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08 August 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 10:43 GMT+2

07/08/2020The commissioner of the AdSP of Venice and the reaction of the Venice Port Community
Cross-legal actions - the association denounced - have weakened President Musolino, now commissioner, and wiped out the institution's primary decision-making body

07/08/2020Global Ship Lease's second quarter was positive
Youroukos: The high capacity of refrigerated cargo transport in our fleet has led to good performance

07/08/2020Approved the Three-Year Operational Plan 2020-2022 of the AdSP of the Strait
It provides for interventions of about 425 million euros

07/08/2020Seven proposals from Assiterminal to support the portability affected by the crisis
Among the demands is to speed up the execution of the works

07/08/2020New Asia-Europe rail link by Ventana Serra
The 18-day transit time from China to Italy is expected to drop to about 10 days in the near future

07/08/2020Since mid-June, CAI has seen an improvement in the container rental market
In the April-June period, the company's revenues fell by -6.2%

07/08/2020Green light to an appropriation of 906 million euros for 23 harbour works
First tranche of 794 million for the first 20 priority and immediately cantierabili structural participations considered

06/08/2020Funding for the production of biomethane for transport in the Genoa retro port system
Amount of 800,000 euros provided by Banca Carige to Bioland

06/08/2020The horrible quarter of the cruise group Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings
Zero passengers and almost zero revenues as well

06/08/2020UIR hands the government a proposal to reform the Interports Act
Gasparato: the legislation needs to be reordered to keep Italy in step with other European countries

06/08/2020FSL Trust exits the container market
Sold the last three ships. In the second quarter, the trust's revenues fell by -11.0%

06/08/2020Container traffic at ICTSI port terminals decreased by -10.6% in the second quarter
Revenues fell by -6.4% in the period

06/08/2020Tomorrow, the MC-4 terminal container will enter into operation in Yokohama Port
It has a 500-meter linear quay with depths of the seabed of -18 meters

05/08/2020Ok of the Committee of management of the From Liguria AdSP Oriental to the constitution of the Town development plan of Harbour System
In the first semester the traffic is dropped of -20%

05/08/2020The Dutch VT buys the bunkering activities of the Spanish Boluda
The transaction of the Comision Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia

05/08/2020Contract for the renovation and management of the Cypriot port of Larnaca has been awarded
The consortium's proposal between Eldeman Holding and Alexandrou Corporate Services was the winner

05/08/2020Fedespedi, for the resumption of the Italian economy to invest in digitalisation, connectivity and sustainability
Moretto: in the period of lockdown the job and the exchange of information from remote they are improvised; now it is the moment instead planning and guaranteeing formation, instruments and adequate nets

05/08/2020In the second quarter of this year, freight traffic in the port of Ravenna decreased by -26.2%
Signs of recovery in July

05/08/2020Decline in quarterly financial results of "K" Line and MOL. NYK's on the rise
The three Japanese shipping companies reported a decline in revenues in the April-June period

04/08/2020The Emiratense ADNOC and the Chinese Wanhua Chemical Group make up AW Shipping
The new company will have a fleet of large-capacity gas tankers and product tankers

04/08/2020Antitrust initiates an investigation against Caronte & Tourist
It is intended to ascertain whether the prices charged by the shipping company are significantly higher than those of other operators

04/08/2020Fincantieri Agreement - Saipem for the exploitation of mineral undersea deposits
MoU to define sustainable feasibility, development and business opportunities

04/08/2020Goods on Austrian truck trucks fell
The year-to-date decline in volumes continued in the second quarter

04/08/2020Freight traffic at Albanian ports fell by -8.0% in the second quarter
Passengers down -92.0%

04/08/2020Container traffic in Shanghai Port grew again in July
In the first seven months of 2020, almost 24.0 million teu (-5.6%) were affected

04/08/2020Next year a new ro-pax ship will enter GNV's fleet
The unit, under construction at Visentini, will have a capacity of a thousand passengers and 2,564 linear meters of rolling stock

