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26 March 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 23:21 GMT+1

26/03/19The new passenger terminal of the port of Bari will be realized with a million investment five euro
It will become operating in the first trimester of 2021

26/03/19Three days of assemblies and it meet promoted from organizations of the confederal system of Confetra
They will hold tomorrow between and friday to Naples and Genoa

26/03/19An increase of the costs determines a decrease of the results of the first trimester of the Carnival group
The revenues are increased of +10.4%

26/03/19The port of Livorno has reached levels railway traffic record
Last year they have been 1,963 enlivened trains (+14.6%)

26/03/19The ships Coast return to land regularly in the port of Genoa, where the company wants to realize a terminal cruises
This year, so as for 2020, 40 ports of call are previewed

26/03/19DB Cargo, according to round of assumptions in Spain of machinists who will work in Germany
The first program of formation and recruitment has collected more than 11.500 questions than participation

26/03/19Agreement between Rail Group Cargo, RZD and Intelex for the development of the digital railway cargo
The scope is to promote the standardization and the digitalisation of international the railway logistics to the borders orientals of Europe

26/03/19CMA CGM and Maersk have ordered new portacontainer to Chinese group CSSC
Store clerk of the French group for ten ships from 15.000 teu. The order of the Danish company is for ten units from 2.200 teu

26/03/19Exercise 2018 two-faced for the Chinese producer of Singamas container
The important increase recorded in 2017 is continued and then it has beeed exhausted in the first six months last year

25/03/19New center of formation of the staff of edge of the group Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings
It will be realized to Manila, in the Philippines

25/03/19Deep for four million euro from the Region to the port of Trieste
They are destined to the promotion of the intermodal transport

25/03/19The port of Antwerp confirmation the recorded records of traffic in 2018
The year is closed with a total of 235,2 million tons of goods enlivened (+5.2%)

25/03/19Signed the understandings between the AdSP of Trieste and Genoa with Communication Construction Company Lowers
They have been sign saturday to Rome in the picture of the agreements between the Italian government and that Chinese on the New Via of the Silk

25/03/19Inmarsat will be bought for 3,4 billion dollars from the Triton consortium
The purchaser is participated with equal quotas from Apax, Warburg Pincus, Canada Pension Plant Investment Board and Ontario Teacher's Pension Plan Board

25/03/19Assarmatori and Federlogistica exhort the government to apply Regolamento EU on the harbour services
Messina and Merlo: it can supply an only opportunity in order to introduce and to apply to valid rules, in relation to everyone enclosed a right to the self-handler

25/03/19Yang Ming has closed 2018 with a net loss of about 204 million dollars
New records of the revenues and the transported containerized volumes from the fleet

25/03/19In the 2018 OOIL it has recorded revenues record pairs to 6,57 billion dollars (+9.9%)
The profit clearly is piled to 108,2 million dollars (- 21.4%)

25/03/19Concluded positively the incident to the Viking Sky cruise ship
In same Norwegian waters the crew of the cargo vessel "Hagland Captain" is evacuated

22/03/19Understanding for the connection of the port and the industrial zone of Brindisi to national the railway net
It is signed by RFI, AdSP of Mare Adriatico Meridionale and ASI Brindisi

22/03/19The Authority of Regulation of the Transports has introduced the new measures for the contests in the marine transport fleeting
The regulation action will be object of a period of observation of 36 months

22/03/19Evergreen has closed 2018 with a decrease of -98,8% of the profit clearly and improvement of the results in the fourth trimester
Huey-Chuan Hsieh is named managing director of the company

22/03/19Spediporto is worried that the deficiency of assigned staff to carry out the controls on the goods can penalize the port of Genoa
Blow: the risk is that the system of the controls goes as one operating

22/03/19On 29 March to Salerno a day of studies will hold on Special the Economic Zones
The normative profiles and the application aspects will be examined

22/03/19Noatum Maritime will buy logistic society American MIQ Logistics
It will be integrated in the division Noatum Logistics

22/03/19In the 2018 revenues of terminalista group PSA they have grown of +3.0%
The profit clearly has been of 1,25 billion dollars of Singapore (- 3.2%)

