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14 November 2018 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 05:28 GMT+1

13/11/2018Agreement Friuli Venice Julia - Venetian in order to invest in the formation in the field of the harbour logistics
Rosolen: we have known to put in net a common know-how-how asking for the risk to put to us in competition

13/11/2018In the third Evergreen trimester it has recorded an increase of +8.1% of the revenues and a decrease of the -80,8% of the profit
The company has ordered four new portacontainer from 2.500 teu to the Chinese yard Jiangnan Shipyard

13/11/2018Livorno the manifestation Open Port has reached the twelfth edition
The final event will hold on May 20, 2019 in occasion of the celebration of the European Day of the Sea

13/11/2018In the third trimester the clearly recorded profit from group DFDS is dropped of -12,4%
The ships have transported 10,2 million linear meters of rotabili (+5.8%) and 2,2 million passengers (+0.9%)

13/11/2018Proclaimed in order on 22 November a general strike of the port of Civitavecchia
A port that rejects traffics - denounces Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti - it compromises the ability and the development of an entire system

13/11/2018Stable the containerized trade enlivened from the harbour terminals of HHLA in the third trimester
The period has been archived item with a profit after the taxes of 40,0 million euros (+4.9%)

13/11/2018Upgraded the railway connections goods from and for the port of Genoa
New services with the terminals of Rivalta Scrivia, managed Padua and Milan Shunting from Mercitalia Rail

13/11/2018The port of Long Beach has established the own new record of traffic container for the October month
+5.4% are enlivened 705 thousand teu ()

13/11/2018Last month the port of Singapore has enlivened more than 3,1 million container (+6.6%)
In the first ten months of this year the total has been pairs to 30,4 million teu (+9.8%)

12/11/2018Spediporto nozzle a new alarm for the decrease of the traffic in the port of Genoa
Tomorrow the assembly of the association of the shippers will deliberate the start of the class action against Freeways

12/11/2018Assarmatori to the workshop between EU and Iran on the issues of the portualità and the marine transports
The encounter has been opened today to Tehran

12/11/2018Al container terminal of PSA Voltri-Pra to Genoa is activated the computerized interchange for the container in import
The main result is the absence total of paper procedures and the consequent velocizzazione of the practical ones

12/11/2018Wan Hai Lines orders 20 new portacontainer of the ability to 2.000-3.000 teu
They will be constructed by Japan Japan Marine United Corporation and the Chineses Guangzhou Wenchong Shipyard Co. and Shipbuilding Trading Co Lowers

12/11/2018On 26 November to Genoa the third edition of the Forum of Pietrarsa will hold
It is organized from Assoferr in collaboration with Confetra and Confindustria

12/11/2018In light decrease the crocieristico traffic in the harbour terminals of Global Holding Ports
Stable the containerized trade

12/11/2018Reggio Calabria confindustria evidences the urgency of the nomination of the president of the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro
Nucera: we will pull outside all the courage and the determination that serve in order not to assist unarmed to the sunset of the dream of the port

12/11/2018Third red consecutive trimester in for the Asian company Yang Ming
Pulled up deciding of the costs has counterbalanced the most contained increase of the revenues that have reached a peak record

09/11/2018Bombardier will cut job 5.000 places
The plan of reorganization of the staff will be put into effect in next the 12-18 months

09/11/2018Chinese CITIC has signed an agreement in order to start the construction of the Burmese port of Kyauk Phyu
An investment of 1,3 billion dollars will be necessary

09/11/2018The Global Turk Holding Ports signs a preliminary agreement for the management of the crocieristico traffic to Antigua and Barbuda
In program the construction of a new dock for ships of class "Oasis" in the port of St. John's

09/11/2018Green light to a bill that institutes the society Venetian Infrastructures
It will manage railway regional infrastructures and of inland navigation

09/11/2018The unions ask the MIT clarifications on handling for ferrous materials in harbour within
The opinion expressed from the Ministry - Filt, Fit and Uilt denounce - is the last one of a series of attacks to the harbour job

09/11/2018In the third trimester the value of the new acquired orders from Fincantieri has grown of +367.1%
The revenues are piled to 1,35 billion euros (+5.5%) and the EBITDA has been of 98 million euros (+12.6%)

08/11/2018On 20 November to Rome the shareholders' meeting of the Logistic Association Sustainable Intermodalità will hold
In program debate between exponents of first floor of the government, entrepreneurs and technicians of the field