04/08/2020Work in the port of Ortona to improve the operation of the airport
Restoration of the massi that protects the commercial quay of the north pier

04/08/2020Freight traffic at Swiss river ports on the Rhine fell by -15.6% in the second quarter
In the first half of this year, the total was 2.72 million tonnes (-15.7%)

03/08/2020The fourth meeting of the Venice AdSP Management Committee for the approval of the institution's budget is also not valid
The authority states that there is no provision to revoke the Secretary-General's mandate

03/08/2020Hurtigruten decides to suspend expedition cruises
Three cruise ships are scheduled to be temporarily detained

03/08/2020Thirty-nine positives to the Covid-19 on a Cruise Ship for Hurtigruten expeditions
Testing and quarantine for the 387 passengers on two cruises

03/08/2020UIRNet establishes a director's box for the new Digital and National Logistics Platform project
The presidency of the new body in Zeno D'Agostino

03/08/2020Capital Product Partners ended the second quarter with a net profit of US 8.7 million US dollars, or 10.5%
Weakening of the container rental market over the period

03/08/2020The Federation of the Sea publishes the sixth edition of the Report on the economy of the sea
Mattioli: It would be good to ensure that our maritime system has a proper political and administrative location

03/08/2020Evergreen has joined the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative
The aim of the initiative is to speed up the voluntary adoption of responsible ship recycling practices

03/08/2020DP World will acquire 60% of the South Korean logistics group UNICO
The transaction will be completed by the end of the year

03/08/2020Pending the green light from Italy, AIDA Cruises extends the stoppage of cruises until August 31
Cancel short cruises scheduled for August 5th and 12th

31/07/2020Perseverance Group, concluded renegotiation of the debt of 250 million with the Finav and CCR Shipping funds
D'Amato: The agreement will allow the complete consolidation of the group's debt position, after a long period of crisis, ensuring business continuity

31/07/2020Good quarterly DSV Panalpina thanks to the effect of the merger of summer 2019
The April-June period was closed with a net profit of 1.39 billion Danish kroner (up 21.0%)

31/07/2020In the second quarter, freight traffic in the port of Trieste fell by -17%
Down -14% in the first half of 2020

31/07/2020Matthieu Gasselin will be the new CEO of Sogemar
He will take over from Sebastiano Grasso

31/07/2020Containerized cargo carried by ONE decreased by -12.7% in the second quarter
Revenues in the period amounted to USD 2.74 billion (-4.8%)

31/07/2020MSC Cruises has acquired 50% of Palumbo Malta Shipyards
The joint venture with Palumbo will become a hub for the repair of cruise ships, merchant ships, ferries and offshore facilities

31/07/2020It signs a memorandum of understanding with CLAAI
Nicolini: We will work to ensure that this cooperation can soon lead to the full confluence of CLAAI in our confederal system

31/07/2020Fincantieri closed the first half with a net loss of -137 million euros
Revenues decreased by -15.6% and the value of new orders fell by -74.0%

31/07/2020Royal Caribbean Cruises changed its name to Royal Caribbean Group
Fain: The last renewal of our identity took place over 20 years ago

30/07/2020De Micheli assures that the damage to the Ligurian operators for the motorway clogging will pay them Aspi
They will be quantified from December 2019

30/07/2020Revenues from Dutch terminals group Vopak fell by -7.7% in the second quarter
Net profit was 83.4 million euros (-6.9%)

30/07/2020The Greek insurance brokerage company Fender joins Siaci-Cambiaso Risso
The Pireo-listed company specializes in Protection & Indemnity insurance

30/07/2020Grimaldi (Finnlines): The second quarter was extremely challenging
Revenues fell by -33.0%

30/07/2020In according to trimester the revenues Time base charter of Friend International Shipping they are increased of +26.0%
The period has been archived item with a profit clearly of 15,6 million dollars

30/07/2020In the second quarter, freight traffic from Spanish ports fell by -17.3%
In June, the decline was -14.8%

29/07/2020Ok to the project of the Baleària for the realization of the new passenger terminal of the port of Valencia
The management of the crocieristiche activities will be entrusted the Global Turk Holding Ports

