic role for Italy
The field - it has emphasized - imposes an effective administrative coordination between competences by now dispersed between varied ministries

20/09/18EU commission, illicit 44 million the aids granted from the State to the Harbour Authority of Naples for the dry docks of CAMED
The late collections of the concession canons do not constitute instead aids of State

20/09/18Railway group Helvetic SBB CFF FFS looks for an associate of minority for its society cargo
Within on 5 October the manifestations of interest in order to acquire from 10% to 49% of the share capital

20/09/18Maersk will reunite the regional activities of containerized marine transport under an only brand
Moreover Damco will be integrated in Maersk Line

19/09/18It is essential that the national and Lombardic institutions support the port of Genoa after collapse of Morandi Bridge
The necessity of participations and timely measures is emphasized in the course of an encounter of Propeller Club of Milan

19/09/18To August the traffic of the container in the port of Valencia is increased of +2.8%
In the first eight months of this year the increase has been of +5.1%

19/09/18Confitarma, to estimate the transfer of marine lines short beam from the genoese harbour basin of Sampierdarena to that of Voltri or to Savona
The shipowning confederation suggests to deepen such hypothesis in order to tackle to the emergency caused from collapse of Morandi Bridge

19/09/18From the 24 on 29 September to Naples the third edition of the Naples Shipping Week will hold
Beyond 300 the relatori involved in the 40 events to calendar

19/09/18Investment of DFDS in order to equip of scrubber the employed ships ro-ro of the group in the Mediterranean
They will be installed on 12 ferries goods that operate on the routes that connect Turkey, Italy and France

19/09/18Gulftainer signature the contract for the management of the American port of Wilmington
Previewed investments until 600 million dollars

19/09/18In 2019 record in the Italian ports is attended a crocieristico traffic
Cemar previews that the total will be of beyond 11,5 million passengers (+5.5%)

19/09/18Minoan Lines has closed first semester 2018 with a profit after the taxes of 1,9 million euros (+11.5%)
In increase the traffic of the passengers and the vehicles enlivened from the fleet of the company

19/09/18Guido Grimaldi retort to Honored confirming the full support to the demand for revocation of the concession to Tirrenia
If our group only benefitted of the half of the distributed contribution to Tirrenia - it has denounced - could free of charge transport all the native residents and of the Sardinia between the island and the continent

18/09/18Honored Shipping complaint for defamation regarding Mauro Pili has jutted
The former deputy is accused to have place in existence a libellous campaign. Brought up also the Grimaldi group

18/09/18The AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Western has obtained the certifications ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015
The certificates are released by SGS Italy

18/09/18Mission of the port of Ravenna in Egypt
The opportunities of investment in the Italian harbour port of call will be illustrated

18/09/18Joint venture of Yangzijiang Shipbuilding and Mitsui & Co. with center to Panama hat
The objective is the development of the respective activities in the naval field

18/09/18Los Angeles is the first American port to have joined to the IPCSA
The organization has the scope to coordinate the initiatives times to integration of the Port Community System

17/09/18From the 2019 Maersk Line it will introduce a new BAF in order to cover the costs determined from the new limits on the sulfur tenor in the fuel
The company considers that such expenses could reach the two billions of dollars

17/09/18Wednesday to Ferrara will hold the national conference Smart Ports
One will hold in the inaugural day of the international event RemTech Expo

17/09/18Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of -4,3%
In the first eight months of this year 4.3% are enlivened 13,15 million teu (-)

17/09/18On 17 October to Rome the public assembly of the Confetra will hold
Topic of the encounter: "Check Up Log: the strategic infrastructures for the transport and the logistics"

17/09/18To August the Chinese marine ports have enlivened 777,7 million tons of goods (+6.5%)
The traffic of the container has been pairs to 19,2 million teu (+5.0%)

17/09/18Last month the harbour terminals of COSCO Shipping Ports have enlivened 8,7 million container (+12.2%)
In the first eight months of the 2018 traffic it has been of 64,6 million teu (+13.0%)

14/09/18Make, for the Genoa emergency not to the roof on the aids of State
Manfron: in fact the field of the road haulage is penalized strongly also

14/09/18Named Edoardo Rixi viceministro of the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports
Assignment with delegation to the Ports, logistic and construction inland navigation special