08/11/2018The port of Rotterdam has won edition 2018 of the ESPO Award
Celebrated the 25° anniversary of the constitution of the European Sea Ports Organisation

08/11/2018Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings clearly has archived item the third trimester with a profit of 470,4 million dollars (+17.4%)
The revenues have grown of +12.5%

08/11/2018On 1° January the president of Friend International Shipping, Paolo d' Amico, will assume also the CEO charge
It will succeed to the dimissionario Marco Fiori

08/11/2018New marine service between Civitavecchia, Olbia and Cagliari of Grimaldi Lines
The new line will have trisettimanale frequency and will be active for all the year

08/11/2018Convention on the innovation of the fleet for tourist the inland navigation goods and
One will hold on 13 November to Mantua

08/11/2018Six arrests for contests of contract manipulated to the port of Augusta
An investigation has assessed that the notices and the disciplinary ones of contest were not managed by civil employees of the Harbour Authority, but by a company of from Syracuse planning

08/11/2018The From Liguria AdSP Oriental has begun to introduce the Document of Strategic Planning of System to all the interested parts
Of Sarcina: we think that indeed it can be set up a document how much more possible shared and adherent one to the expectations

08/11/2018Hapag-Lloyd closes positively a third trimester 2018 characterized lasting of difficulty in the market of the containerized marine transport
Record of transported cargo volumes from the fleet of the German company

07/11/2018Tirrenia, in the 2019 departures on the Torres Genoa-Port will be 728 against the 762 of 2018
The ship "Nuraghes" will be placed side by side by ro-ro a goods

07/11/2018Paolo d' Amico is named president of Intertanko
The organization, that it represents the shipowners of independent tankers, counts 204 associated

07/11/2018Eamonn confirmed O'Reilly ESPO president. Zeno Of named Augustin vice-president
The team directive of the association is completed by vice-president Annaleena Makila

07/11/2018Viia (SNCF) has activated a new railway freeway between Orbassano and Calais
The vehicles can be advanced via ferry towards the United Kingdom

07/11/2018ICTSI records quarterly records of containerized trade and economic performances
In the period July-september the harbour terminals of the group have enlivened beyond 2,4 million container (+6.4%)

07/11/2018Third trimester record for the traffic of the container enlivened from the port of New York
To August the port of call American has recorded the own new record historical salary

06/11/2018Stable the traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna in the third trimester
In the first nine months of this year tons of goods (+0.6% are enlivened 19,7 million)

06/11/2018New incomes and new projects of development in the port of Gioia Tauro
Signed the agreement for the takeover in the port of call of the Callipo Group. In program the potenziamento of the activity of AutoTerminal

06/11/2018Cultural and formative initiatives in the marine-harbour field to Bari, Brindisi and Salerno
Which signed agreements dall-Authority di Harbour Sistema of Mare Adriatico Meridionale and from Propeller Club of Salerno

06/11/2018Finnlines has closed the third trimester with a profit clearly of 33,0 million euros (+1.5%)
The revenues have grown of +9.4%

06/11/2018Federmar Cisal has introduced to the Procura of Genoa exposing on the marine non-EU citizens employed on Italian ships
The initiative follows an investigation in course in the Philippines on society of manning

06/11/2018Carnival and CSSC have finalized the agreements in order to constitute the new crocieristica company with center in China
Joint venture CSSC Carnival Cruise Shipping will acquire two ships of Costa Crociere and successively in the fleet the first two cruise ships constructed in China will enter

06/11/2018The International Chamber of prompt Shipping a review of the Stcw convention on the formation of the marine ones
Poulsson: there is from wondering if the norm, in its current drawing up, is still apt to the scopes of ventunesimo the century

06/11/2018Japan could resort to the WTO against the aids of State to the South Korean ship yards
Seul has restated legitimacy of the measures of shipbuilding support to the national one

05/11/2018In the first nine months of this year the traffic of the container in the ports of Naples and Salerno has grown of +7.8% and +1.1%
The traffic of the crocieristi is increased respective of +11.5% and +20.8%

05/11/2018Mercitalia Wednesday will inaugurate the first service of rail shipment cargo to high speed
It will connect from the monday to the friday the Interporto of Bologna with the Mercitalia terminal of Maddaloni-Marcianise