29/07/2020North Sea Ports has recorded a decrease of the -16,4% of the quarterly traffic of the goods
The ports of call of Ghent, Vlissingen and Terneuzen have enlivened 15,6 million tons

29/07/2020In according to trimester the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice it is diminished of -14,4%
Down it is goods several (- 19.3%) that the liquid bulk (- 16.4%) and that solid (- 1.7%)

29/07/2020Signed the contract that assigns to ICTSI the management of the multipurpose terminal of the port of Kribi
25-year agreement

28/07/2020I decree Simplifications, Assarmatori asks urgent aids for the field for the ferries and the cabotage
Assoporti emphasizes the necessity to modify the norm on the dredgings in the ports

28/07/2020Assyerports, this year passenger traffic at Italian airports will fall by -65%
The association is calling for direct support for airport companies

28/07/2020Freight traffic at Tunisian ports fell by -4.2% in the second quarter
In the first half of 2020, growth of 1.9% was recorded

28/07/2020The ports of Singapore and Rotterdam partner in an initiative for digitalization in the maritime-port sector
Agreement with PSA, CargoSmart, GTD Solutions (TradeLens) and GeTS

28/07/2020Grimaldi Lines doubles the frequency of the Civitavecchia-Olbia maritime link
The "Cruise Bonaria" and "Cruise Emerald" ferries will alternate on the route

28/07/2020New rail service between the port of Koper and western Austria
It will be activated by the Austrian SETG

28/07/2020I meet at MIT to find a solution to the enrollment in the Port Agency of the fired Gioia Tauro port workers
Sent to the legal sector of the Port Authority to prepare a regulatory framework that would allow the feasibility of the measure to be assessed

27/07/2020In June the traffic of the goods in the ports of Genoa and Savona - Vado Ligure is dropped respective of the -27,2% and -9,3%
In according to trimester of this year bendings they have been of the -31,0% and -16,6%

27/07/2020Intercargo shows a strike of the shipping in order to resolve the problem to take it in turns of the crews of the ships
Fafalios: how much is too much is too much. Tarasis: it is not being made nothing and very soon the same industry of the shipping could be obliged/forced to interrupt the commerce of essential assets

27/07/2020Published the guide EU in order to facilitate the gradual restart of the activity of the cruise ships blocked from the pandemic
It identifies the measures in order to limit the contagion risk to adopt is on board that to earth

27/07/2020HPH Trust reports a six-month decline of -8.0% in container traffic handled by its terminals
Revenues fell by -11.9%

27/07/2020Container renter Triton's revenue fell -5.1% in the second quarter
Net income at 70.6 million dollars (-18.0%)

27/07/2020DP World's port terminals closed the second quarter with a -8.8% drop in container traffic
In the first half of 2020, 33.9 million teu (-5.3%) were moved

24/07/2020In the second quarter of this year, OOCL's fleet carried 1.7 million containers (-4.6%)
Totalized revenues of almost 1.6 billion dollars (up 1.1%)

24/07/2020Traffic in the port of Barcelona fell by -25.9% last month
In the second quarter of this year the decline was -29.0%

24/07/2020Genoa Naval Industries closed 2019 with revenues of 211 million euros
Gross operating margin was 16 million euros

24/07/2020In the second quarter, Konecranes reported a sharp decrease in port crane orders
Segment revenues fell by -16.2%

24/07/2020Shortly the convocation of a new reunion of the Committee of management of the AdSP of the Northern Adriatic
The harbour agency detailed list that the MIT has recognized the full regularity of consuntivo 2019

24/07/2020Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti are asking for clarification on the extension of the agreement between CIN Tirrenia and the State
We are again registering discontent among the workers of the shipping company, the unions explained

24/07/2020Adriafer has been given a board of directors
D'Agostino: better structuring the structure of a reality that continues to grow will serve to give new impetus to society

24/07/2020In June, freight traffic at the ports of Naples and Salerno fell by -13.2% and -4.1% respectively
In the second quarter of 2020, decreases were -24.3% and -7.0%

