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20 May 2018 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 16:08 GMT+2

18/05/2018Lombardic (Federation of the Sea): necessary a dedicated ministry or a specific unit for the marine field
There is need - it has emphasized - of a greater effectiveness in the political adoption and the legislative and administrative performance of the decisions
ABB Marine Solutions

18/05/2018Minoan Lines has closed the first trimester with a profit clearly of 1,7 million euros
The revenues are piled to 15,5 million euros
Est Europea Servizi Terminalistici

18/05/2018Hapag-Lloyd will restore the ports of call to the port of Salerno of the service weekly magazine MCA
The line connects Montreal with the main ports of call of the north-western Mediterranean

18/05/2018The Palumbo group has acquired 14% of the capital of the Viktor Lenac ship yard
Bought 2.360.002 sets in action of the Croatian society

18/05/2018Last year the traffic of the goods in the French ports has grown of +6.7%
The cargos to the disembarkation are increased of +8.2% and those to the boarding of +4.0%

18/05/2018AssArmatori emphasizes the right of the companies of navigation, established from the norms, of "autoprodurre" harbour operations
The shipowning association manifest "flood will and availability to discuss the implementing modalities about this right"

17/05/2018It continues the strong increase of the containerized trade in the port of Barcelona
To April +27.1% are enlivened 258 thousand teu ()

17/05/2018Still a mortal incident in a port
Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti have proclaimed in order tomorrow to 17,30 hours the contemporary arrest warrant in all the ports

17/05/2018In 2017 group RINA it has recorded decreases of the -2,5% of the revenues and the -5,2% of the EBITDA
In increase the results in the segment marine

17/05/2018Corsica Ferries will commission the construction of two ships fed to GNL
They will have a cargo ability of 2.200 passengers and 700 vehicles

17/05/2018The new Italian Authorities of Harbour System in footbridge to Transport Logistic China
The new agencies have for the first time introduced the public of Far East

17/05/2018Two prizes of bachelor for the best theses on the crocieristico section
They will be assigned by Answers Turismo and Assoporti in the within of the Italian Cruise Day

17/05/2018Green light of the Italian government to I decree in order to adapt the national ordering on the marine job to that EU
Widening of the system of the protections

17/05/2018In the first three months of the 2018 harbour terminal of HHLA they have enlivened 1,82 million container (+2.6%)
In the intermodal field the traffic has been of 350 thousand teu (- 5.3%)

17/05/2018In first trimester A.P. Møller-Maersk has recorded an increment of the loss from the running activities
Skou: the part of business of the marine transport, in particular. it has given turned out unsatisfactory

16/05/2018Rise of the quarterly economic results of the Containerships Finn
The volumes transported in the Baltic Sea and the Sea of the North have grown of +16%, in the Mediterranean are increased of +23%

16/05/2018Assotir, increases of the octrois on the diesel oil and the Vat would inflict a hard blow to the road haulage
The association has manifested worry also for the current phase of political stall

16/05/2018Evergreen clearly has archived item the first trimester with a decrease of the -90,6% of the economic result
The revenues have grown of +8.9%. Rise of the results of Wan Hai Lines

16/05/2018Last month the Chinese marine ports have enlivened 765,4 million tons of goods (+5.7%)
In the first four months of the 2018 total it has been of 2.975, 5 million tons (+3.3%), of which 1,218, 8 million tons of exchanges with foreign country (+2.9%)

16/05/2018Spirit (Central Tyrrhenian AdSP) has introduced to Shanghai the birth of the ZES of the Campania Region
To November a fair on the import-export Chinese

16/05/2018Hyundai Merchant Marine has closed the first trimester with a net loss of about -163 million dollars
The revenues are dropped of the -14,6% to a billion of dollars

15/05/2018On the ships of the GNV devices for the treatment of the organic refusals are installed
The Ecodyger systems allow to reduce in sustainable and economic way the organic refuse until 90% of their weight and volume

15/05/2018Corsini (Northern Tyrrhenian AdSP): the harbour system and of the transports is essential for the creation of a euromediterranea community
Delivered a position paper to the president of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani

15/05/2018Agreement DHL - Rail Group Cargo in order to develop the rail shipment between China and Europe
The objective is to shorten the time of distance from 1/2 - 14 days to 10 days within 2020

15/05/2018The Greek Star Bulk has bought all the 15 to rinfusiere of the Songa Norwegian Bulk
Acquired also three new ships under construction near Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding

