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17 January 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 01:19 GMT+1

16/01/2019The four Italian ports included in the new configuration of the services of the Ocean Alliance rather than the current ones you are
Confirmed the touched ones of three lines to Genoa and one to Trieste and Venice. La Spezia will go up from one to two services. Livorno and Salerno outside from the Network

16/01/2019The Freight Transport Association exhorts the British politicians to reach an agreement on the Brexit with the EU
Hookham: the problems that "deal" it would not cause to the enterprises would be catastrophic

16/01/2019Group INEOS will invest three billions of euro in order to realize a chemical plant in the port of Antwerp
Previewed the creation of job 400 places

16/01/2019Regent Seven Seas Cruise has ordered a new cruise ship to Fincantieri
It will be the third unit of the class "Explorer"

16/01/2019Last year an increase is recorded of attacks of the pirates against the ships
Particularly worrisome the situation in the Gulf of Guinea

16/01/2019Worry of the British Ports Association for not of the House of Commons to the agreement on the Brexit
Ballantyne: ministers and civil employees are very aware of the perturbation that a Brexit "without agreement" could involve for some ports key

16/01/2019In the 2018 Shanghai first port has been confirmed world-wide container
The Chinese port of call has enlivened 42,01 million teu (+4.4%)

16/01/2019Danish DSV wants to buy the Panalpina Helvetian
Advanced an offer of fusion of the value of about 3,6 billion euros that preview a fee in money and actions

15/01/2019Also the Russian ports have archived item the 2018 with a traffic anniversary record
Tons of cargos (+3.8% are enlivened 816,5 million)

15/01/2019The Mit has started inspections near the AdSP of Civitavecchia, Ravenna and Taranto
Objective is to verify the management of the three ports

15/01/2019Visit to the port of Livorno of the Chinese consul and that Greek
In program an encounter with the represented ones of the port of the Pireo, controlled from group COSCO

15/01/2019PSA and COSCO Shipping Ports have established the own new records containerized trade anniversaries
The terminals of the group of Singapore have enlivened 81,00 million teu (+9.1%) and those of Chinese group 98,04 million teu (+11.5%)

15/01/2019Only Royal Caribbean, MSC and Coast are proposed for the management of the crocieristico traffic to La Spezia
They are it only offer reached in the within of the procedure of relative contest also the realization of the new Marine Station

15/01/2019In the 2018 traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong it is diminished of -5,4%
They are enlivened 19,64 million teu

15/01/2019In Italy an agreement between society controlled or participated from the government for the innovation of the harbour structures is signed
The understanding, undersigned from Bank of Deposits and Loans, Fincantieri and Snam, have as objective also the development of sustainable technologies applied to the marine transport

14/01/2019New record anniversary of containerized trade for the port of Singapore
Exceeded the precedence the marked maximum peak in 2014

14/01/2019In 2018 the new record is marked historical anniversary of the cargo on the ships that have crossed the Suez Canal
The maximum peak of cargos on board is of the ships journeyed from north to south is on those passages in the opposite direction

14/01/2019In the 2018 port of Marseilles it has enlivened 81 million tons of goods (+1%)
Stable the traffic in the fourth trimester

14/01/2019DP World will acquire Logistic the Puertos Chilean y
It manages the multipurpose terminal Puerto Central in the port of San Antonio and possesses the private port of Puerto Lirquén

14/01/2019Four new agencies of the Evergreen group in Latin America
Offices in Chile, Colombia Mexico and Peru are installed

14/01/2019Malta Freeport has closed 2018 with a new record of containerized trade
+5% are enlivened 3,31 million teu ()

14/01/2019Two new cranes for the group ravennate Sapir
They will be useful mainly for handling of ferrous and the pieces of weight and the exceptional dimensions

14/01/2019The shippers of Hong Kong are worried that the alliance between the terminalisti will determine a reduction of the competitiveness of the port
Manifested worry for the importance of the market share stopped from the HKSPA