22/03/19Maersk will experience the biofuel for an Europe-Asia-Europe travel of portacontainer Triple
Previewed a reduction of the emissions of 1,5 million kg of carbon dioxide and sulfur 20 thousand kg

22/03/19Hapag-Lloyd clearly has archived item 2018 with a profit of 54 million dollars (+51%)
Rolf Habben Jansen: all considering we are satisfied of the financial results

22/03/19On 29 March to Piacenza a convention on the topic "Polo Intermodale of Piacenza: future perspectives and impact on the territory"
Operators of the logistics and the transport and representatives of the institutions the coinvolerà encounter

22/03/19Fit Cisl, is necessary to prevent that the container terminal of the Port Channel of Cagliari becomes one of the many incomplete cathedral in the desert
The union is declared ready to proclaim the state of agitation if it will be able to serve to carry attention on the serious situation and to safeguard the places of work

21/03/19of Friend International Shipping it has closed 2018 with a net loss of -55,1 million dollars
Paolo d' Amico: our market of reference is returned on profitable levels towards the turn of the year, with clear confirmed signs of improvement also at the beginning of 2019

21/03/19Introduced IV the warning of the Interreg Italy Francia Marittimo
On hand deep places for 13 million euros

21/03/19An sensitive increase of the costs hung on budget 2018 of the ZIM
The exercise is closed in loss. In the year the ships of the fleet have transported than 2,9 million container (+10.8% more)

21/03/19Al via the construction of a new port on the Caribbean coast of Colombia
To the management of the landing place the shipowning group CMA CGM will collaborate

21/03/19SeaDream Yacht club has ordered a new cruise ship of luxury to the Damen
It is the first new order of the company from its foundation and first for the Dutch yard in the segment cruise

21/03/19The Italian government has approved of decrees on the emissions of co2 generated by the marine transport
It introduces the sanzionatoria discipline for the violation of the norms in matter

21/03/19Stable in the 2018 traffic of the container enlivened in the terminals of Hutchison Ports
Revenues in increase of +3%

21/03/19Last month the traffic of the goods enlivened from the Chinese marine ports is diminished of -8,5%
The containerized trade has been pairs to 16,6 million teu (- 1.9%)

20/03/19The Board of Directors of Friend International Shipping has approved of a capital increase
New actions until to the maximum amount of 44,0 million euros

20/03/19Eurogate and Contship Italy increase own presence in the Moroccan port of Tanger Med
They will acquire a participation in the Marsa International Tangier Terminals, that it will manage the new container terminal 3

20/03/19Last month the port of Barcelona has enlivened 280 thousand container (+12.6%)
Altogether the traffic of the goods has been of 5,42 million tons (+8.0%)

20/03/19In 2018 SBB CFF FFS Cargo it is returned to the profit
The traffic goods enlivened has been pairs to 17,0 billion tonnellate/km (+1.7%)

20/03/19To February the ships journeyed in the Suez Canal transported 77,2 million tons of goods (+5.3%)
Cargos for 40,3 million tons were boarded on the units directed to south (+2.8%) and for 36,9 million tons on those directing to north (+8.2%)

20/03/19The Maersk group has yielded own participation in the oil company Total
Almost 17,3 million it sets in action are yielded for 884 million euros

19/03/19Count, the understanding with China is online with the interests of Italy, its exports and its ports
Our commercial ports of call - it has emphasized the Prime Minister - will not be bypassati by the new traffics

19/03/19On 28 March to Naples an organized convention from the new regional representation of the Confetra for the Campania
The encounter has for topic "Evolutions and scenes of the logistics between total dynamics and territorial vocations"

19/03/19Last appeal to investor interested to the granari silos of the port of Cagliari before to proceed to their demolition
The term for the presentation of proposals has been fixed on 31 March

19/03/19PSA, Polish bottom PFR and the deep GIF will acquire the container terminal of the port of Danzica
Real Assets of the Macquarie group will be yielded by Macquarie Infrastructure and

19/03/19The Singamas Chinese announces the possible cession of five companies of the group
They could yield approximately between 521 and 596 million dollars

19/03/19Beyond 100 million you melt PON Infrastructures and Nets for the ports of the AdSP of the western Sicily
Moreover from the CEF a co-financing of about 750 thousand euros for the harbour port of call of Palermo arrives