05/11/2018The accounts of Textainer still suffer of the effects of the container given rental to customers who are failed
Ghesquiere: we consider that the impact of this default is for the great part to our shoulders

05/11/2018FSL Trust has archived item the third trimester of 2018 with a net loss of -2,1 million dollars
In the first nine months of this year the liabilities have been of 446 thousand dollars

05/11/2018Fincantieri signs agreements in order to constitute to Shanghai a Network of suppliers for the new cruise ships constructed in China
The district of Baoshan will supply financings, fiscal, commercial and administrative facilities, lands and other resources

05/11/2018In the third trimester the traffic of the goods in the port of Palermo is diminished of -7,5%
To Termini Imerese an increase of +48.2% is recorded

02/11/2018Agreement Circle - Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure
The understanding is time to the development of an European project for the new international corridors goods

02/11/2018DBA Progetti has perfected the acquisition of 75% of the S.J.S. Engineering
Option in order to obtain remaining 25% of the capital

02/11/2018SNCF Logistics has obtained the entire property of Spanish COMSA Rail Transport
Completed the purchase of 75% of the capital in the hands of COMSA Corporación

02/11/2018The charter of continuous CAI International container to record turned out record
The American company previews that the question will remain elevated also in 2019

02/11/2018DB Cargo has extended own railway Network to the connections between Italy and France
Service Melzo-Lyon di Euro Rail Cargo

02/11/2018Forum to the system of the mega-alliances of the containerized marine transport lasts critical of the International Transport
The manifest ITF perplexity about the eventual maintenance of the specific exemptions for category

02/11/2018Following wind also for the charter of container Triton International
The third trimester has been archived item with a profit clearly of 95,6 million dollars (+60.6%)

02/11/2018Intercargo exhorts the IMO to make more in order to allow with the shipping to adapt itself to new norms 2020 on the fuel
To assure the consistent fuel availability world-wise - the association emphasizes - is of fundamental importance for the ships employed in the traffics tramp

02/11/2018Andrea Morandi is the new president of YoungShip Italy
Renewed the council of the association for biennium 2017-2019

02/11/2018Babcock announces the closing of the historical ship yard of Appledore
The negotiations with the government for the concession of aids for 60 million pounds been shipwrecked

31/10/2018Seaspan Corporation records turned out quarterly records
The period July-september has been archived item with a profit clearly of 80,0 million dollars (+65.3%)

31/10/2018The competitiveness of the Italian ports through the digitalisation
Convention of Propeller Club of Venice in program on 15 November

31/10/2018ArcelorMittal CLN, Fincantieri and Palescandolo Workings Irons worker have constituted Centro Servizi Navali
One will take care of logistic services and workings for the park sheets of the Fincantieri plants of Monfalcone and Marghera

31/10/2018Confitarma, the International Registry must remain unchanged
International registry and tonnage tax - minister Toninelli has asserted - must continue to produce effects also for the future

31/10/2018Approved of the budget of forecast 2019 of the Authority of Harbour System of the Sea of Sardinia
Ratified a deliberation that a reimbursement of 90% of the relative anchor duties to 2018 introduces and the forecast of a structural reduction for three years 2019-2021

31/10/2018Ok of the Region of Veneto to the work of adaptation of the harbour basin of Marghera
The start of the participation is previewed within june 2019

31/10/2018Uiltrasporti denunciation Hush the MIT on the lay-offs in Liberty Lines
Fantappiè: the behavior of the Ministry is inconceivable

31/10/2018Also in the quarter July-september the results of the ONE have been clearly inferior to the waits
The period has been archived item with a net loss of -192 million dollars

31/10/2018Shipowning group COSCO records an increase of the quarterly results supported from the new acquisitions
In the third trimester of the 2018 fleet of portacontainer it has transported 6,7 million teu (+43.8%), of which 5,0 million teu (+7.3%) from the sun ships of COSCO Shipping Lines

31/10/2018Virgin Voyages has ordered a fourth cruise ship to Fincantieri
The new contract has a value of about 700 million euros. The delivery will happen at the end of 2023

30/10/2018The Committee of management of the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern has approved of the budget of forecast 2019
Started the examination of the new regulations of the concessions

30/10/2018Last year the goods transported on train in Germany has been for the first time than more 400 million tons
Increment of +0.5% on 2016

30/10/2018Confetra Puglia is constituted
President is named Felice Panaro and Vito Totorizzo vice-president vicar