15/05/2018Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of -9,3%
In the first quadrimestre of this year the decrease has been of -2,8%

15/05/2018To new April peak historical salary of the total of the cargo on the ships journeyed in the Suez Canal
The record is established thanks to the absolute maximum of cargos on the ships journeyed in the direction north-south

15/05/2018Agreement Carnival - Meraas for the development of the crocieristiche activities to Dubay
In 2020 a traffic of a million passengers is previewed

15/05/2018To April the traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach has been pairs to 618 thousand teu (+10.8%)
In the first four months of the 2018 they are enlivened beyond 2,5 million containers (+17.2%)

15/05/2018Silversea Cruises has ordered to Fincantieri the construction of a cruise ship hooligan-dislocates
Fincantieri Australia signs a memorandum of understanding with the Titomic Australian, specialized in prints 3D of the metals

14/05/2018To March the port of Genoa has established the own new record absolute salary of containerized trade
Reunion in order to discuss about the recent cases of self-handler of the operations of rizzaggio and derizzaggio

14/05/2018Global Holding Ports records turned out quarterly in increase
In the first three months of this year the crocieristico traffic has been of 445 thousand fleeting (+6.3%)

14/05/2018Initiative of Federagenti in order to signal the plastic islands in the Mediterranean
Gian Enzo Duci confirmed to the presidency of the Federation for a biennium

14/05/2018Renouncing to attract traffics that could pass for the national ports - Spediporto denunciation - Italy it loses 7,1 billion euros
Agreement with the local authorities and the representatives of the road haulage in order to increase the efficiency of the port of Genoa

14/05/2018Last month the containerized trade in the port of Singapore has grown of +4.4%
Bending of the other cargo types

14/05/2018Hapag-Lloyd has closed the first trimester of 2018 with a net loss of -34,3 million euros
The fleet of the German company has transported 2,86 million container (+47.9%)

11/05/2018Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and the Uiltrasporti, highest the adhesion to strike in the Italian ports
It is - they have emphasized the unions - an initial much determined one and which convinced answer by the harbour and marine workers

11/05/2018Yang Ming has archived item the first trimester with a net loss of about -67 million dollars
The fleet of portacontainer of the company has transported 1,22 million teu (+9%)

11/05/2018Marcucci (Confetra): not to a Ministry of the Sea, best to strengthen the role of cross-sectional planning of the MIT
To the great international investor - it has found - it interests to speak about ports only if entirety is discussed about railroad in dock, of last mile, connections with retroporti and to interpose to you

11/05/2018To April the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles is diminished of -1,3%
They are enlivened 705 thousand teu

11/05/2018Duci: with the investments foreign countries in the harbour, marine field and logistic Italian is not in existence a colonization
The president of Federagenti explains because in his opinion they constitute a positive contribution

11/05/2018Instituted the Agency of the Harbour Job of the Sardinia
Shortly the training courses for the former workers of the Harbour Company

10/05/2018Joint venture Cargotec - JCE in the segment of means for solid bulk handling
It is realized with the fusion of the branches Bruks and Siwertell

10/05/2018With strike tomorrow in the Italian ports the ships will endure delays of 24 hours to the departure
They have specified Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti having remembered the motivations of the abstention from the job

10/05/2018Convention of Assologistica on the logistics and infrastructures in the optical of Industry 4.0
One will hold on 16 May to Milan

10/05/2018Agreement between six taiwanesi groups of the marine, logistic and harbour field
New Southbound has the scope to support the governmental plan Policy

10/05/2018Eureka Shipping becomes joint venture joint CSL Group - SMT Shipping
Investment of the Canadian group in order to increase the presence in the segment of the marine transport of materials from construction

10/05/2018The EU finances the modernization of the Albanian railway line that connects Tirana with the port of Durrës
Resources also in order to carry the railroads until the airport of the vital Albanian

10/05/2018The REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT has rejected the resource of AP of Venice in order to block the terminal project cruises of Duferco and DP Consulting
The court has established among other things that the societies were legitimized, in proposing qualities of private subjects, to activate the procedure VIA

09/05/2018Encounter of Confartigianato in order to face the problems of the road haulage in the port of Ancona
Next friday will hold

09/05/2018Started a project in order to in the Adriatic improve the intermodal services on the operating marine connections
Kick-off meeting near the Authority of Harbour System of the Sea Adriatic Northern