14/09/18Solidarity of the Swiss haulers to the genoese colleagues in difficulty
Room (Astag): we not only want to share the pain and the memory, but also to offer collaboration forms

14/09/18On 27 September to Naples, in the within of the Naples Shipping Week, project GAINN4CORE will be introduced
It is centralized on the definition of two of the three Italian nets for the distribution of LNG

14/09/18The division cargo of railway group Helvetic SBB CFF FFS is returned to the assets
In the first half of the 2018 result of exercise it has been of 3,4 million franchi Swiss

13/09/18Agreement of collaboration between the Union Industrial Naples and Confetra Campania
He has been undersigned today

13/09/18Moby has closed the first semester of 2018 with a net loss of -60,2 million euros
The revenues are dropped of -1,6%

13/09/18Port of Genoa, demolition of the wall that separates the areas national and international of the basin of Sampierdarena
A new road for heavy means become necessary after collapse of Morandi Bridge will be opened

13/09/18In interporto the Vespucci an activity of assemblage and refitting of car will be installed electrical workers
Consortium N.E. Mo. it will have altogether 1,500 square metres on hand

13/09/18New record historical salary of cargo on the ships that have crossed the Suez Canal
To August the cargo ability of the journeyed ship has exceeded 100 million the clean tons for the first time

13/09/18Port of Taranto, introduced observations and oppositions relatively to the demand for management of the Polisettoriale Pier advanced from Yilport
The AdSP will start the merit preliminary investigation on the request of the Turkish company

13/09/18Canadian group ATCO will acquire 40% of the capital of the Chilean Neltume Ports
The transaction will have a value of USA 340 million dollars

13/09/18The port of Singapore has marked the own new record of traffic for the August month
Last month tons of cargos (+0.6% are enlivened 53,3 million)

13/09/18Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles is diminished of -2,5%
In the first eight months of the 2018 2.6% are enlivened almost 6,0 million teu (-)

13/09/18Road show of the port of in the USA
Encounter with the operators of New York

12/09/18Global Holding Ports has signed the contract for the management of the crocieristico port of Gazenica, to Zara
To November the work for the doubling of the container will leave terminal of the Swedish port of Gävle managed from the Yilport

12/09/18Trasportounito asks that in I decree governmental for Genoa are measures in support of the road haulage
Tagnochetti: without a determined participation of the State it will not be possible to assure operating continuity of the port of Genoa and the logistic system of the North the West

12/09/18Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti write to minister Toninelli speeding up urgent measures for Genoa and its port
Already today - marked Rocchi, Piras and Tarlazzi have - us it turns out that some companies of navigation would be about to moving the traffics

12/09/18Started in the yard of Rostock the realization of the greatest cruise ship never constructed in Germany
The "Vigo Superstar" will pass from the fleet of the Cruises Star to that of the Dream Cruises

12/09/18China and Liberia renew their agreement in marine field
The ships of Liberian flag will continue to benefit of a reduction in price on the harbour taxes in case port of call in the Chinese ports

11/09/18Confetra-Invitalia encounter
Arcuri: in the within of the triennial program of support to the investment projects three projects in the field of the logistics are introduced alone

11/09/18Moby will reactivate the connection Lead-Olbia goods extending the service to the passengers
The line will be restored in the first days of the next month

11/09/18A relationship analyzes to challenges and opportunity for the determined ports of the United Kingdom from independent navigation
Ballantyne (BPA): it is time that political and businesses leader strive in order to assure that the British ports are to the head of this innovative development

11/09/18Ready a way of access directed to the basin of East of the port of Genoa dedicated to the heavy vehicles
The Authority of Harbour System is opening a new passage in correspondence of this road

10/09/18European marine the harbour industry and receives with favor the proposal to institute an only Door marine EU
It is necessary but - CLECAT, ECASBA, EMPA, ESC, ESPO, FEPORT and IPCSA specify - to clarify some ulteriorly aspects key of the proposed regulations

10/09/18Reunion of Propeller Club of Milan on the situation to Genoa after collapse of Morandi Bridge
One will hold on 18 September

10/09/18CMA CGM has concluded the second trimester with a decrease of the economic performances
In the period the fleet has transported 5,2 million container (+9.7%)

10/09/18In the first six months of the 2018 port of La Spezia it has enlivened 7,76 million tons of goods (- 2.1%)
The container has been pairs to 722 thousand teu (+1.2%)