30/10/2018Trasportounito, the recapitalization To interpose you Sicilian does not resolve the problems of the road haulage
Beautiful: confirmation instead the total inability of the Region to face the topic of mobility of the goods

30/10/2018In the third trimester the port of Rotterdam has enlivened 3,7 million container (+4.7%)
Altogether the traffic of the goods has marked an increase of +3.2%

30/10/2018Fedespedi, not to the extension of the payment of the contribution to the Authority of Regulation of the Transports to all the enterprises of the logistics
Alberti: the amendment inserted in Decreto Genoa goes in the opposite direction regarding the promised iterated ones of the new government of lightening of the fiscal imposition on the enterprises

30/10/2018Agreement of fusion undersigned from Global Ship Lease and Poseidon Containers
The operation, based on a public offer of exchange, will come capacity to term within the next month

29/10/2018In 2020 the transport on the ships not equipped with scrubber will be forbidden of fuel oil not in compliance with the normative new on sulfur
Amendment approved of from the committee for the protection of the marine atmosphere of the IMO

29/10/2018Increase of the actions of piracy against the ships
For two consecutive trimesters seizures of boats have not happened

29/10/2018ECGs, is indispensable to make available with urgency parks sure and protect for the truck drivers
Under consideration the creation of a net of areas managed from the associates and situated in presses of the greater arteries of traffic

29/10/2018In the first nine months of the 2018 traffic in the port of Zeebrugge it has grown of +7.7%
Rise of the rotabili and the liquid bulk

29/10/2018In the third trimester the revenues of the CIMC deriving from the container sale are increased of +6.9%
In the period the consistency of the sales is dropped of -5,4%

29/10/2018HMM previews more than to double revenues and ability to the fleet within 2020
The objective is a turnover of ten billions of dollars and ships in a position to transporting a total of a million teu

29/10/2018Fusion of the London law firms Gordon Dadds Group and Ince & Co
The new society will have a annual turnover of beyond 110 million pounds

29/10/2018The port of Santos gets ready to close 2018 with an historical record of traffic
In the first nine months of this year tons of goods (+2.8% are enlivened almost 100,4 million)

29/10/2018COSCO Shipping Ports has closed the third trimester with a profit clearly for the shareholders of 75,1 million dollars (+11.8%)
The revenues have grown of +62.6%

29/10/2018Maersk and MSC will introduce eighth portacontainer in the Medgulf/TA6 service
The port of call to Port Everglades will be replaced with touched to Miami

29/10/2018Approved of you decree for the reduction of the harbour taxes and anchorage to Civitavecchia
Green light of the Committee of management to the budget of forecast 2019 of the Authority of Harbour System

29/10/2018In the period July-september the transported containerized cargos from OOCL have marked a quarterly record
New historical peak on the transpacifiche routes

26/10/2018In the third trimester of this year the harbour terminals of HPH Trust have enlivened 6,3 million container (- 7%)
In the first nine months of the 2018 traffic it has been of 17,6 million teu (- 3%)

26/10/2018In the third trimester the economic performances of the Cargotec group are improved considerably
The period has been archived item with a profit clearly of 37,9 million euros (+17%)

26/10/2018In the third trimester of the 2018 traffic of the goods in the port of Venice it has grown of +0.8%
In the first nine months of the 2018 increase it has been of +7.5%

26/10/2018In the fleet of the Baleària Spanish the first catamaran to high speed to the world with engines to gas will enter
The ship will be constructed in the ship yard of Gijón of the Armon

26/10/2018The Council of State definitively rejects the resources against the project of varying of the multifunctional platform of the port of Vado Ligure
Confirmed the pronounced sentence from the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT for the Liguria to half 2017

26/10/2018CMA CGM will buy CEVA Logistics through a fusion agreement
The logistic company will continue to being quoted at the market stock exchange SIX Swiss Exchange

25/10/2018Third trimester 2018 to frame for Royal Caribbean Cruises
Economic results record and new quarterly peak of fleeting imbarcatisi on the ships

25/10/2018Introduced to the EU the plan of participations of the Ministry of Transportation for the knot of Genoa
With project E-BRIDGE, AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Western, Uirnet and RFI heads at the innovation in order to improve the interconnection between the port and the nets of transport

25/10/2018Meyer Werft delays the delivery to AIDA Cruises of the new AIDAnova cruise ship
Cancelled the pre-inaugural travels of the second half of November