09/05/2018The harbour terminals of ICTSI have enlivened a quarterly traffic container record
The Philippine company has closed the first three months of 2018 with a profit clearly to 50,9 million dollars (- 11.6%)

09/05/2018Renewed the council of Lab Container, association that approaches to art and logistics
President is Riccardo Fuochi

09/05/2018Agreement of Switzerland-Italy collaboration between the associations of the road haulage Astag and Trasportounito
To september a meeting will hold bilateral in order to face the thematic ones of the field

09/05/2018ESPO restates that a single standing charge for the bestowal in the ports of the refusals of the ships is not online with the principle "who pollutes wage"
The association of the European ports proposes to fix a quantitative limit to refusals covered from the fixed tax

09/05/2018To Livorno a formative project in order to reduce the risks of accident in port
It is turned also the operators of the ports of call of Piombino, Marina di Carrara and La Spezia

09/05/2018The arrest warrant of the road haulage to Salerno proclaimed from YOU MAKE induces Grimaldi launch new accusations to Honored
Exposed of the shipowning group a Neapolitan denunciation a presumed boycotting put into effect from Tirrenia

09/05/2018Rise of the traffic of the goods in the Swiss ports on the Rhine
Handling of the container has been pairs to 31.860 teu (+48.3%)

09/05/2018Logistic group American C.H. Robinson will activate railway services between China and Europe
They will connect nine terminal in the Asian nation with eight European cities

08/05/2018The unions have signed a protocol of transnational cooperation for the Eurokai workers
The understanding includes the opposition on the trade-union and political plan to every initiative of self-handler

08/05/2018Approved of consuntivo budget 2017 of the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro
New mobile scanner to x-rays for the controls of the goods in port

08/05/2018Triton previews that the positive phase of the market of the leasing of the container will continue in the next few months
The society clearly has archived item the first trimester with a profit of 82,9 million dollars (+128.3%)

08/05/2018It continues the trend of increase of the results of the charter of Textainer container
Brewer: in order to take advantage of the interesting market conditions we are continuing with our investments

08/05/2018Alberto Banchero is reconfirmed president of the genoese shipping agents for the next biennium
Renewed the council of Assagenti

08/05/2018First positive trimester for Finnlines
In increase turned out economic and enlivened volumes of traffic from the fleet

08/05/2018Quarterly decrease of the orders for the construction of ships to the Fincantieri group
In the first three months of the 2018 revenues of the Italian company they are increased of +11%

08/05/2018Shipowning group MSC will manage a new container terminal in the port of Khalifa
Abu Dhabi Ports will acquire having remained 50% of the capital of Abu Dhabi Terminals

07/05/2018TT-Linen confirmation the order to German yard FSG for the construction of two new ferries
The store clerk has a total value of 438 million euros

07/05/2018In the first three months of this year the Spanish ports have enlivened 135,2 million tons of goods (+6.2%)
The container is increased of +12.1%, with a +17.8% of the boxes in transit and a +6.6% of traffic of import, national export and

07/05/2018DP World signs an agreement with Egypt in order to realize a dry port to Cairo
Saturday is recorded a number of transits of ships record in the Suez Canal

07/05/2018Ready the new passenger terminal in the port of Limassol
It is managed by the branch Cypriot of the DP World group of Dubay

07/05/2018Inaugurated the second terminal cruises of the Carnival group in the port of Barcelona
This year the group American will carry in the Catalan port of call beyond a million passengers

07/05/2018Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti have confirmed the day of strike in all 11 the Italian ports of May
Protest for the happened cases of self-handler in the ports of call

07/05/2018Vincenzo Bellomo is new president of the Union Piloti
The association emphasizes that the release of the pilotage licence must remain indispensable element for the exercise of the profession

07/05/2018The genoese shipping agents emphasize the importance of the industry of the cruises
Banchero: it is the only field of the port of Genoa with a cross-sectional impact on almost all the spheres, from that economic one to that social and that cultural one

07/05/2018Tirrenia active the two new lines ro-ro Catania-Naples and Malta-Naples
Programmed three departures weeklies magazine

07/05/2018Agreement of partnership in the segment of shipbuilding the naval civilian between Japanese Tsuneishi and MES
It among other things previews the sharing of the human resources and the productive abilities