19/03/19A study evidences that the increase of the marine transport could cause a strong increase of the invasive spread of species
Leung (McGill University): political initiatives as the international Convention for the control and the management of the ballast water goes in the right direction

19/03/19Agreement between Austria, Russia and Slovakia in order to extend the railway net to Russian wide gauge until Vienna
The corridor is framed in the New Via of the Silk

18/03/19A group of entrepreneurs of Reggio Calabria is proposed to acquire 50% of Medcenter Container Terminal
Nucera (Reggio Calabria Confindustria): it is a legitimate requirement that goes beyond the investment in itself and is a friendly initiative and of affiancamento to who it invests in our territory

18/03/19The port of Trieste signs understandings with ÖBB-Infra, RFI and Rail Austria Cargo for the potenziamento of the railway modality
Of Augustin: it has been the development of the intermodal and railway activities, in particular of the railroad Austrian, to determine the awakening of our port

18/03/19I confront in Confetra on the impact of the shipowning alliances on the logistic row
Comforts: it has been an important encounter occasion on a more and more current topic for the future development of our activities

18/03/19The Council of State on 25 July sends back the decision on the genoese Agency Basins
Named two experts in order to verify some technically aspects

18/03/19The goods counterfeit constitutes 3.3% of the value of world-wide the commercial exchanges
They are pairs to 6.8% of the imports of the European Union. China and Hong Kong are by far the main points of counterfeited origin of the goods

18/03/19Agreement of cooperation between the Ministry of Transportation Rumanian and the DP World group
The terminalista society will manage the container terminal of Constanta until 2049

18/03/19Today it reruns the 300° anniversary of the institution of the Carriage free of Trieste
It begins a series of events celebrated you that they will be ollowed for all the year

18/03/19M.E. Marine Emiliana (Amoretti Shipping) has ordered two new to chimichiere to Ningbo Xinle Shipbuilding
They will be taken in delivery in 2020

18/03/19To February the traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach is diminished of -9,8%
In the first period of two months of the 2019 traffic it has been of 1,25 million teu (- 5.0%)

18/03/19On 27 March to Mantua a convention will hold on the competitiveness of the inland navigation
EU of the Mediterranean Corridor will be preceded by an encounter in occasion of the visit of the coordinator

15/03/19To February the traffic of the container in the Chinese terminals of COSCO Shipping Ports is dropped of -2,7%
In the terminals foreign countries an increase of +11.3% is recorded

15/03/19The Rail Austrian Cargo will strengthen the railway connections with the ports of Trieste and Venice
Confetrra FVG, does not exist coming real dangers from investments foreign countries in the port of Trieste. Terminal TMT is equipped of other supplied means of handling from CVS Ferrari

15/03/19Every year the oceans absorb about 31% of the carbon dioxide emissions
From 1994 to the 2007 total it has been of 34 billion tons

15/03/19Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of -19,6%
In the first period of two months of the 2019 decrease it has been of -15,3%

15/03/19In the Finnish yard Meyer Turku is celebrated the technical launch of Costa Smeralda
The new flagship of Costa Crociere will be christened to Savona next 3 November

15/03/19On 21 March to Palermo the event "Economy of the Sea. Opportunity of development for the territory"
The fifth relationship "Italian Maritime Economy" of SRM will be introduced

15/03/19The field of the logistics of the manifest car worry for an escape of the Reign from the EU not regulated
Erik Jonnaert (ACEA): "the impact of a Brexit without agreements on the automotive industry would be catastrophic"

15/03/19Contship Italy confirmation the start of negotiates with MSC for the cession of the entire control of terminal MCT of Gioia Tauro
Named a law firm that will assist it in the negotiation and chosen a advisor financial independent

15/03/19To February the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles is diminished of -2,7%
In the first period of two months of the 2019 +1.6% are enlivened 1,56 million teu ()

15/03/19Published the ban outline type for the competitions for ormeggiatori
It introduces updates to necessary professional requirement for the participation

14/03/19Gabriele Gargiulo is the new temporary acting general secretary of the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern
It is named this morning unanimously by the Committee of management

14/03/19Exceptional cargo of beyond 200 tons boarded in the port of
Draft of a destined magnet to headquarters ITER under construction in France

