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26 May 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 23:06 GMT+2

24/05/2019Global Shippers' Forum, the measures for the decarbonizzazione of the shipping with must penalize the loaders
The association says not to the slow steaming, emphasizes the necessity not to suffocate the economic increase and to avoid an excessive concentration in the field of the marine transport

24/05/2019PSA Genoa Pra' is the new name of the terminal that enlivens 60% of the container of the port of Genoa
Today the inauguration of the new brand

24/05/2019French GICAN and German VSM speed up European politics for the strong navalmeccanica and coesa
The transalpine association has exhorted also to supervise on the Asian investments in the ports of the EU

24/05/2019They improve the economic results of the Maersk in the segment of the containerized marine transport although the decrease of transported cargos
In the first three months of this year the Gross Operating Margin of the shipowning group has recorded an increase of +32.8%

23/05/2019First order for cruise ships entirely planned and constructed in China
It is signed by Lowers Merchants Group and Shanghai Shitian Cruise Industry Development Co

23/05/2019ESPO asks the next politicians of the EU to support and to value the European ports
The ports - the association of the European harbour ports of call emphasizes - deserve more of the quota 4% of budget CEF

23/05/2019Signed the agreement for I climb over it railway of the port of Livorno
It will allow to connect via iron the harbour port of call with the Interporto Toscano Amerigo Vespucci

23/05/2019Filt, the Fit and Uil, highest the adhesion to strike of 24 hours of the harbour workers
Columbus, Diamante and Odone: the contract and the necessity to adapt it remain irrenounceable points for the union

23/05/2019CMA CGM orders "intelligent" devices for 50,000 container
They will be supplied by the Traxens, that it is participated to 29.6% from the French shipowning group

23/05/2019New railway service Japan-Europe inaugurated from Russians FESCO and RZD Logistics
Previewed transit a Time of 19 days

23/05/2019DP World and bottom NIIF acquire the control of Indiana KRIBHCO Infrastructure
The society manages three inland terminals and work railway services

23/05/2019In first trimester ZIM it has reduced the losses thanks to the rise of the hires
The cargo volumes transported from the portacontainer of the company are dropped of -4,3%

22/05/2019Switzerland-Germany agreement in order to increase the ability to the transalpine traffic goods railway
In period 2015-2050 a triplicazione of the world-wide question of transport is previewed goods and passengers

22/05/2019The altoatesina Gruber Logistics widens own presence in Germany
Inaugurated a new warehouse fine-client to Bochum, in the heart of the Basin of the Ruhr

22/05/2019The seven manifestations of interest for the new container terminal of the port of Rijeka
They are introduced by Ningbo Port/CRBC, APM Terminals, ICTSI, DP World, Portek, Terminal Link and Yilport

22/05/2019Last month the port of Valencia has enlivened 448 thousand container (+6.0%)
In the first four months of the 2019 containerized trade it has been pairs to 1.789.529 teu (+11.2%)

22/05/2019The aerial cargo represents 22.6% of the value of export the Italian extra EU
A study of the Observatory Aerial Cargo evidences the gap between the Italian airport system and that of main competitor the Europeans

22/05/2019For the investments in the logistics and infrastructures politics shared between private public are necessary and
It has emphasized the president of ALIS, Guido Grimaldi

21/05/2019APM Terminals signs an agreement with ZPMC Italy for maintenance of the cranes of the new container terminal of Goes
The point on the current and future level of the occupation

21/05/2019Tomorrow to Livorno it will take to the way the ESPO Conference
Waited for beyond 300 participants who will be confronted on the issues of the portualità and the shipping

21/05/2019New Protocol of Legality for the port of Gioia Tauro
He has been undersigned from Harbour Authority, Prefecture of Reggio Calabria and Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports

21/05/2019In the 2018 enlivened European intermodal traffic from the operators of the UIRR it has reached the historical maximum
It has been pairs to 8,6 million teu (+5.0%)