04/05/2018ESPO invites the European institutions not to carry out cuts to the equipment proposal financial institution for program CEF
Ryckbost: we must convince the Parliament and the Member States that the budget for transport of the CEF is to the service of all the fields and all the policies

04/05/2018In the first trimester of the 2018 traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna it is piled to 6,29 million tons (+1.2%)
In increase goods several (+1.3%) and solid bulk (+1.9%). Light decrease (- 0.8%) of the liquid bulk

04/05/2018Fincantieri Australia orders propellers of positioning for the cruise ships to the Australian Hofmann Engineering
Costello: the Australian shipbuilding industry can participate to highly competitive a total market and have happened

04/05/2018To Genoa an Observatory is constituted of the Road haulage
Between the tasks, to verify that the companies apply National Contratto Logistic Transport Goods and Shipment

04/05/2018The group Cosulich Siblings has acquired 50% of house Tecnoservice the shipment
The company has center to Ghedi (Brescia) and offices to Verona and Marghera

04/05/2018Monti announces the decision to let out the AdSP of the Sea of Western Sicily from Assoporti
The resolution - it has explained - "is irrevocable and is yields of a reflection deepened on the objectives and the strategy that would have to set the association"

04/05/2018In the first three months of this year the port of New York - New Jersey has enlivened 1,7 million container (+9.6%)
In increase the traffic is of the container full that of those empty ones

03/05/2018After four exercises in loss, Interporto Toscano Amerigo Vespucci has closed 2017 with a positive result
Increment of +7% of the transits of the vehicles to crosses and +17% in the number of the trains in arrival and departure

03/05/2018In the first trimester of Friend International Shipping it has recorded a net loss of -3,6 million dollars
Stable the revenues Time base charter

03/05/2018Concluded the mission of Propeller Italian Clubs to Malta
A narrow delegation has met the Maltese Prime Minister

03/05/2018Inaugurated the new turkmen port of Turkmenbashy, that it is the greatest port of call of the Sea Caspian
It is able to enliven 17-18 million tons of goods per year

03/05/2018Launched to Flensburg before two ordered twin ships ro-ro from Honored Shipping
It will be introduced in the fleet of the Tirrenia di Navigazione that will employ it in the Mediterranean

03/05/2018Navigated Response upgrades own Network with agreements of partnership in Italy and Nigeria
Started a collaboration with the teams guided by Riccardo Masnata and Adedayo Ojo

03/05/2018Seaspan Corporation has closed the first trimester with a profit clearly of 67,7 million dollars (+69.2%)
The revenues have grown of +11.7%

03/05/2018The producer of crane Konecranes records a decrease of the economic results and the orders
First trimester 2018 in increase for the American Terex Corporation

03/05/2018Saturday to Taranto will hold the eleventh national assembly of the Union Pilots
In program the election of the new president and its vice ones

02/05/2018Sensitive quarterly increment of cargos transported from the fleet of the OOCL and the relative revenues
In the first three months of this year the turnover of the company has been pairs to 1,39 billion dollars (+16.3%)

02/05/2018Renewed the board of directors of the Toremar
Confirmed to the summit Dapelo and Savelli

02/05/2018Positive performances quarterly financial institutions of the group Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings
In the first three months of this year revenues are recorded record

02/05/2018Assigned Stella al Merito of the Job to commander Scotto Di Vettimo
It works with the shipowning group Messina from 1975

02/05/2018Green light of the EU commission to the plan of restructure of the shipowning society Croatian Jadroplov
It previews aids for about 14,2 million euros

02/05/2018Training course for Cruise organized Consultant from the Academy of Marina Mercantile
Financed by the Liguria Region, it will be carried out in collaboration with MSC Cruises

02/05/2018In the 2017 Hupac it has increased turnover and profits
Bertschi: without the supplement of resources place in existence from the company and the flexibility and efficiency of our collaborators, in this difficult year of exercise the performance would have been much worse

02/05/2018In 2017 the camionistico and railway traffic in the Interporto of Bologna has grown
Decrease of the trains in the first trimester of this year

02/05/2018Costamare clearly has archived item the first trimester with a profit of 19,2 million dollars (- 16.7%)
The revenues are diminished of -12,1%

02/05/2018The intermodal operator Helvetic Hupac will buy railway society German ERS Railways
The acquisition will include 47% of the capital of the boxXpress

02/05/2018Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti against the lay-offs in Fedex and TNT
The unions have announced that they will propose an alternative plan to that official notice from the two companies