11/01/2019In the 2018 port of Amsterdam it has enlivened a traffic record of 82,3 million tons of goods
Increment of +3% of the exports, while the import he has remained stable

11/01/2019Euro Rail Cargo partner of Renfe and DB Cargo in the transport of car between Spain and Germany
Six railway travels weeklies magazine cross the French territory

11/01/2019The Philippine ship yard HHIC-Phil anticipates restructure request in order to avoid the failure
Possible investment in the company by two Chinese navalmeccaniche societies

11/01/2019Concluded the sixth edition of the Project To form
Contracts fixed-term for the two more deserving students

11/01/2019DIT (APM Terminals - Bolloré) will have to leave the management of the container terminal of the port of Douala
The five companies which preselected for subentrare: CMA Terminals, DP World, Hutchison Port, TIL and Red Sea Gateway Terminal

10/01/2019Port of Livorno, is all against all: operators against operators, institutions against institutions and associations against associations
Confitarma, is the magistracy "that it will establish who, eventually, to charge faults and/or responsibility"

10/01/2019Last year the port of Koper has recorded the own new historical record of traffic of the goods
The maximum peak in the fields of the container, the rotabili and handling of car

10/01/2019In the 2018 traffic of the passengers of the ferries to Genoa he has turned out stable, while the crocieristi are increased of +9.2%
Unchanged the traffic of the ferries attended in 2019, while a strong increase of the cruises is previewed

10/01/2019This year is celebrated the trecentesimo anniversary of the foundation of the Carriage free of Trieste
Beginning from March a series of programmed events from the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Orientale

10/01/20192M (Maersk and MSC) widen the cooperation with Israeli ZIM
Collaboration on the routes the Asia-USA (West Coast) and the Asia-Mediterranean Oriental

10/01/2019In the 2018 port of Valencia it has established a new record of containerized trade with 5,1 million teu
Altogether the traffic of the goods is piled to 75,36 million tons (+2.9%)

10/01/2019Fercam, capacities to term the remaining negotiations for the acquisition of activities and the pieces of real estate of the Artoni
The offer is introduced with the real estate Prelios

09/01/2019Uiltrasporti, government and MIT give an answer firm and decided to the demand EU that the harbour authorities pay the taxes on the societies
Columbus (Filt Cgil): the pronunciamento of the Commission does not go absolutely neglected but faced with the just determination. Reunion of the general secretaries of the AdSP

09/01/2019Constituted Confetra Emilia Romagna
New territorial representation of the General Confederation Italiana of the Transports and the Logistics

09/01/2019Four of the five containerized terminaliste societies of Hong Kong constitute an operating alliance
Scope is to increase the efficiency of the activities on the 23 docks managed from the companies, all Chineses

09/01/2019Baglietto wins the resource on not the imponibilità to the aims of the VAT of the workings on destined yachts to the export
Pronounced sentence from the Provincial Fiscal Commission of La Spezia

09/01/2019Uiltrasporti, positive the opinion of the Antitrust on the social clauses in the notices for services marine for the islands
Tarlazzi and Fantappiè: of fundamental importance the occupational and wage protection of all the marine ones involved in the contests of allocation of the concessions

09/01/2019The port of Brussels resorts to the Constitutional Court in order to avoid of being subject to the tax on the societies
The Belgian harbour agency also has appealled the decision of the EU commission near the Law court of the EU

09/01/2019New intermodal service between Turkey and the ports of Rotterdam and Zeebrugge via Trieste
It is realized by the P&O Ferrymasters

09/01/2019Marine lefts, the sinkings and the collisions generate the more important damages
Relationship of Allianz Global Corporate & relative Specialty to the July quinquennium 2013 - July 2018

08/01/2019Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings orders to Fincantieri two new cruise ships for the brand Oceania Cruises
The EU commission will open an investigation on the acquisition of Chantiers de the Atlantique by Fincantieri. Besides the Italian group, also the Scenic Australian is interested to Uljanik