21/05/2019Increase of the transported containerized volumes from the fleet of Japanese ONE
Last month recorded increments percentages to three figures regarding April 2018, first month of activity of the new company

21/05/2019Incat will construct the greatest ship in aluminum of the world
It is ordered by the Buquebus Argentine

21/05/2019The German shipowners emphasize the importance of the European elections for a necessary strengthening of the EU
Nagel: there is need of an Europe hard in order to guarantee the competitiveness of the EU and the shipping of the Union

21/05/2019Harbour authorities of Sardinia and Cadice discuss on as being confronted with the competition of the North African ports
Deiana: necessary a joint action between the several harbour truths and a pressure decided in the European tables

21/05/2019Last month the Chinese marine ports have enlivened 752,6 million tons of goods (- 1.7%)
The traffic of the container has been pairs to 19,2 million teu (+4.8%)

20/05/2019A.L.I.S. it has undersigned with Cgil, Cisl and Uil the "Protocol of Understanding on Relazioni Industrial"
It involves the extension of the rules of the confederal trade-union system to the enterprises that join the association

20/05/2019Renewed the summits of the federation of customs brokers ANASPED
De Gregorio is reconfirmed president

20/05/2019In the first trimester of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Amburgo has grown of +6.0%
The container pairs to 2,3 million teu (+6.4% have been)

20/05/2019Seven manifestations of interest for the new container terminal of the port of Rijeka
One would be introduced by a consortium formed from the Chineses Ningbo Port and China Road & Bridge Corporation

20/05/2019Logistic Italy, hub for Europe? That's why
It is the topic of a convention of the LIUC School Business that will hold on 29 May to Castellanza

20/05/201911 and 12 june to Rome will hold the "national Conference navigation, ports and logistics"
The initiative is promoted by the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports

20/05/2019In the 2018 turnover of the logistic company Fercam it has grown of +7.1%
Previewed the takeover of branches own in France, Poland, Balkan and Ukrainian Peninsula

20/05/2019Corporate South Korean company HMM anticipates its new identity
The objective is to become one of the main total marine carriers within 2022

17/05/2019Mercitalia Intermodal upgrades the railway services Milan-Catania and Busto Arsizio-Bari
Addition a sixth spin weekly magazine

17/05/2019NYK has developed an additive for new fuels oil to lowest sulfur tenor
It will be able to reduce the possibilities that the VLSFO causes problems to the engine of the ship

17/05/2019Part from the port of Carrara the scrap of the hollow premises that is used for harbour fillings
The project will allow the reuse of 800 thousand tons of materials of turns out of the excavation

17/05/2019The ANGOPI is satisfied of the European legislative picture for services of mooring
It guides has been said strongly critical on the self-handler of the harbour services

17/05/2019Lombardic: to give the possibility to the yards of naval demolition of India of being enclosed in the directory EU
The EU - it has emphasized the general secretary of the Federation of the Sea - must act as a true promoter of ulterior development in such field

17/05/2019Wan Hai Lines renounces to exercise options for four new portacontainer from 3.036 teu
They had been fixed with Japan Marine United Corporation

17/05/2019Tuesday to Milan will be introduced the first study of the Observatory Aerial Cargo
It is realized by ANAMA, Assaeroporti, Assohandlers and IBAR in collaboration with Ernst & Young

17/05/2019Incandescent Honored denunciation of in confronts of the acts of the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern
I legitimize to think - the shipowner supports - than this institution rather than of the job and of the occupation "it is in reality vassalla very other particular interests"

17/05/2019Hulls have acquired 50% of the Greek Vernicos Tugs & Salvage
Constituted the Vernicos Hulls that a fleet of 14 tugs that operate mainly in the area of the Pireo, but also to Salonicco and in other ports has grec

17/05/2019In the first light trimester increase (+0.6%) of the containerized trade enlivened from the harbour terminals of the Eurokai
Increase of the volumes enlivened in German ports (+5.1%) and in the terminals foreign countries of group (+6.6%) with the exception of those Italians (- 10.0%)