30/04/2018Shadows and lights on the road of the naval division of Bureau Veritas
The first three months of the 2018 have been archived item with a bending of the economic results, but it continues the increase of the new orders

30/04/2018The cost of the fuel hung on economic account 2017 of the shipowning group Greek Attica
Ok of the Greek authority antitrust to the acquisition of ulterior a 48.53% of the capital of the Hellenic Seaways Maritime

30/04/2018Vard will construct a ship posacavi for the Prysmian group
The value of the contract is of about 170 million euros

30/04/2018Rise of the economic results of the company of Scandlines navigation
Exercise 2017 has been archived item with a profit clearly of 88 million euros (+9%)

30/04/2018Decrease of the quarterly results of the Global Ship Lease
The first three months of the 2018 have been closed with a profit clearly of 5,0 million dollars (- 34.4%)

30/04/2018In the first three months of the 2018 fleet of portacontainer of the COSCO Shipping Lines it has transported 5,2 million teu (+11.8%)
Decrease of the -10,0% of the volumes on the routes between Asia and Mediterranean Europe/

30/04/2018Chinese CIMC obtains optimal quarterly results in the field of the container production
The container sales dry and reefer are increased respective of +20.6% and +187.5%

30/04/201811 May to Porto Cervo the assembly will hold anniversary of Federagenti
The next day the fourth edition of the "Forum of the possible luxury" will be carried out

27/04/2018Approval of Assonave, Assologistica, Assiterminal, Confitarma, Federpesca and Ucina to the sollicitation to institute a Ministry of the Sea
It rejects: Confindustria wishes that the next government wants to institute a ministry ad hoc

27/04/2018Fincantieri has delivered the cruise ship extra-dislocates Seabourn Ovation to the Seabourn
It can accommodate 600 passengers

27/04/2018The new tower pilots of the port of Genoa will be realized in front of the pavilion B of the exhibition area
Approved of unanimously consuntivo budget 2017 of the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Western

27/04/2018Ok unanimous to budget 2017 of the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Centrale
Remainder of management of 6,7 million euros

27/04/2018Approved of consuntivo budget 2017 of the former Harbour Authorities of Livorno and Piombino
The Committee of management has approved of also the relation on the activity carried out in 2017

27/04/2018In the first trimester of this year the port of Trieste has enlivened 161,316 container (+17.6%)
The total traffic of the goods has been of beyond 15,0 million tons (+3.6%)

27/04/2018MSC and Royal Caribbean detail their proposal of project financing for the management of the cruises to
Roncallo: "we want to reach as soon as possible at the close of the first phase"

27/04/2018In 2017 Moby Lines it has tripled the profits that are gone up to 24 million euros
The revenues have been pairs to 586 million euros (+9%)

27/04/2018Coast signs an agreement with the port of Marseilles in topic of atmosphere and naval supplies
The initiative includes project of formation for officials of navigation and officials of car

27/04/2018The charter of CAI International container has recorded turned out quarterly records
In the first three months of the 2018 profit clearly it is piled to 17,1 million dollars (+225.1%)

27/04/2018The Grimaldi group has ordered to the Jinling yard the construction of six hybrid ships ro-ro
The total investment will pile to beyond 400 million dollars

27/04/2018Approved of the first annual budget of the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Meridionale
Unanimous opinion of the Committee of management and the Organism of partnership

27/04/2018The Japanese "K" Line and NYK have closed exercise 2017 with a profit, while the compatriot MOL has recorded a loss
Revenues in increase respective of +12.8%, +13.5% and +9.8%. Improvement of the results in the segment of the container

26/04/2018Shipping agents and shippers spezzini ask approached the cabin for direction of from Liguria harbour system
For the ports of La Spezia and Marina di Carrara the association Port Community La Spezia demands benefits from the financings to the pairs of Genoa and Savona

26/04/2018Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti announce for 11 May a strike of 24 hours in all the Italian ports
Decided a phase of mobilization on the issues of safety and the self-handler

26/04/2018Signed the agreement for the European financing of 37 million euros to the Harbour project "Hub of Ravenna"
On 28 February the project has concluded autorizzativo own iter

26/04/2018Honored Shipping, on ours 60 ships, clappers Italian flag, the crews are of Italian nationality with Italian employment contract
They make exception - specific the company - four units not of property and rented with Time contract charter