24/07/2020The ports of Genoa and Savona are pressing for the restart of cruise activities
In 2019, the two airports welcomed 435 cruise ships for more than two million passengers

23/07/2020Thirteen international organizations speed up the Italian government to strive in order to allow the change of the crews of the ships
Draft - they emphasize - of a humanitarian crisis that must be resolved in order protect the marine ones that has been on the ships in order too much time

23/07/2020Assiterminal and Assologist urge clarity on the resources for the reduction of concession fees
Becce and Gentile: the failure to amend Article 199 remains an element of potential ambiguity and uncertainty

23/07/2020The maritime agents of Sicily are calling for the cruises to be restarted
Monti: we will strive to find solutions for portitalia's temporary workers

23/07/2020The trade unions are calling for urgent action to be made for the relaunch of the Cagliari container terminal
The terms of the redundancy procedure for workers nearing the deadline

23/07/2020Even in June, world trade was held back by the pandemic
They are close to The May lows

23/07/2020PSA and GIP emphasise the increase in competitiveness resulting from their concentration
Yang: It will improve the provision of services to shipping lines, chargers and receivers

23/07/2020The Port Authority of Gioia Tauro has the seafaring royalty to be cut by up to 95%
Measure to compensate for the decline in productivity caused by the pandemic

23/07/2020Started a project for the realization of 1.350 certifyd pits and services for the haulers
Previewed investments for 27 million euros

23/07/2020Green light of the government to the new landscaped authorization of the Port Channel of Cagliari
Deiana: fundamental result for the harbour port of call

23/07/2020Agreement between customs and Monopoly and Assoporti
The aim is to boost the competitiveness of the national port and logistics system and to develop traffic in ports

23/07/2020In the second quarter of this year, freight traffic at the port of Rotterdam decreased by -9.0%
Containers amounted to 3,452,615 teu (-9.3%)

23/07/2020Princess Cruises and P&O Cruises announce the extension of the suspension period of the cruises
The decision following the continued spread of the Covid-19 pandemic

23/07/2020Ok of the Committee of management of the Western From Liguria AdSP to the concentrations between PSA and SECH and MSC and Messina
The first two are the main societies that manage the container terminal of the port of Genoa. MSC will stop 49% of the Messina company

22/07/2020Filt Cgil and Uiltrasporti defend the new approach to the rule on self-production in ports
The trade unions are ready for new mobilisations

22/07/2020Venice Port Community's appeal for the green light for cruises
It is the only sector still standing - fiaVET Veneto and TU point out. Re. 've. And we can't wait any longer

22/07/2020In June, the port of Algeciras handled 424 thousand containers (-4.6%)
In the second quarter of this year, the total was 1.2 million teu (-8.8%)

22/07/2020Assiterminal presses for the restart of the cruises
There is also the need - the association specified - to be able to recall to work workers who have exhausted social shocks

22/07/2020Report by Fedespedi on the impact of the health crisis on freight transport
Moretto: Supporting logistics, shipping and freight transport is key to boosting economic trade

22/07/2020The lockdown has slowed down activity at Bologna Interport
Traffic up in June compared to the previous month

22/07/2020Monti (AdSP of Western Sicily) calls for the reopening of the cruise market
Further postponements in the green light to cruises in Italian ports - he explained - would anni-20 the cruise season

22/07/2020Proposals for the competitiveness of the intermodal rail shipment between Italy and France
They are left over by Lombardy Confindustria, Confindustria Piemonte and Assologistica, that they have constituted a specific working group

22/07/2020Nicolini (Confetra): the revival of the Italian economy must take place with the fundamental contribution of logistics
We have 90 days - he specified - to turn this scheme into a "project park" and a bouquet of specific regulatory measures

22/07/2020In according to trimester the revenues of Helvetic group ABB they are diminished of -14,2%
Contract for the supply of a destined system of advanced feeding to the first ship to the world for the recovery of the marine diamonds