14/03/19In Italy the transport modalities continue the slow down of the increase in all
It evidences the Conjunctural Note of the Confetra

14/03/19A delegation of Qatar visiting near Assoporti
Successively it is received to the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports from vice minister Edoardo Rixi

14/03/19MSC has confirmed to Fincantieri the orders for four new cruise ships of luxury
They will have all a tonnage of about 64.000 tons

14/03/19Ready before the summer the new Fast Ferry Terminal of the port of Trapani
In program also the restyling of the existing marine station

14/03/19Toninelli announces that Contship has decided to yield the entire control of the container terminal of Gioia Tauro to MSC
The minister has specified that the procedure of lapsing of concessionaire's right will be suspended for 30 days

14/03/19The terminalista group DP World has closed the 2018 with economic results record
New historical semiannual peaks in the second half of the year

14/03/19Decrease of the containerized trade in the port of Singapore to February
They are enlivened beyond 2,7 million teu (- 2.9%)

13/03/19Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti, against the self-handler possible other initiatives
The unions have evidenced the great participation to the manifestation this morning to the port of Naples

13/03/19Marfin Investment could yield the shipowning group Greek Attica Holdings
It has a fleet of 30 ships operated from Superfast Ferries, Blue Ferries Star, Hellenic Seaways and Africa Morocco Link

13/03/19Seabourn Venture will be called before the two ships for Seabourn constructed by joint venture Mariotti - Damen
In the yard of Marghera the cut of the first sheet of the third ship that Fincantieri is realizing for Holland America Line

13/03/19New joint venture of the French CMA CGM and Bolloré Transport & Logistics in Ethiopia
Agreements with MACCFA Freight Logistics, Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise and CLS Logistics

13/03/19On 28 March to Bolzano a convention will hold on the transalpine corridor of Brenner
It is promoted by Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica in collaboration with Freeway of Brenner

13/03/19Uiltrasporti Sardinia proposes a review of the concession to CICT leaving to the current manager 500 meters of dock and assigning to the others 1,000 through contest
Zonca: from Contship an immediate sign attends in order to understand which are the intentions on the port of Cagliari

13/03/19Saturday to Ravenna a manifestation on energy, job and organized atmosphere from the ANCIP
The initiative has the scope to evidence the importance of these topics for the future of the Country

13/03/19Friday to Rome will hold a round table on infrastructures and logistics
It is organized from the Anasped

13/03/19The ship with-ro Great America of the Grimaldi group is sunk
After the rescue of the 27 people on board it is increased to the violence of the fire and the sideslip of the unit

12/03/19From Trieste the pros and cons of the realization of Tav Torino-Lione
Organized encounter from Propeller Club

12/03/19On 19 March the experimentation of the use of the biofuel will be started on a portacontainer of CMA CGM
Initiative realized in collaboration with Ikea, GoodShipping Program and port of Rotterdam

12/03/19Filt, Fit and Uilt indicono for friday a strike of the associates of the harbour company Culmv of Genoa
The unions waiting for answers on the salaries, the organic one of the port and the business continuity

12/03/19The Abruzzi Region will ask the transfer for the ports of Pescara and Ortona the jurisdiction of the AdSP of the Center-Northerner Tyrrhenian Sea
The objective - president Marsilio has explained - is to create a governance only for the European corridor Tyrrhenian-Adriatic between the Iberian peninsula and the Balkans

12/03/19For German BGL the cases of drunkeness of the truck drivers are consequence of the social dumping goods in foreign market of the haulers of the East
The association proposes the inclusion in the package of mobility of the EU of it obligation for the truck drivers to return at home after a maximum of four weeks

12/03/19Filt, Fit and Uilt confirm adhesion and support to today's strike in the port of Naples
Garrison in order to protest against the self-handler

12/03/19The segment of the cruises hauls the increase of the economic results of the Global Turk Ports
In the 2018 Global Investment Holdings has considerably reduced the liabilities

12/03/19BP anticipates own initial net of marine fuel distribution in compliance with new regulations MARPOL
The points of refueling of Very Low Sulphur are a dozen Oil Fuel

11/03/19Confcommercio and Conftrasporto exhort the Italian government to the maximum precaution on the agreement with China for the Way of the Silk
The loss of the full national sovereignty is risked - they have emphasized Sangalli and Palenzona - on harbour and railway strategic infrastructures