10/09/18Fit Cisl Calabria, the institution of the AdSP of the Strait of Messina is anticipated as a mere attempt to reward localisms
Fiorenza: it is not with the constitution of another Harbour Authority that is protected and the peculiarities of the Strait of Messina are valued

10/09/18To August the traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach is diminished of -1,9%
In the first eight months of the 2018 +9.4% are enlivened 5,3 million teu ()

07/09/18The AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central tightens relations with government of Hong Kong
Encounter with organized InvestHK of understanding with the International Propeller Clubs

07/09/18Ermanno Giamberini is elected president of the new ones constituted Confetra Campania
Secretary coordinator is Giovanni Montella

07/09/18Prompt Fit Cisl urgent participations in order to throw again the activity and the occupation in the port of Gioia Tauro
Monday in program an encounter near the MIT

07/09/18The MIT announces the next institution of the AdSP of the Strait of Messina with jurisdiction on the ports of Messina, Milazzo, Reggio Calabria and Villa San Giovanni
Creation of a sixteenth Authority of Harbour System through the division of the agency previewed with center to Gioia Tauro

07/09/18Reunion on the definition of the lines guides on the formation of the pilots of the ports
It has been carried out yesterday near the General Command of the Harbour offices

07/09/18In the first seven months of this year the port of Algeciras has enlivened almost 2,8 million container (+11.4%)
Altogether the traffic of the goods is piled to 63,0 million tons (+9.6%)

06/09/18Uiltrasporti denunciation the inaction of the minister of the Transports
Tarlazzi: from the takeover of the new government we have still not been summoned, in spite of the infrastructural sollicitations and the many emergencies

06/09/18Poulsson (ICS) exhorts the UN to take into consideration the job of the IMO on the protection of the marine atmosphere
"The ships - it has emphasized - do not operate in an empty normative" and "the activities of a shipowner are not never to out of the national jurisdiction, also in open sea"

06/09/18Agreement Mercitalia Rail - PKP Cargo in order to develop to the rail shipment goods on the Corridor Baltic Sea-Adriatic
A working group will be constituted

06/09/18To July the traffic of the goods in the port of Trieste has grown of +7.9%
In the first seven months of the 2018 total it has been of 36,93 million tons (+5.3%)

05/09/18ESPO exhorts to assure puts up financings to the ports in the budget EU
The association asks also to recognize the transboundary nature of the harbour ports of call

05/09/18Convention to Treviso on the logistics the 4,0 and advantages for the companies of the East North
It is in program on 25 September

05/09/18The shippers of Livorno and Trieste exhort to safeguard the specificities of the Port local Community System
Dari and Visintin: cetralized PCS is in controtendenza regarding the experiences of the more competitive European ports

05/09/18On 12 September to Naples a convention on the diportismo in Campania
A specific study of Answers will be introduced Tourism

05/09/18To July the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa is diminished of -1,3%
In the first seven months of 2018 an increase of +3.1% is recorded

05/09/18A delegation of Alis has met the European commissioner to the Transports
Reunion yesterday to Brussels

04/09/18The Transocean Swiss will buy drilling contractor the Ocean Rig for 2,7 billion dollars
The transaction will be capacity to term in the first trimester of 2019

04/09/18Alarm for the impact of collapse of Morandi Bridge on the activity of the couriers that operate for the e-commerce
Spediporto has convened in the next few days a technical encounter with companies

04/09/18New trisettimanale railway service between Milan and Monaco
It will connect the terminal of Melzo of the Contship group with the Riem Terminal

04/09/18AssArmatori asks an interdepartmental table equipped for extraordinary powers in order to face the emergency of after Morandi Bridge
Messina: "it must be clearly to that, if Genoa goes in crisis, it is the entire system Country to pay of the consequences"

04/09/18Suspended strike of the ferries in Greece
Union PNO chip ax the proposal of an increase of 2% of the marine salaries of the offer from the SEEN

04/09/18Deterioration of the economic results of Chinese group COSCO Shipping in according to trimester
In the period the fleet of portacontainer has trsaportato 6,0 million teu (+12.9%)

03/09/18Agreement of HPH Trust with Chinese CEL in the within of the Belt and Road Initiative
It previews the development of intermodal activities and a logistics center