16/05/2019Step ahead for the dredging of the port of Milazzo
Approved of the introduced skill of varying from the Harbour Authority of Messina

16/05/2019RINA has closed the 2018 with revenues online with those of the year precedence
The fleet in class has grown of +10%

16/05/2019To April the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Barcelona has grown of +13.5%
In the first four months of the 2019 total it has been of 21,75 million tons (+1.6%)

16/05/2019Honored against the self-handler in the ports
To place the marine ones on a collision course with the harbour ones - it has denounced - means to prime the umpteenth war between poor

16/05/2019Hupac increases the frequency of the intermodal services Hanover-Novara and Rotterdam-Brescia
Four departures will be carried out weeklies magazine

16/05/2019Quarterly results of the Evergreen Marine Corporation in clean increase
The first three months of this year have been archived item with a profit clearly of 463,9 million dollars of Taiwan (+2,822, 1%)

15/05/2019Attica Holdings has bought the ship ro-ro Anglia Seaways
It is yielded by the DFDS for 12,05 million euros

15/05/2019SBB CFF FFS Cargo work the first European freight trains equipped of systems of connection automatic rifle
They are used for the arranged traffic national

15/05/2019In the first trimester of the 2019 traffic of the goods in the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven it is diminished of -3,1%
The decrease is generated by the bending of the -7,8% of containerized cargos

15/05/2019The haulers candidate themselves to the management of the Truck Village of the port of
Formal demand to the Authority of Harbour System so that you start a contest procedure

15/05/2019Fifteenth consecutive month of the reduction of the traffic of the container to Hong Kong
Last month the Chinese port has enlivened 1,55 million teu (- 2.9%)

15/05/2019The point on the independent ships of Propeller Club of Venice and ATHENA
Bernardo: that of the smart ships is not a vision in the long term

15/05/2019On 20 May to Rome an encounter on mobility to organized impact zero from ALIS
In program the thematic session "Focus Linens: sustainable mobility" to which it will follow the central panel of the event

14/05/2019Interporto Bologna has closed 2018 with a profit clearly of 853 thousand euros (+31%)
Revenues pairs to 23,1 million euros

14/05/2019To April the ships journeyed in the Suez Canal transported 87,4 million tons of goods (+8.1%)
Increment of +9.5% of boarded cargos on the ships directed to south (+9.5%) and of +6.3% for those directing to north

14/05/2019The shipowning industry world-wide nozzle an alarm for the escalation of the war of the custom offices
ICS, ASA and ECSA anticipate two position paper near the WTO

14/05/2019In the first Yang Ming trimester it has clearly reduced the losses
In increase transported revenues (+13.0%) and containerized volumes from fleet (+5%)

14/05/2019Evergreen, Yang Ming, HMM and ZIM join to the Digital Container Shipping Association
Together the nine companies of the DCSA represent 70% of the market of the containerized marine transport

14/05/2019CMA CGM has activated a sea line short that connects the Adriatic with Algeria
Employees three portacontainer from 1.300 teu come

14/05/2019In the first three months of the 2019 traffic of the goods in the Spanish ports it has grown of +3.6%
The container +5.5% have been 4,3 million teu (), of which 54% in transit

13/05/2019Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl, Uiltrasporti line up with the ITF and ETF against the self-handler in the ports
To risk, beyond the rights and the salaries of the harbour workers, there is also safety of the marine ones

13/05/2019Decided increment of the economic results of Global Holding Ports
The crocieristico traffic in the terminals managed from the company is increased of +52.4%

13/05/2019The port of Naples has established the own new historical record salary of traffic of the container
Altogether in the first trimester of this year the traffic of the goods in the ports of Naples and Salerno has been of 7,87 million tons (+3.2%)

13/05/2019Signed the contract that assigns the management of the fluvial port of Novi Sad to P&O Ports
Agreement of the duration 25-year-old with option for ulterior 25