11/03/19In the 2018 Tuscan ports of Alto Tirreno they have enlivened 44 million tons of goods (+7.3%)
Extraordinary commissioner Verna has assumed the guide of the AdSP

11/03/19Ceva and Geodis head to grow ulteriorly in the segment of the e-commerce
Activation of new specific logistics centers

11/03/19To January the traffic of the container in the port of Algeciras is increased of +13.0%
Altogether the goods tons (+5.6% enlivened have been 8,6 million)

11/03/19Scorpio Bulkers sells two to rinfusiere Kamsarmax for 48 million dollars
The ships are constructed in 2015 in China

11/03/19The Japanese MOL experiences endowed mooring ropes of sensors
The system affords to know in real time the tension on the cables

11/03/19IDB Invest finances the widening of the container terminal of the port of Itapoá
The traffic ability will be elevated by 510 thousand teu to 1,2 million teu

08/03/19Mercitalia Rail has taken in delivery before the 40 new locomotives electrical workers
They are produced in the plant of Vado Ligure of the Bombardier Transportation

08/03/19A delegation of the Qingdao Port Group has visited the ports of Vado Ligure and Genoa
The savonese multipurpose terminal will become operating to year-end

08/03/19Navis buys a Terminal Operating System for little ones harbour terminals
Acquired the American Cetus Labs, Inc

08/03/19U.N. Ro-Ro introduces in service the greatest ship ro-ro of its fleet
The "Ephesus Seaways", that it has an ability to 6.700 linear meters, will reach tuesday the port of Trieste

08/03/19Hyundai Heavy Industry has signed undersigned the contract with KDB in order to acquire control DSME
The Board deliberates the subdivision of the group in two entity

08/03/19Conference on the fast marine lines in Campania
One will hold on 14 March to Salerno

08/03/19Only an offer (fails to fulfill) for the privatization of the Serbian fluvial port of Novi Sad
It is introduced by the P&O Ports of the DP World group, to which the shipment of additional documentation will be demanded

08/03/19Fincantieri acquires a participation of minority in Genoa Naval Industries
Fixed an option for a quota minority also in T. Mariotti

07/03/19Propeller of Trieste will be interrogated on the consequences of the eventual one lacked realization TAV Torino-Lione
The debate will carry out monday

07/03/19The National School Transports and Logistics has opened a center detached in the port naval of Carrara
The institute is founded in 1991 to La Spezia

07/03/19Published a book dedicated to the ships christened with the name "Trieste"
The today's presentation of the volume is first of the events in order to celebrate the one hundred years of the Samer & Co. Shipping

07/03/19Fedespedi, although the slow down of the export Italian opportunities for the shippers are anticipated
Worry for the bending of the containerized trade in the national ports

07/03/19Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti restate theirs not to the self-handler in the ports
The unions are declared ready to take to the due initiatives to defense of the job of the harbour ones

07/03/19Spediporto, the port of Genoa seems exited from the critical phase
The association of the shippers emphasizes that but state of health of the port of call could be compromise from the deficiency of technical staff

07/03/19Iccrea BancaImpresa and four BCC finance the construction of a new fluvial ship of the Ligabue
It will be employed by controlled the German Plantour & Partner on the rivers Reno and the Danube

07/03/19VSA of relative CMA CGM and MSC to the route that connects North Europe and the Mediterranean with the Ocean Indiano and Australia
The agreement will be activated the next september with the employment of 14 ships

07/03/19"K" Linens previews to close 2018 with inferior results to the precedence esteem
Attended a net loss attributable to the shareholders pairs to -100 billion yen

07/03/19Started the procedure for the selection of the president of the AdSP of the Strait
The collection of interest manifestations will be concluded on 28 March

07/03/19Terminalista ICTSI records turned out financial and operating records
In the 2018 terminal of the group they have enlivened than 9,7 million container (+6.4% more)

06/03/19On 15 March to Milan the third appointment of States general of the Logistics of the North will hold the West
The program previews the illustration of the macroeconomic context and the up to now carried out action from the Regions Liguria, Lombardy and Piemonte

06/03/19Started the contest for the concession of the new container terminal in deep waters of the port of Rijeka
Previewed an investment of 350 million euros