03/09/18Gianluigi Castelli is the new president of the Union Internationale DES Chemins de fer
He is president of Italian Railroads of the State

03/09/18In the first half of the 2018 harbour terminal of the Chinese group CMPort they have enlivened 53,8 million container (+7.3%)
In the segment of the bulk the traffic has been of 250 million tons (+0.6%)

03/09/18Course of the Italian Academy of Marina Mercantile for apprentice officers of covered and car
120 young people will be admitted altogether

03/09/18To Genoa encounter union-Customs in order to face the emergency of after "Parodi Bridge"
Examined the contingent and problematic problems the internal ones to the Agency

03/09/18Confetra F.V.G., the regional logistic system is ready in order to tackle to the new rules of the foreign trade
Visintin: the current class of shippers meticulously is selected by the events of last the 20 years

03/09/18Tomorrow to Olbia a project on the limitation of the sonorous pollution in the ports will be introduced
It previews the monitoring of the levels of traffic and noise in the harbour ports of call and the main road arteries

31/08/18Federagenti confides that the M5S/Lega government will not prohibit the income of the great cruise ships in the Lagoon of Venice
Saints (Venetian Assoagenti): the traffic of the crocieristi affects less of 5% the total of the tourists who invade the city daily

31/08/18Port of Genoa, initiatives for velocizzare the procedures and tackling to the emergency caused from collapse of the Morandi viaduct
Banchero (Assagenti) denunciation the furtiveness of the organs of government, from which - it emphasizes - we are receiving alone silences on the urgent provisions, intolerable against what we are enduring

31/08/18Seven companies form a consortium with the scope to increase the performances and the environmental efficiency of the portacontainer
Sono Zaitoun Green Shipping, Wärtsilä, MacGregor, Carina Solutions, WinGD, MHI-MME and GTT

31/08/18In the first half of this Hupac year record of 439 thousand has enlivened an intermodal traffic shipments
The transalpine traffic has grown of +8.3% and that not transalpine of +6.5%

30/08/18Kalmar will increase the height of four cranes STS operated from French GMP in the port of the Havre
The work will be started in the third trimester of this year

30/08/18Agreement between the AdSP of the Southern Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Centro Settentrionale for the development of the intermodal corridor between the two regions
A permanent working group will be instituted

30/08/18To the GNV fleet the notation Digital Ship of the RINA is conferred
It is dedicated to I use it of the digital technologies on the ships

30/08/18Filt Cgil Genoa: not to exceptions to the norms on the times of guide and rest of the haulers
Denounced the risks for safety of the workers and the users of the road

30/08/18Kuehne + Nagel will centralize to Amburgo the direction of own activities in Europe
To Bremen the center of Kuehne + Nagel Germany

29/08/18Assotir asks participations on the tolls and the times for guide in order to face the emergency after collapse of Morandi Bridge
It is urgent - the association emphasizes - the search of a solution in order to alleviate the uneasiness of the haulers

29/08/18In the first half of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Livorno has grown of +7.1%
The harbour port of call has recorded uina bending of the -2,2% of the enlivened volumes

29/08/18Collapse of Morandi Bridge, Assoporti invites to annul the anchor duties in order to reduce the impact on the port of Genoa
The association suggests also to reduce the octrois on the fuel for operating means of the terminals

29/08/18Totally operating to Livorno a new system of surveillance of crosses harbour
Controlled all means and the people in transit

29/08/18After eight consecutive trimesters of increase, down the international commerce of goods of the G20
In according to trimester of this year export it has marked the -0,6% and import -0,9%

29/08/18Chinese CIMC records an increase of the sales of container and the economic results
In the period April-june the revenues have grown of +29.9%

28/08/18Agreement between the Japanese Mitsubishi Shipbuilding and MHPS and WHO of Chinese group COSCO for the production of scrubber
They will have rectangular form and they will be constructed in the plant of Dalian

28/08/18Actual understanding IT - CargoX in order to introduce the technology blockchain in the field of the harbour logistics
Solution for the simplification of the emission and the management of bills of lading

28/08/18New agreement of Fincantieri with Chinese CSSC in order to widen their collaboration to all the segments of the mercantile shipbuilding
A combined working group will be constituted