13/05/2019Fusion of the technical services of the Londoners Aqualis and Braemar
Braemar will become shareholder of majority of the Aqualis with an initial quota 26% that will be able to go up to 33%

13/05/2019Clean prompt Arctic Alliance that to the ships is prohibited the use of HFO in waters of the Arctic
The black carbon - denunciation the organization - accelerates the fusion of the ice and the heating of the region

13/05/2019Salt the tension in the Persian Gulf after attacks it to four ships
No wounded, but still is not announced as has carried out the incidents

13/05/2019Convention "the service of mooring after the Reg. EU 352/2017"
Organized from the ANGOPI, friday to Trieste will hold

13/05/2019It returns to grow the traffic of the goods in the port of Singapore
To April the container pairs almost 3,0 million teu (+2.6% have been)

10/05/2019Financing of 75,5 million euros for the dry dock of Palermo
Monti: this news marks historical carrying out

10/05/2019In the first trimester of this year the revenues of the Textainer are increased of +4.6%
The profit clearly is dropped of -15,2%

10/05/2019Shipping performance has closed the first trimester with a net loss of -181 thousand dollars
Revenues down of -31,6%

10/05/2019New railway service between Holland (Rotterdam) and Spain (Barcelona and Valencia) of Shuttlewise
It is realized in collaborazine with Coolrail

10/05/2019Tarros has received the prize Fidelity of Confindustria Assafrica & the Mediterranean
It is assigned recently in occasion of the Networking Day of the association

10/05/2019Santiago Garcia-Milà is reelected president of the IAPH
Third consecutive mandate for the leader of the Harbour Authority of Barcelona

10/05/2019The Authority of Harbour System of the Sea of Sardinia is the first Italian public body as for timeliness of the payments
Invoices knit in 17 days against an average national of 46 days

10/05/2019Hapag-Lloyd will vary the spin of the Adria Express service
The port of Venice will be touched two times

10/05/2019In the first trimester the harbour terminals of ICTSI have enlivened 2,5 million container (+6.6%)
The period has been archived item with a profit clearly of 81,5 million dollars (+70.9%)

10/05/2019New record of the container for the month of April in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach
Enlivened respective 736 thousand teu (+4.4%) and 628 thousand teu (+1.6%)

10/05/2019ALIS, ART will not start the procedure of collection of the contributions until conclusion of the judgment
The public audience is fixed for next 16 October

10/05/2019Fincantieri celebrates the new historical quarterly record of new orders in the segment of the cruise ships
In the first three months of the 2019 Shipbuilding field that obtained store clerks for 6,31 billion euros (+580.9%)

09/05/2019The port of Venice has archived item the first trimester with a decrease of the -5,8% of the traffic of the goods
Crocieristi decreasing of -36,2%

09/05/2019In the first trimester of this year the traffic in the harbour system of the Southern Adriatic is diminished of -6,5%
To Bari an increase of +2.2% is recorded, to Brindisi a decrease of -17,5%

09/05/2019In the first trimester the 2019 traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna has grown of +1.6%
Rise of +15.5% in the single freedom of expression

09/05/2019of Friend International Shipping it has closed the first three months of 2019 with a net loss of -5,5 million dollars
Turned out Sul weighs not recurrent burdens

09/05/2019Crocieristico group NCLH has archived item the first trimester with results record
The profit clearly is piled to 118,2 million dollars (+14.5%)

09/05/2019Pacorini acquires two areas in the port of Vado Ligure
One, of 10 thousand square metres, will be dedicated to the business of the coffee, the second one, of 100 thousand square metres, to activity of logistics and project cargo

09/05/2019Quarterly revenues in increase of +11.0% for shipowning group Danish DFDS
To the increment they have contributed the acquisition of U.N. Ro-Ro and the new collaboration with Ekol Logistics

09/05/2019In the first trimester of the 2019 harbour terminal of HHLA they have enlivened 1,86 million container (+2.2%)
Such activity has generated revenues pairs to 200,9 million euros (+4.8%)