26/04/2018Poulsson (ICS): the cut of 50% of the emissions of co2 of the shipping within 2050 is a objective indeed much ambitious
Restated the contrarietà of the shipowners to that Measures based on the market are applied

26/04/2018Stable the financial results of Royal Caribbean Cruises in the first trimester of this year
Previewed an ulterior increase in the entire 2018 with good perspectives also for the next year

26/04/2018Adjudicated the contest for the planning of the Town development plan of the port of Monfalcone
It is won by costituenda the Rti formed from Modimar, SJS Engineering and Archest

26/04/2018Traffic of the container in increase of +7.3% in the terminals of DP World
In the first three months of this year +7.3% are enlivened 17,6 million teu ()

26/04/2018In the first trimester of the 2018 port of Algeciras it has enlivened beyond 1,1 million container (+13.0%)
Altogether the traffic of the goods has been of 26,5 million tons (+12.0%)

26/04/2018Forty-three European associations ask for transport more deep for the EU
Evidenced the necessity to increase the community budget for program CEF in the within of the next QFP in order to facilitate the completion of the central net IT TRY

24/04/2018Ok to consuntivo budget 2017 of the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Centro Settentrionale
It is approved of unanimously by the Committee of management

24/04/2018The Committee of management of the AdSP of the Sea of Sardinia has approved of statement and relation anniversary 2017
Concluded the phase of start up of the new harbour agency

24/04/2018Confitarma evidences to the parliamentarians the specificities and the importance of national the shipowning industry
Audition near the special Commission of Chamber and Senate

24/04/2018Bending of the financial results of the means producer of Cargotec handling
In the first trimester of the 2018 value of the new orders it has been of 863 million euros (+1%)

24/04/2018Project in order to realize a corridor which monitored between port and interporto of Trieste
The objective is to increase the operating abilities to the entire regional logistic system

24/04/2018Approved of budget 2017 of Marine Stations Spa
The exercise has been archived item with a profit clearly of 647 thousand euros (- 23.0%)

24/04/2018AssArmatori has had a first encounter with the DG MOVES of the EU commission
Illustrated the objectives of the new Italian shipowning association

24/04/2018Fincantieri has delivered to Marina Militare Italiana the frigate multirole Federico Martinengo
It is seventh of a series of 10 units FREMM

24/04/2018In increase the results of Wärstilä Corporation in the naval field
The Finnish group has closed the first trimester of this year with a profit clearly of 57 million euros (+6%)

24/04/2018DBA Progetti will acquire S.J.S. Engineering, society specialized in the planning of harbour works
Currently the company of Rome is engaged in projects for the Saudi port of Dammam and the Italian ports

24/04/2018Agreement for the improvement of the connections of the ports of Livorno and Piombino with the transeuropea railway net TRIES
In next the 20 years the Tuscany Region will put 200 million euros of Italian Railway Net on hand

24/04/2018The field of air shipments hauls the increase of the results of the logistic group Kuhne + Nagel
The Helvetic company has archived item the first trimester of 2018 with a profit of 184 million franchi clearly Swiss (+11.5%)

24/04/2018The robotics, with applications in marine within, in the middle of events to Livorno and Rome
Today in the Tuscany city "Robosoft 2018" has been opened, while last week in the Capital the introductory workshop to "Seafuture 2018" has held

24/04/2018Saipem has closed the first trimester of this year with a net loss of -2 million euros
The revenues are diminished of -15,4%

23/04/2018Fifth edition of continuous the professional training course of Propeller Club of Salerno
Initiative in partnership with Italian Navy League Section of Salerno and Salerno Marine Station

23/04/2018Understanding in order to assure the prosecuzione of the activity of the ship yard of Liberty Lines to Trapani
Monti: we have asked for the occupational repercussions

23/04/2018Filt, Fit and Uilt protest for the cessation of the service of the TTT Lines that leaves at home 170 marine ones
We are determined - the unions emphasize - to save the job of the marine ones and the accessory activities

23/04/2018The associations of the Italian marine-harbour cluster protest for the presumed procedure of infraction EU
Undersigned a combined declaration

23/04/2018The yielding of the railway line to Rastatt has caused to losses for the railway logistic chain pairs to beyond two billions of euro
It evidences a study commissioned from ERFA, NEE and UIRR

23/04/2018From the 25 on 27 April to Malta the fourth mission of the Italian marine cluster
It is promoted and organized by the The International Propeller Clubs of Italy