28/08/18Genting Hong Kong has closed the sixth consecutive semester in loss
The revenues of the crocieristico and navalmeccanico group are increased of +46.0%

27/08/18The port of Conakry will be managed by the Turkish group Albayrak
Contract of concession of the duration 25-year-old

27/08/18Trasportounito, a situated retroportualità to 70 km does not resolve the state of emergency of the connections of the port of Genoa
The association asks to characterize areas of refuel/defuel for the trucks in presses of the harbour perimeter

27/08/18After collapse of Morandi Bridge it does not seem diminished the confidence of the world-wide companies of navigation in confronts of the port of Genoa
The marine carriers continue to make to regularly reach own ships in the capital of Liguria

27/08/18In the first six months of this year the terminals of COSCO Shipping Ports have enlivened 56,7 million container (+26.5%)
The company has closed the period with a profit clearly to 195,9 million dollars (- 51.4%)

24/08/18Agreement between WinGD, Wärtsilä and GTT in order to promote the use of the GNL as fuel for the ships
The objective is to accelerate the employment of this type of fuel

24/08/18Reunion in order to diminish the impact of collapse of Morandi Bridge on the activity of the port of Genoa
Al job table participates AdSp, Customs, Confindustria, shippers, shipping agents and the other operators

24/08/18Alarm to Bremen for the possible transfer in the port of Amburgo of the services ocean-going liners of THE Alliance
The cut of tenth of the traffic volume an anniversary is shown

24/08/18Down the traffic of the goods in the ports of the Southern Adriatic
To Brindisi the bending has been of the -19,8% and to Bari of -3,1%

23/08/18In the first six months of the 2018 traffic in the port of Amburgo it is diminished of -4,9%
In according to trimester the decrease it has been of -2,3%

23/08/18Project in order to realize a port container in Libya
According to the forecasts, the first phase will become operating in 2022

23/08/18Ship Finance International has bought three portacontainer from 10.600 teu constructed in 2015
The society clearly has archived item the second trimester of this year with a profit of 15,8 million dollars (- 21.6%)

22/08/18In according to trimester of the 2018 Zim Israeli it is incurred in a net loss of -33,2 million dollars
The revenues are increased of +7.7%. The fleet has transported 772 thousand container (+17.1%)

22/08/18To the commissioners who manage the emergency infrastructures goes conferred a power in exception total from the Code of the Contracts
It supports the president of the AdSP of the Sea of Western Sicily, than - referring to the procedures - he asserts: "we cut via all"

22/08/18Collapse of Morandi Bridge, the next days - the C.I.S.Co emphasizes. - they will be crucial in order to plan the new practicability
The Council wishes that Freeways for Italy put to dispositions the data of the East-West traffic in order better to study possible the road alternatives

22/08/18Visit to the port of Livorno of the general secretary of ESPO
The next year the association of the European ports will hold own conference anniversary in the Leighorn city

22/08/18Carnival tightens an agreement in order to realize a new terminal cruises in the port of Port Canaveral
They will be able to land ships to you from 180.000 tons of tonnage

21/08/18In increase the traffic of the goods in the ports of Barcelona and Valencia in the first seven months of 2018
Recorded increments respective of +15.9% and +1.5%

21/08/18Saipem has adjudicated contracts for about 700 million dollars
They regard the second phase of the development of the reservoir Liza in Guyana and the expansion of the ability to headquarters in the Republic of the Congo

21/08/18Collapse of Morandi Bridge will increase the cost of the road haulage of six million to the month
The preliminary esteem is of Trasportounito

21/08/18Singamas, supported increment of the production and sale of container
In the first six months of the 2018 revenues they have grown of +62.9%

20/08/18Agreement between the government of Nairobi and group MSC for I throw again of Kenya National Shipping Line
He has been undersigned thursday

20/08/18Régional Lines Container closes according to trimester in loss
The transported containerized cargo volumes from the fleet have grown of +8.3%

20/08/18Prompt AssArmatori the State to put into effect four measures in order to tackle to the emergency caused from collapse of the Morandi viaduct
Asked also the nomination for an equipped extraordinary commissioner of extraordinary powers and in a position to placing in being special procedures

20/08/18Agreement Maersk - Vopak for the supply of bunker cleaned in the port of Rotterdam
The Dutch terminalista group has closed the first semester with a profit clearly of 140,2 million euros (- 7%)

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