22/07/2020Confitarma and Assarmatori reiterate their no to the change in the rules on self-production
Disappointment at Italy's failure to join the agreement to facilitate the change of ship crews

21/07/2020MSC Cruises asks to start the cruise activity in Italy again
Mass: We are ready to safely depart and arm two ships

21/07/2020Genedani (Unatras): A third of trucking companies are at risk by default by September
Letter to Minister De Micheli calling for emergency measures

21/07/2020Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti urge cruises to start again
Without a restart in a very tight timeframe, they point out, the sector is in danger of never recovering

21/07/2020The Tasmanian TT-Line gives up the construction of two ferries with the Finnish Rauma
Following the impact of the pandemic, the state of Tasmania intends to focus on the benefits to the local economy

21/07/2020Wilhelmsen Ship Management acquires 50% of Ahrenkiel Steamship
The joint venture will complete the technical management activities of the container carrier

21/07/2020The British cruise line Cruise & Maritime Voyages has been placed in receivership
Last month, five of the six ships in the fleet were blocked by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency

21/07/2020Declining quarterly results for Kuhne - Nagel except those generated by the air cargo
The Swiss logistics group closed the April-June period with a net profit of 170 million Swiss francs (-16.3%)

20/07/2020The East Ligurian AdSP supports the training of port workers in Carrara Marina
National Transportation School courses for 14 Co.Se.Port workers

20/07/2020Container traffic in the port of Valencia fell by -10.5% last month
In the first six months of this year, 2,511,234 teu (-9.1%) were handled

20/07/2020Tomorrow to Genoa the manifestation against the isolation of the Liguria caused from the highway congestion
Laghezza (Confetra Liguria): caused a permanent damage for from Liguria and Italian logistic system. Also the Venice Port Community protests

20/07/2020In the second quarter, Konecranes reported a decrease of -29.3% in orders
Revenue down -11.3%

20/07/2020Container traffic in the Shanghai port fell by -6.8% in the first half of this year
In June, the decline was -4.1%

20/07/2020The East Ligurian Ligurian Sea System Strategic Planning Document has been approved
It is the first DPSS approved in Italy

20/07/2020The port of Trieste is awarded two European projects co-funded by the CEF programme
Funds of more than 1.1 million euros at the Julian airport

20/07/2020In June new historical record salary of the goods enlivened by the Chinese marine ports
The new maximum peak also of the single traffic with foreign country that is piled to 350,0 million tons (+7.9%)

17/07/2020New appeal to allow the implementation of the change of ship crews
The main employers' and trade unions in the maritime sector have sent letters to European leaders

17/07/2020ECSA calls for the extension of the mandate of the EU NAVFOR operation Atalanta
Confitarma, the Persian Gulf and the waters in front of Somalia is a strategically relevant area for Italian armament

17/07/2020Cargotec Group's quarterly results fell sharply
In the April-June period, the value of new orders fell by -27%

17/07/2020The first automatic-controlled rail manoeuvres in Europe will be tested in 2021
Project partners are French Alstom, Belgium's Lineas and Dutch pro-ProRail

17/07/2020The second quarter of the group blames the impact of the pandemic on the group's activities
Steady revenues. Operating profit and net profit down -49% and -63%

16/07/2020Pirate attacks on ships continue to grow
There were 51 incidents in the second quarter of this year

16/07/2020Greece's Celestyal Cruises buys costa NeoRomanticacruise ship
Sold by Costa Cruises, it has a capacity of 1,800 passengers

16/07/2020Hapag-Lloyd expects a sharp increase in second-quarter EBITDA and EBIT values
They are expected to be around 680 million and 340 million euros respectively

16/07/2020German logistics group Rhenus will acquire a majority stake in Deutsche Binnenreederei
The river shipping company has a fleet of more than 700 vessels

16/07/2020Tenth consecutive monthly drop in container traffic in the Port of Los Angeles
In the first half of this year, the Californian airport handled 3.76 million teu (-17.1%)

16/07/2020Holland America Line sells four cruise ships
Two units were bought by Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