06/03/19The Spanish terminalisti speed up a reduction of the taxes on the harbour enterprises
They ask a reduction from 5.5% 4% for the fiscal share anniversary applicable to the tax basis

06/03/19Seaspan has closed 2018 with a profit clearly of 278,8 million dollars (+59.1%)
Revenues and operating profit record

06/03/19Admiral Pietro Verna is the extraordinary commissioner of the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern
It is named by minister Toninelli

05/03/19One hundred thousand trains have crossed the gallery of base of Saint Gottardo
In 2018 59% of the convoys circulated through the tunnel were goods

05/03/19Brexit and project TRANSPOGOOD to the center of the next reunion of Propeller Club of Venice
One will hold on 12 March to Mestre

05/03/19Global Ship Lease has concluded 2018 with a net loss of -57,4 million dollars
On November 15, 2018 the fusion with Poseidon has become effective Holdings Container

05/03/19First 20 million euros destined to the enterprises of the road haulage hit by collapse of Morandi Bridge
The AdSP of the Western Liguria has started the relative preliminary investigation on the period 15 August - 31 Decembers 2018

05/03/19Rossi prompt the government to name a commissioner to the guide of the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Northerner
The port and the city of Livorno and the Tuscany - it has emphasized the president of the Region - cannot be abandoned same they

05/03/19In Switzerland under consideration a price cutting of the rail shipment
Previewed from a 2021 cut of 90 million franchi per year of the prices for the use of the net

05/03/19Agreement between Azerbaijan, Georgia, Rumania and Turkmenistan in order to realize a multimodale corridor Black Sea - Sea Caspian
Previewed the institution of a working group in order to identify and to resolve all the technical issues

04/03/19Paolo Messina is died the genoese shipowner
In the within of the Messina group one took care of the business management and the relationships with the customers

04/03/19The Transportation Institute newly evidences the importance of Jones Act for the shipping American
Currently the marine field appoints to a job about 650 thousand city Americans

04/03/19The Germans Ernst Russ and Peter Döhle have yielded the respective quotas in the Hammonia Reederei
Owners of the Containerships Finn are bought by the Norwegian investment trust NRP and by the precedence

04/03/19Fincantieri signature the contracts for the first two of the six destined cruise ships to Viking
They will be delivered in 2024 and 2025

04/03/19Brussels authorizes the Kongsberg to acquire the Commercial division Marine of the Rolls-Royce
Limited horizontal and vertical relations between the activities of the societies

04/03/19I confront between Confitarma and the representatives of some of the deep ones of private capital
In program 8 March a new reunion with the credit institutions and ABI

04/03/19The Dutch Kotug and Boskalis will sell their joint venture of harbor tug to the Boluda Spanish
The entire capital of the Kotug Smit Towage is estimated 300 million euros

04/03/19Started a contest for the construction of a terminal cruises in the mauritian port of Port Louis
The structure will be able to accommodate until 4.000 passengers

04/03/19CMA CGM has closed 2018 with a worsening of the results although the transported revenues and volumes record
The exercise anniversary has been archived item with a profit clearly of 68,3 million dollars (- 90.7%). New slowly of control of the costs

04/03/19The British ports ask a simplification for the decisional processes of planning and in order to face after Brexit
The proposal includes a review of the norms in environmental matters

01/03/19In increase the crocieristico traffic in the ports of Ortona and Pesaro
In the ortonese port of call the goods is diminished of -2%

01/03/19Decided increase of the new orders to Konecranes in the last trimester of 2018
In the single segment of harbour means the new store clerks have totaled 399,1 million euros (+56.3%)

01/03/19Stable the traffic enlivened in 2018 in the ports of Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Gaeta
Record of the containerized trade that for the first time has exceeded 100 thousand teu

01/03/19As they change the professions in the field of the logistics
Thursdays to Milan Gi Group and Assologistica anticipate the search "Evolution of the roles of the logistics"

01/03/19Roncallo (From Liguria AdSP Oriental) has joined to the Committee of support to the Pontremolese
The port of - it has emphasized - could be still more competitive if the potenziamento of the railway line were put into effect

28/02/19Containerships has archived item 2018 with a net loss of -1,7 million euros
The revenues are piled to 268,0 million euros (+18.3%)