25/10/2018of Friendly Society of Navigation it re-enters in Confitarma
Mattioli: the family of Friend is a milestone of Confitarma and with its three presidents it has made the history of our Confederation

25/10/2018Spediporto, insufficient the measures for Genoa decided from the government
He is incomprehensible - denunciation the association - the reason for which a topic a lot important finds such indifference by our public administration

25/10/2018Started the contest for the management of the traffic fleeting in the port of and for the realization of the new Marine Station
The offers will have to be introduced within next 14 January

25/10/2018Containerized trade in the Russian ports in increase of +10.4%
In the period January-september they are enlivened 3,76 million teu

25/10/2018In the third trimester the new orders to the means producer of Konecranes handling are diminished of -4,5%
The relative orders to the cranes for the harbour field are dropped of -17,9%

25/10/2018Deep in order to finance participations of improvement of the railway connections of the ports of Livorno and Piombino
In arrival beyond six million euro from Italian Railway Net

25/10/2018Panalpina has closed the third trimester with a profit of 14,9 million franchi clearly Swiss (- 19.3%)
The revenues have grown of +6.5%

25/10/2018In third trimester ABB it has recorded an increase of the economic results and the orders
The period has been archived item with a profit clearly of 636 million dollars (+5.5%)

25/10/2018Circla Spa is admitted to the negotiations on AIM Italy
The beginning of the negotiations is previewed in order tomorrow

24/10/2018Livorno friday will accommodate directive national of Propeller the Club of Italy
In program a relation of the general commander of the Body of the Harbour offices

24/10/2018In the first nine months of the 2018 port of Algeciras it has enlivened 3,6 million container (+11.7%)
The which reshipped containers have been almost 3,2 million (+8.4%)

24/10/2018The port of Miami has recorded new records historical anniversaries in the fields of the cruises and the container
In fiscal year 2018 5.592.000 passengers and 1.084.000 teu are enlivened

24/10/2018APM Terminals Tangier concludes the work of increase of the height of four cranes of dock
They could be used in order to serve portacontainer of the ability to beyond 20.000 teu

24/10/2018The ports of Barcelona and Valencia anticipate projects in order to increase the containerized trade ability remarkablly
The objective is of being able to enliven five and respective 12 million one per year teu

24/10/2018Saipem has closed the first nine months of 2018 with a net loss of -357 million euros
In the period the value of the new acquired orders from the company is piled to 6,12 billion euros (+29.8%)

23/10/2018A fire has destroyed the new center of Savona of the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Western
No damage for the 40 dependent of the agency that were in the offices

23/10/2018THE Alliance confirmation the transfer of four services ocean-going liners from the port of Bremerhaven to that of Amburgo
Eurogate accusation the blow and specific that draft of a decision assumed from the Hapag-Lloyd, that she is partner of the HHLA

23/10/2018Ok of the authorities to the acquisition of the Containerships by CMA CGM
The transaction will be capacity to term on 31 October

23/10/2018Agreement between Assarmatori and the Department of Economy of the University of Genoa
In program the realization of a course for the formation of future managing managers and of the field of the logistics

23/10/2018Previewed within year-end the privatization of the fluvial port of Novi Sad
The term for the presentation of the offers is postponed on 21 November

23/10/2018Decrease of the traffic of the container in the terminals of DP World in the third trimester
They are enlivened 18,0 million teu (- 1.4%)

23/10/2018Quarterly increment of the revenues and the new orders of the division Marine Solutions di Wärtsilä
The Finnish group has closed the period July-september with a profit clearly of 101 million euros (+23%)

23/10/2018Friday to Milan will hold the edition the 2018 of the Prize Logistic one of the Year of Assologistica
In program the convention round table "intermodal Transport: which ideas, projects and solutions for a modern and efficient logistics"

23/10/2018Saturday OOCL will inaugurate the new service Mediterranean - West Africa
Ports of call to the ports of Genoa, Valencia, Algeciras, Dakar, Tincan, Tema and Abidjan

23/10/2018Strategic agreement of partnership between the British GNS and Italian SIRM
The objective is to supply services based on cloud to the shipowners and the managers of ships

22/10/2018In the first nine months of the 2018 port of Valencia it has enlivened 3,8 million container (+4.5%)
The containerized trade has been pairs to 42,5 million tons (+0.3%)