15/07/2020Anama's applause for airlines planning flights for Italian goods
Albertini: well Alitalia that decides the conversion of a pax flight into all cargo

15/07/2020In the second quarter, freight traffic at ports in the Southern Adriatic decreased by -24.2%
In Bari and Brindisi, the decline was -21.7% and -27.7% respectively

15/07/2020Container traffic in the Port of Hong Kong grew by 2.8% in June
In the first half of this year, the total was over 8.6 million teu (-4.9%)

15/07/2020Improved efficiency of the recreational unit registration process
Implemented staff dedicated to the activities of the Telematics Registry

15/07/2020In the second quarter, container traffic handled by COSCO Shipping Ports fell by -3.2%
In the Mediterranean, only the volumes moved in Egypt are growing

15/07/2020Agreement to upgrade the penultimate rail mile to the port of Civitavecchia
About 11 million euros of works are expected

15/07/2020Tarros includes the port of Ravenna in the Adriatic service - eastern Mediterranean
The other Italian ports touched are Venice and Ancona

15/07/2020Never so low the number of losses totals of ships
The last relationship of AGCS evidences that, however, the complicated operating conditions and the economic recession generated by the coronavirus could compromise the progressive improvement of safety

15/07/2020The event in Rome of the Committee "Saving Genoa and Liguria" is forbidden
The Committee - denounces Assagenti - rejects this attitude and this prohibition that humiliates even more all Ligurians

14/07/2020Shippers, maritime agents and customs officers join the Committee "Saving Genoa and Liguria"
Trade associations also highlight the need for the completion of the Pontremolese railway

14/07/2020A case of negligence against a British maritime agency over the death of a worker at a Bangladeshi shipyard
A ruling by the British High Court of Justice will allow the widow to file a complaint

14/07/2020Port of Trieste, freight trains can also travel uphill
The line has a maximum slope of 25 per thousand

14/07/2020Norway's Green Yard will save the Kleven Verft shipyard from bankruptcy
Operations are expected to be expanded to other areas of activity

14/07/2020Study of the shipping impact of its inclusion in the EU greenhouse gas emissions trading system
Significant variations depending on the type of fleet

14/07/2020The Terminal Operating System developed by China's CMPort will be installed at the port of Thessaloniki
The Greek airport will be promoted on the Chinese market as the gateway to Europe

13/07/2020In June, container traffic in Long Beach Harbor came down again
In the first half of 2020, 3.43 million teu (-6.9%) were handled

13/07/2020The port of Gaeta becomes a centre for the laying of electrical cables and for telecommunications
Settlement of the Company Futura (Prysmian Group) in the Lazio airport

13/07/2020Yesterday, the first carrier arrived at the Polyseettorial Pier in the port of Taranto
"Nicola" scale, which CMA CGM employs in the SSLMED Turmed feeder service

13/07/2020Traffic in the Port of Singapore fell by -10.0% last month
In the first half of 2020, the decline was -7.3%

10/07/2020Royal Caribbean Cruises buys the remaining 33.3% of Silversea Cruises
Manfredi Lefebvre d'Ovid and Roberto Martinoli will keep their posts

10/07/2020The problem of changing crews - Confitarma and Assarmatori and Federagenti denounce - is becoming absolutely unsustainable
Despite pressure from the shipping industry and the trade unions, they point out, there was no positive sign

10/07/2020Genoa and the Liguria will carry to Rome the protest for the isolation of the territory caused from the problems of the freeways
On 22 July a procession of truck, motor vehicles will leave and coach

10/07/2020Salt to nine the number of cruise ships that Carnival intends to sell within 90 days
In the fiscal years the 2020 and 2021 group will take in delivery five new ships rather than the nine previewed previously

10/07/2020Appreciation of Confitarma for the agenda that commits the government to accept the demands of the armament
It provides for the restart of cruises between national ports and the recognition of support to companies operating with ships registered in the First Register

10/07/2020In May, freight traffic in the port of Bremen fell by -10.2%
Containers amounted to 384 thousand teu (-11.2%)