28/02/19Third party encounter of the Italian marine cluster with the summits of the military and civil marine administrations
Mattioli (Federation of the Sea and Confitarma): thanks to the International Registry our mercantile fleet competes on the international markets

28/02/19Preliminary budget 2018 of Saipem shows a net loss of -472 million euros
Last year the new orders have grown of +18.3%

28/02/19Begun to Bari the operations for I float of the Galesus tug
One had run aground in recent days while it tried to assist a cargo vessel in the course of a storm

28/02/19Finnlines records positive performances financial institutions
In the 2018 profit clearly it is piled to 95,1 million euros (+14.8%)

28/02/19In increase the acquired orders from Bureau Veritas in the naval field
Last year the revenues in this segment are diminished of -4,5%

28/02/19Assoporti expresses flood solidarity to Stefano Corsini and Massimo Provinciali
Rossi: we wish that the precautionary measures can be reconsidered

28/02/19Coast has taken in delivery Costa Venezia, the first dedicated ship at the market Chinese
It will be christened tomorrow to Trieste

28/02/19The Tuscany Region asks the MIT for being involved in the nomination of the commissioner of the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Northerner
Rossi: it is necessary to safeguard the principle of loyal collaboration between the State and the E region the spirit of law 84

28/02/19In last trimester last year ABB it has recorded an increment of +10.4% of the new orders
The revenues are increased of +8.7% and the profit clearly has marked a decrease of -18,4%

28/02/19The defence lawyers of Corsini will appeal the decision of the Jeep
The president of the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern has been interdict from the publics offices for a year

28/02/19In the fourth trimester the 2018 profit clearly of the Panalpina Helvetian has recorded an increase of +172.7%
The turnover clearly has been of about 1,4 billion euros (+8.6%)

27/02/19To January the port of Valencia has enlivened 439 thousand container (+12.5%)
Altogether the traffic of the goods has been of 6,43 million tons (+21.3%)

27/02/19MSC Cruises has taken in delivery new the Beautifulst cruise ship MSC
Celebrated also the ceremony of the currency for "Vituous MSC"

27/02/19The president and the general secretary of the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern have been interdicts for a year from the publics offices
The Mit announces the next nomination of an extraordinary commissioner

27/02/19Kuehne + Nagel has closed 2018 with a profit clearly of million franchi Swiss ones (+4.3%)
In the solo fourth trimester the volume of marine shipments is increased of +4.6%, while the air shipments are dropped of -1,6%

27/02/19ZIM invests in the platform cloud for marine transport Ladingo
A year is founded ago

27/02/19Still performance negative financial institutions for the group CEVA Logistics
In the 2018 increment of +7% of marine shipments and decrease of the -7% of those for aerial way

26/02/19Shortly the way to the procedure in order to place the port of Monfalcone under the management of the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Orientale
The agency is already perceiving the relative returns to the harbour taxes the port of call

26/02/19Daniele Rossi is the new president of the Association of the Italian Ports
He is president of the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Centro-Settentrionale, agency that administers the port of Ravenna

26/02/19Fanpei (CSSC): with the assistance of Carnival/Costa and Fincantieri we are equipping us of the entire industrial chain for the construction of cruise ships
Ours - it has explained the chairman of the Chinese group - is a strategic decision that it has received attention and support from the leaders of the Chinese and Italian government

26/02/19Cesar d' Amico in the executive committee and the council of Confitarma
They will be introduced to the government proposed for the sburocratizzazione of the shipowning field and in order to increase the competitiveness of the Italian flag

26/02/19Toninelli admonishes terminalista society MCT of Gioia Tauro and shows the lapsing of concessionaire's right
From MSC - the minister has announced - "a general letter of engagements" with promises of investments and of I throw again of the port. But obviously - it has specified - we attend a business plan

26/02/19BRS has bought the marine broker Columbian Amazonas Shipping
The South American company is specialized in the segment dry cargo

26/02/19Last year the traffic of the goods in the Turkish ports is diminished of -2,3%
Handling of the container has been pairs to 10.843.998 teu (+8.3%)

26/02/19Still a year of decided increase for the Fincantieri group
Bono: ours is a company leader, true reference in world-wide the shipbuilding panorama

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