22/10/2018The E2open American buys the platform of booking for containerized shipments INTTRA
Fay: we will realize an only platform in order to connect, to optimize and to manage all the aspects of the production, logistics and total distribution

22/10/2018Assoporti has rewarded the best thesis on the topic of the crocieristica portualità
Acknowledgment to the job of Alessia Mazzocca from the title "the measurement of the innovation service in the systems of crocieristica acceptance: evidences empiricists"

22/10/2018Last month the traffic in the port of Barcelona is diminished of the -2,2% because of the reduction of the bulk
In the first nine months of the 2018 total it has been of 49,7 million tons (+11.5%)

22/10/2018The Federation of the Sea exhorts to carefully estimate the impact of the Brexit on the marine section
The Italian marine cluster emphasizes the necessity to reach a sustainable and mutual favorable agreement

22/10/2018In the 2020 world-wide assembly of the shipping agents it will return to Genoa
The Moroccan Abdelaziz Mantrach is the new president of the Fonasba. The Dutch to the guide of the Ecasba

22/10/2018China modification the norms in order to ulteriorly favor the return under the national flag of ships enrolled in other Registries
The scope is mainly that to acquire ship that currently fly flags convenient

22/10/2018Financial the South Korean government assures support to the companies of the navalmeccanica and the equipments for the naval field
Under consideration measures in order to favor the competitiveness of the field, in particular in the segment of the development of technologies for the protection of the atmosphere

19/10/2018Upgraded Austrian the railway terminal goods of Wolfurt
Concluded the work begun in 2014. The investment is piled to beyond 60 million euros

19/10/2018The next year in the Italian ports record of 11,85 million passengers is attended a crocieristico traffic
Today to Trieste the first day of the Italian Cruise Day, event that the next year will hold to Cagliari

19/10/2018Tomorrow to Genoa the edition of the Saint George Prize will hold 51ma
This year Targa "Saint George" will go to ingegner Franco Porcellacchia

19/10/2018In the first nine months of the 2018 Chinese marine ports they have enlivened 165,1 million container (+5.0%)
The traffic of the goods is piled to 6,93 billion tons (+4.3%)

19/10/2018To Genoa on 27 October SailOr, the ship of the guideline to the trades and the professions of the sea will sail
About 270 boys they will be accommodated on board of the ferry "the Supreme one" of GNV

19/10/2018Revenues record in the third trimester for the logistic group Helvetic Kuehne + Nagel
Sensitive rise of the performances of marine, aerial and terrestrial shipments

19/10/2018New railway service Holland-Italy of the Samskip
It has trisettimanale frequency and it connects the port of Amsterdam with Melzo

18/10/2018The public IMO guides in order to estimate and to reduce the pollution produced from the emissions of the ships
Lines guide also for the emissions in harbour within

18/10/2018Landolfi answers to Roncallo: it minds me that the president of the AdSP has lived my demand for clarification as a personal offense
Me the reference still minds more - it has specified - that I reject about a personal interest behind my demand

18/10/2018Retort of president of the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Orientale to the esternazioni of the president of the customs brokers of lasts
I wonder perhaps - it is the lashing observation of the Roncallo - if they arrive in order to carry messages of third party, than do not have so to heart our port or if simply features of the need to appear itself periodically on paper printed publication

18/10/2018MSC Cruises will order to Fincantieri the construction of four cruise ships extra-dislocates
The store clerk will have a total value of beyond two billions of euro

18/10/2018A delegation of the Union Pilots has met the summits of the European Parliament
The association will propose a interrogation written to Bulc commissioner for the protection of the category of the pilots

18/10/2018MSC Cruises assumes 80 students of the Italian Academy Marina Mercantile
The initiative within a project of formation realized from the institute with the crocieristica company

18/10/2018Lab container will be present to Milan Festival Music with three container-laboratory
A series of paintings of Luca Bonfanti will be exposed

18/10/2018Executive I decree ministerial for the formation of the pilots of the ports
Flag (Fedepiloti): with the new norm an important goal for our profession is reached

18/10/2018A delegation of the Logistic Association Sustainable Intermodalità has met minister Toninelli
Discussed the main topics legacies to the sustainable intermodalità

18/10/2018Last month the marine transport of goods through the Suez Canal has grown of +8.4%
In the first nine months of this year the ships journeyed in the water way transported 726,7 million tons of cargos (+8.8%)