09/05/2019Positive quarterly economic results for Hapag-Lloyd
In the first three months of this year the fleet of portacontainer of the company has transported 2,93 million teu (+2.4%)

08/05/2019DSV has inaugurated a logistics center to Tuzla (Istanbul)
It covers an area of 45 thousand square metres

08/05/2019Mario Paolo Mega is named president of the Authority of Harbour System of the Strait
He is director of the Department development and technological innovation of the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Meridionale

08/05/2019Fit Cisl asks an understanding State-Region that you engage to bring back the traffic container to Cagliari graces to an advantage fiscality
Breads: "the harbour ones want to live of job and not of social shocks-absorber"

08/05/2019TIL (group MSC) is the only society to have introduced offered for the new container terminal of the port of Valencia
Five teu will have an ability to million traffic

08/05/2019In order to reduce the emissions of the ships it is better to limit the power of the engines rather than to slacken speed of navigation
The CIMAC exhorts to finance the search for the development of new technologies that could really place the shipping in a position to reaching objective IMO 2050

08/05/2019Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti on 23 May have indetto in order a strike of 24 hours in the Italian ports
The scope is to denounce the phase of stall in which the negotiation is ended for renews of National Collective Contratto of Job of the Ports

08/05/2019Fercam has found the aerial and marine activities of the Maimex
The operation in the picture of the strengthening of the Air field & Ocean of the company altoatesina

08/05/2019Green light of the Region Apulia to the strategic plan of the interregional Adriatic ZES
Patrons Griffi: we will go out of one's way to on 26-28 June introduce our Special Economic Zone to the world-wide assembly of the ZES

08/05/2019The ANASPED has organized for friday to Rome a round table on the Brexit
The effects of the possible agreements under the exquisitely customs profile will be analyzed

07/05/2019Assocostieri anticipates a vademecum with proposals in order to contrast the swindles in the field of mineral oils
Venturi: the phenomenon of the swindles has assumed worrisome proportions

07/05/2019The Rail Austrian Group Cargo has extended own Network of services to Scandinavia
Activated a new intermodal connection between Vienna and Trelleborg

07/05/2019Positive trimester for Global Ship Lease on the wake of the fusion with Poseidon Containers
The first three months of this year have been archived item with a profit clearly of 10,8 million dollars (+118.2%)

07/05/2019In the first three months of this year the revenues of the Finnlines have grown of +2.0%
The profit clearly has recorded a bending of -1,9%

07/05/2019Hupac exhorts to be extended the contributions of exercise for the intermodal transport previewed in Switzerland
In 2019 attended a stabilization of the traffic question because of the slow down of the economy

07/05/2019The ECSA invites the EU to a review of Regolamento on the naval recycling including structures to you authorized from the HK Convention
The European shipowning association has introduced the results of a visit to the Indian yards of demolition of Alang

07/05/2019In 2021 Istanbul will have a new terminal cruises
It will be able to receive 5-6 at the same time ships

07/05/2019The Italian Authorities of Harbour System have launch the initiative Italian Port Days
It involves the entire Italian portualità

06/05/2019New offered to OOCL on the route Indian subcontinent/Middle East - North Europe
Two services which pivoted on the ports hub of Gioia Tauro and Tanger Med

06/05/2019Stable in the first trimester the traffic in the port of Trieste
The container has grown of +17.0%

06/05/2019The port of New York has established the own new record of traffic of the relative container to the first trimester
New record also for the single freedom of expression

06/05/2019About to completion the pole of the cold of the Interporto of Gorizia
It will be finished in autumn and it will have 11 cold stores

06/05/2019Friday to Turin the convention "Territory and development: the infrastructures for the competitiveness of the enterprises"
It is organized from Confindustria Piemonte and Unioncamere Piemonte with the support of Uniontrasporti

06/05/2019Costa Firenze will call itself the second new ship that Coast will dedicate at the market Chinese
It is currently under construction in the ship yard of Marghera