10/07/2020It is a great disappointment that the amendment on self-production in ports has been approved
Mattioli: it will make it impossible for shipowners to carry out port operations in self-production

10/07/2020In Spain, measures were introduced to support ports affected by the crisis
Extended the application period of the reduction of anchor fees. Funds for passenger terminals

10/07/2020In China sustained growth in express deliveries
Some 34 billion parcels were shipped in the first half of this year (up 22%)

10/07/2020Twelve nations are committed to allowing the safe change of ship crews
Declaration signed by Saudi Arabia, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Norway, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Singapore and USA

09/07/2020Interporto Bologna closes the 2019 financial year at a loss
The company does not expect any negative impact in 2020 on economic results

09/07/2020In the first half of 2020, freight traffic in the port of Marseille Fos fell by -15%
Containers fell by -17%

09/07/2020The port of Ancona makes a first budget of the decrease of the traffic caused from the sanitary crisis
Giampieri: the AdSP will use every instrument of support to the enterprises that are living a moment of particularly difficult market

09/07/2020Costa Cruises announces the change of leadership roles
Mario Zanetti appointed commercial director of the company

09/07/2020To get back to, AIDA Cruises decides to cruise non-stop and use the ships as an "amusement park"
The restart on August 5 with the departure of the "AIDAperla" from the port of Hamburg

09/07/2020The European Parliament has approved the Mobility Package without modification
Measures to put an end to distortions of competition in the transport sector and ensure better working conditions for drivers

09/07/2020The OECD notes an improvement in economic forecasts, but the crisis is by no means over
The CLI index remains well below the long-term trend

09/07/2020Boat associations complain that the government, rather than facilitating the recovery of the sector, penalizes it
It blames the retroactive increase in the royalty of marinas and the doubling of VAT on rentals

09/07/2020This year the stoppage of the cruises will result in less revenue between 54 and 65 million for the port of Livorno
Study by the Port Authority of the North Tyrrhenian Sea on the impact of the crisis

08/07/2020Those of the sea? They are the last ones between the workers
Today the ships sound the sirens in order to carry the problem to take it in turns of the crews to the attention of the institutions, that other jolt would need very

08/07/2020Alessandro Santi will be the next president of Federagenti
He is president of the Venice Maritime Agents Association

08/07/2020The port of Antwerp closes the second quarter of 2020 with a decrease of -13% in traffic
Strong volume contraction in all product sectors

08/07/2020Schiavoni (Alsea): we ask an only place where private public administrations and can be confronted and be decided
The Milanese logistic region confirmation logistic pole of Italy, but in Europe is behind Holland, France and Germany

08/07/2020Container traffic in New York Harbor fell by -16.5% in May
In the first five months of this year the decline was -6.2%

08/07/2020In the second quarter of this year, freight traffic at Indian ports decreased by -19.7%
Containers fell by -32.3%

08/07/2020Austrian import-export fell sharply in April
Imports of goods fell by -24.4% and exports by -22.9%

08/07/2020Initiatives of the Grendi Group to further develop the business in Sardinia
New distribution warehouse in Olbia and request for the construction of a shed for logistics services in the Canal Port of Cagliari

08/07/2020THE Alliance announces departure cancellations in August as a result of the effects of the pandemic
Regarding the Mediterranean market, the removal of stopovers for MD1, MD2 and MD3 services

07/07/2020Shipping CO2 emissions should be included in the EU emissions trading system
MEPs put further pressure on the shipping industry by imposing binding requirements for average annual emissions to be reduced by at least 40% by 2030

07/07/2020In the first half of 2020, containerized traffic on the Russian rail network grew by 14.5%
Transit traffic increased by 23.7%

07/07/2020COSCO, Ant and Alibaba agreement for the application of blockchain to maritime logistics
Its connection to the port, logistics and financial sectors will also be promoted

07/07/2020MSC reiterates that T&E's analysis of the group's fleet emissions is incorrect
The company points out that only 40-45% of the emissions reported in the MRV system were produced in the EU

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