23/04/2018German ship yard FSG delays the delivery of the new ferry ordered from Irish Ferries
The navigation company has cancelled programmed crossings with the ship to July

23/04/2018In the first three months of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice has grown of +9.6%
The crocieristi have been beyond 26 thousand (+290.1%)

23/04/2018The EU commission starts an investigation on the loan bridge of 900 million euros that the Italian State has granted to Alitalia
Ulterior assessments in order to verify if the loan constitutes an aid of prohibited State or satisfy the conditions previewed from the guidelines for the rescue loans

23/04/2018Trasportounito denunciation an increase of the costs of the road haulage pairs to 1,2 billion euros per year
According to the association, every industrial vehicle turns out burdened from an increment of the costs pairs to 4.092 euros

23/04/2018The marine broker Clarksons nozzle a profit warning
I attended in the first semester and entire the 2018 inferior results to those of the exercise precedence

20/04/2018Adjudicated the concession of an area of the dock Church/Taliercio of the port naval of Carrara
Dario Perioli is assigned to the marine agency

20/04/2018On 21 May to Genoa a convention on the new Customs Code of the European Union
It is organized from the genoese section of the Italian Association Young Lawyers

20/04/20188 May to Venice a convention on "Ports and enterprises of the Gulf of Venice in the One Belt One Road"
It is organized from the The International Propeller Club Port of Venice

20/04/2018The Harbour Authorities of Naples and Salerno have closed exercise 2017 with a remainder of management of beyond eight million euro
Spirit: the reform of the governance harbour goes considered as an opportunity to pick totally

20/04/2018In the field of the containerized marine transport more and more cargos will be sent with direct services of line
It previews the Shanghai International Shipping Institute

20/04/2018In the first three months of the 2018 port of Valencia it has enlivened almost 1,2 million container (+8.2%)
The total traffic of the goods is piled to 16,2 million tons (+4.3%)

20/04/2018Also contrary Assiterminal to the eventual demand EU to recover considered taxes due from the Harbour Authorities
Becce: they are debatable much and us the accusations which moved from the DG Competition recently seem erroneous EU

20/04/2018CMA CGM will acquire a participation of 25% about in the logistic group CEVA
The logistic company will launch an initial public offer on the securities market SIX Swiss Exchange

20/04/2018Grendi, Bogazzi, Port of Carrara and Euan Lonmon have constituted ProCargo Line Tunisia
The next month the new company of navigation will activate the Marine line of Carrara-Cagliari-Tunisia

19/04/2018In the first trimester the crocieristico traffic to Malta is diminished of -18,2%
To the TV assistant 17 white ships are landed

19/04/2018The next year the conference anniversary of the European Sea Ports Organisation will hold to Livorno
Corsini: it is the acknowledgment to the job that is made during the last few years in order to project to international level the image of the port of Livorno

19/04/2018The quota Chinese railway traffic goods international is meager, but it is growing
Reunion of Propeller Club of Milan

19/04/2018Meyer Werft has delivered the new cruise ship Norwegian Bliss to the Norwegian Cruise Line
The unit, of 167.800 tons of tonnage, has an ability to 3.998 passengers

19/04/2018One thousand places of job with the realization of the Europe Platform in the port of Livorno
The next week the commission of contest for the analysis of the offers for the planning of the marine structures of defense and the dredgings will meet

19/04/2018Confirmed Luca Vitiello president of Assorimorchiatori
The assembly of the association has renewed the directive council

19/04/2018The 27 and 28 April to Sorrento will hold "the two Days of Alis"
I confront on the new projects and the development of more and more sustainable and efficient modalities of transport

19/04/2018The port of Rotterdam has closed the first trimester with a decrease of the -1,2% of the traffic
Increase of the container. Bending of the other goods several, the solid bulk and the crude oil

19/04/2018The ANCIP is associated to the initiative against the possible demand EU to recover taxes not poured from the AdSP for the collection of the canons
"With these demands - it has emphasized the National Association Companies Harbour Enterprises - Europe would interfere on the managerial and administrative model of the Italian ports"

19/04/2018In the first three months of the 2018 new orders to group ABB they have grown of +16.3%
The period has been archived item with a profit clearly of 600 million dollars (- 20.8%)

19/04/2018Panalpina records an increase of the results thanks to the performances in the segment of air shipments
Still a quarterly operating result of sign negative in the field of the marine transport

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