06/05/2019Singamas will sell three factories of production of the container to the COSCO Shipping
The cessions, that they will include a society of services, will have a total value of about 565 million dollars

06/05/2019Fusion between breaks of it Laghezza Spa and AL to them Logistics
Attended this year a turnover of beyond 35 million euros

06/05/2019Italy and France want that the entire Mediterranean becomes a Emission Control Area
The objective is to engage all the Countries of the region to manage a specific proposal to introduce to the IMO

06/05/2019Agreement between the Damen Dutch and Turk ASFAT in the military sector
They will collaborate to the construction of marine platforms

06/05/2019The Indian group Adani will realize a new container terminal in the port of Yangon
Previewed an investment of 290 million dollars

03/05/2019Pierluigi Maneschi is died the marine entrepreneur
One of the great protagonists of the shipping and the logistics in Italy

03/05/2019GIC, sovereign bottom of Singapore, has acquired 10% of the Terminal Investment Limited
Cecilia Eckelmann-Battistello has assumed the role of general manager of La Spezia Container Terminal

03/05/2019Approved of the balance sheet 2018 of Interporto Padua
Increase of +7% of the traffics in the first three months of 2019

03/05/2019Monday to Rome will hold the national conference "Smart Ports"
It is one of the propedeutici events to the edition of this year of RemTech Expo

02/05/2019Royal Caribbean Cruises frames a first trimester record
The first three months of this year have been archived item with a profit clearly of 256,8 million dollars (+17.4%)

02/05/2019Desert the contest for the technical and operating management of Polo Logistico of the Interporto of Catania
Nobody of the seven sent operators has introduced offered

02/05/2019The charter of container CAI records revenues record for the first trimester of the year
In the first three months of the 2019 operating result of the company it has turned out the most elevated than always

02/05/2019The 30 and 31 May to Ancona will hold the fourth edition of the Adriatic Sea Forum
Answers Tourism will introduce the new edition of "Adriatic Sea Tourism Report"

02/05/2019Alla Livorno Terminals (Honor) 66% of the capital of the Port Livorno 2000
The society manages the traffic cruises and ferries in the port of Livorno

02/05/2019Confetra subjects to the candidates to the new European Parliament "the more warm" topics of the logistics
Today first of a series of encounters

02/05/2019Last year the crocieristico traffic in Corsica has been of 977 thousand fleeting (+5.5%)
The great part is landed to the port of Ajaccio

02/05/2019Seaspan has closed the first trimester with a profit clearly of 285,3 million dollars (+321.3%)
The rinegoziazione of charterings has produced extraordinary proceeds for 227 million dollars

02/05/2019Chinese CSIC concludes the visit to the Croatian ship yards Uljanik and 3. Maj
The delegation - minister Horvat has explained - has manifested interest to the start of new projects, not only of shipbuilding

30/04/2019DSV has closed the first trimester with a result clearly in increase of +25.2%
The revenues are increased of +8.7%

30/04/2019The German SAL constitutes with the genoese Intermare the SAL Heavy Lift attendant, Italy
The new society has center in the capital of Liguria

30/04/2019The Committee of the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Northerner has approved of consuntivo budget 2018
The case balance is of 150 million euros

30/04/2019In the first trimester the profit clearly of Triton International has grown of +7.8%
The revenues are piled to 340,9 million dollars (+8.2%)

30/04/2019Zeaborn buys the society of ship management CPO Tankers
It is yielded by the Offen group

30/04/2019CEVA has closed first trimester 2019 with a net loss of -38 million dollars
Rodolphe Saadé is named president of the company

30/04/2019Uiltrasporti announces a next action of protest in the Italian ports
Odone: the companies of shipping are colonizing the Italian docks without an adapted public control

30/04/2019MCT (TIL) has ordered to Kalmar 32 new straddle carrier for the container terminal of Gioia Tauro
They will be delivered within the end of 2019

30/04/2019OOIL will yield Long Beach Container Terminal to a consortium guided from Macquarie
The transaction will have a value of 1,78 billion dollars