18/10/2018The ship yard of Rauma will construct a ferry for the Estonian company Tallink
The store clerk will have a value of about 250 million euros

17/10/2018Confetra exhorts the government to launch a "Bassanini law of the transports and the goods"
Necessary - Marcucci has explained - an only provision in order to free the potentialities of the Italian logistic industry from a forest of bureaucratic encumbrances and groundings

17/10/2018Inaugurated the new national center of Assarmatori to Rome
It is situated about to the Baboon

17/10/2018The Fosen Norwegian Yard acquires a participation in the German ship yard Nordseewerke
The plant of Emden will be renamed Fosen Nordseewerke

17/10/2018Within Oil Union the strategic group is constituted Fuels and Energies Alternatives for Mobility
The scope is to promote the acquaintance of the potentialities of alternative fuels

17/10/2018The company of intelligent navigation MSC is equipping of 50 thousand container
Project realized in collaboration with the Traxens French

17/10/2018CMA CGM controls 37.6% of CEVA Logistics
Ulterior purchase of actions carried out in recent days

17/10/2018The Association of the Customs brokers of La Spezia asks the AdSP to clarify the development plans of the port of the city
Landolfi: necessary to have a picture of precise reference species on the choices, the deep ones, but still more on the times than start and completion of the work

17/10/2018The International Chamber of public Shipping a study on the potential effects of independent navigation on the occupation of marine
To reduce the impact negative there will be an increase of the "crews" to earth

16/10/2018V.Group acquires the Norddeutsche Reederei H. Schuldt
Agreement of partnership with the Blue Net Chartering, chartering broker of the fleet of portacontainer of the Costamare

16/10/2018Disinvestment of APM Terminals in Turkey, with the cession of the participation in the Petlim
The Dutch terminalista society will continue to manage the container Turkish terminal

16/10/2018New railway service between the Interporto di Cervignano and the German port of Rostock
The frequency is trisettimanale, with the objective to elevate it to five departures in both the directions

16/10/2018Agreement of collaboration between the ports of Barcelona and Shenzhen
It is signed today in the within of the international fair of the logistics and transports CILF

16/10/2018First conference of a project in order to improve the intermodal connections between ports and airports of the Adriatic-ionic region
One will hold tomorrow to Bari

16/10/2018Trasportounito protests for prolongedding of the times of attended of the trucks to crosses of the port of Naples
Musella: the ambitions of the harbour port of call to generate opportunity and job are destined to annul themselves in a bottle neck

16/10/2018Clearly inferior to the waits the achieved economic results from ONE in the first semester of activity
Reorganized also the perspectives for the entire fiscal year anniversary 2018

16/10/2018The port of Los Angeles has established the own new record of traffic of the container for the september month
In the first nine months of this year they are enlivened 6,8 million teu (- 1.7%)

15/10/2018In the third trimester of this year the harbour terminals of COSCO Shipping Ports have enlivened 25,84 million container (+11.8%)
In the first nine months of the 2018 traffic it has been of 73,17 million teu (+12.8%)

15/10/2018In according to trimester of the 2018 traffic of the container in the harbour terminals of Eurokai it is diminished of -3,9%
Bending of -5,4% in the German terminals of Eurogate and decrease of the -4,2% in the Italian terminals of Contship Italy

15/10/2018Study in order to transform the port of Slavyanka in a hub international for Korea, China and Russia
The analysis, promoted from the government of Seul, will be completed between a year

15/10/2018New projects of Confetra for the study and the analysis on the perspectives of the logistics
They will be introduced in occasion of the assembly anniversary that will hold cargo vessel to Rome

15/10/2018Mattioli (Confitarma): the international Registry is fundamental for the competitiveness of the Italian fleet
In the 20 years from its institution - it has emphasized - the fleet is doubled and is one of the more important fleets of flag to the world

15/10/2018To september the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of -16,2%
In the first nine months of the 2018 bending it has turned out of -5,6%

15/10/2018Abu Dhabi Terminals has ordered to Konecranes 54 automated cranes to portal on track
They are destined to the second phase of Khalifa Port Container Terminal

15/10/2018In the first nine months of the 2018 port of Tanjung Pelepas it has enlivened 6,6 million container (+6%)
In the third trimester the traffic has grown of +4%

15/10/2018In the third trimester of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Singapore has grown of +1.0%
To september a decrease is recorded of -4,7%

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