29/04/2019On 17 May the Economy Blue will be in the middle of a round table between Italy and Paesi of the Indian Ocean
Today the Federation of the Sea has accommodated the preparatory reunion

29/04/2019The new container terminal of APM Terminals to Savona I go will become operating on 12 December
Operatively it will occupy 401 people

29/04/2019First trimester negative for the Chinese producer of container CIMC
In the first three months of the 2019 sales they are dropped of -33,3%

29/04/2019Ok of the EU to the acquisition of DCT Gda?sk by PSA, PFR and IFM
The society manages the container terminal of the port of Danzica

29/04/2019In the first three months of the 2019 port of Algeciras it has enlivened 1,2 million container (+7.1%)
Transfers in increase of +2.7% and containers in import-export in increase of +50.8%

29/04/2019Increase of the quarterly results of shipowning group COSCO on the wake of the acquisition of OOIL
In the first three months of the 2019 portacontainer of the Chinese society they have transported 5,88 million teu (+42.6%)

29/04/2019In the 2018 turnover of the logistic group Gefco it is increased of +4.6%
The recurrent operating profit is piled to 160,3 million euros (+15.0%)

29/04/2019AVIC Intl yields the ship yard Weihai Shipyard to Lowers Merchants Group
69.77% of the capital will pass of hand for about 62 million dollars

26/04/2019Increase of Marine the quarterly results of the Offshore division & of Bureau Veritas
In the first three months of the 2019 revenues they are piled to 87,3 million euros (+4.4%)

26/04/2019Monday to Trieste the presentation of a book on the new Via of the Silk
The author of the volume, published from Castelvecchi, is Francesco De Filippo

26/04/2019The Ambassador of the United States in Italy has met the president of the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Western
Lewis Eisemberg has been president of the Harbour Authority of New York and New Jersey

26/04/2019In the first trimester of this year the revenues of the Wärstilä group have grown of +8%
The new orders have recorded a decrease of -6%

26/04/2019First trimester in decided increase for Konecranes
Acquired a consisting order for destined means to the new Israeli terminal Hadarom Container Terminal of the TIL

26/04/2019Kuehne + Nagel has closed the first trimester with a profit of 181 million franchi clearly Swiss (- 1.6%)
The marine shipments enlivened by the logistic group are increased of +6.2%, while the air shipments are dropped of -3,1%

26/04/2019In the first trimester of this year the fleet of the OOCL has transported 1,6 million container (+1.6%)
The revenues generated from the activity I am piled to 1,46 billion dollars (+5.9%)

26/04/2019Started in France the construction of the fifth cruise ship of class "Oasis"
It will be delivered to Royal Caribbean International in 2021

26/04/2019In the first trimester the value of the orders to the Cargotec has marked an increment of +18.4%
The revenues are increased of +10.8%

26/04/2019Spediporto, the festivity has expanded the delays in the controls on the goods in the port of Genoa
Blow: the cycle of the controls must be upgraded, improved and been profitable more efficient

26/04/2019Attica has closed 2018 with a profit after the taxes of 17,1 million euros (+1,272%)
The revenues, thanks to the acquisition of Hellenic Seaways, are increased of +34.6%

26/04/2019The port of Antwerp has archived item the first trimester with a decrease of the -3,0% of the traffic
Absolute record salary of the container to March

26/04/2019In the first trimester of this year the crocieristico traffic to Malta has grown of +11.9%
Passengers have reached 78 thousand

26/04/2019In the first three months of this year the HPH terminals Trust have enlivened 5,5 million container (- 2.0%)
Stable the revenues of the company

26/04/2019The Japanese "K" Linens, NYK and MOL have introduced the results of fiscal year 2018
Their joint venture containerized ONE has concluded the exercise with a net loss of -586 million dollars

28/03/2019Down the economic and operating performances of railway society German DB Cargo
In the 2018 productivity it has turned out pairs to 88.237 million tonnellate/km (- 4.8%)

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