08/01/2019Assarmatori denunciation that in the Italian ports vige "a climate of absolute uncertainty in order not to say of diffuse abusiveness"
According to the association, it is necessary to ask for that the ports are removed to the entrusted norms and to the discrezionalità of the local authorities

08/01/2019MOL Chemical Tankers (group MOL) will buy the Danish Nordic Tankers
It will be yielded by the bottom of private Triton equities

08/01/2019The EU commission confirmation: the collection of the concessori canons by the Harbour Authorities is an economic activity
Brussels invites Italy and Spain to conform the respective systems of taxation of the ports

08/01/2019"Banal" a human error to the origin of the collision between the Ulysse ferry and portacontainer the CLS Virginiums
The officials of the two ships were to the telephone

07/01/2019MSC will pay all the damages caused from the container fallen from ship MSC Zoe
The group has entrusted to the Ardent the task to coordinate the searches in sea of the containers

07/01/2019The CALP exhorts the president of the Western From Liguria AdSP to resolve the problem of the rights and the salaries of the harbour workers
The Collective claims the atypical role of "enterprise" of the genoese Harbour Company and the important "weight" that its workers have had in the increase of the activity of the port

07/01/2019Cgil manifest worry for how much it is happening in the port of Livorno
The war between shipowners in the strategic ports for the routes of the transport goods and the crocieristico traffic - denunciation the union - risks to fall back on the workers

07/01/2019of Tankers Friend, sale and lease back of a new product tanker LR1
It is yielded for 38,6 million dollars

07/01/2019Last November the port of Genoa has enlivened 209 thousand container (- 7.8%)
Altogether the traffic of the goods is diminished of -2,5%

07/01/2019The bottom Basalt Infrastructure Partners has acquired 30% of Charon & Tourist
Basalt is present in the marine field with British the North Star Shipping and Wightlink

07/01/2019Carried out the float out of new Huge cruise ship MSC
STX France will deliver to the unit to MSC Cruises within on 31 October

04/01/2019Spediporto, collapse of Morandi Bridge has had indeed an impact on the activity of the shippers, but there are also other reasons of worry
Blow: the port of Genoa in last the 10 years had grown of 65%; this year we will close less with the sign

04/01/2019Marco Fiori is the new managing director of Premuda
In last the 22 years Flowers it has covered assignments of summit inside of the group of Friend

04/01/2019Tirrenia, in 2018 has grown of +35% the transport of rotabili from and for Sicily
In strong development also the traffic on the Sicily-Malta connection

04/01/2019The new Brazilian government will put into effect a plan of privatizations in the field of transport infrastructures
Objective is to attract initial investments for beyond 1,8 billion dollars

04/01/2019Unicargas will upgrade own multipurpose terminal in the port of Luanda
Previewed an investment of 40 million dollars

04/01/2019ICTSI signature the contract for the management of the container terminal of the port of Port Sudan
The duration of the concession is 20-year-old

03/01/2019Ok of Brussels to the combined control of Côte d' Ivoire Terminal by Bolloré Africa Logistics and of APM Terminals
Joint venture is engaged in the construction and future management of according to container the terminal of the port of Abidjan

03/01/2019Maersk Industry Container abandons the segment of dry the container and closes the factory of Dongguan
The plant of Dongguan - it has explained the CEO Fitzgerald - is inactive from the December beginning because of the difficult conditions of the market

03/01/2019Reduced of 13 billion dollars the turnover of the contract Pan Ocean - It is worth for the iron mineral transport
The agreed variation is due to the variation of the price of the bunker

02/01/2019Nogarin: Grimaldi Lines could decide to abandon the port of Livorno
The mayor has explained that the possible cancellation of the ports of call could be consequence of some clutches with the Harbour office

02/01/2019COSCO Shipping Ports has acquired 4.34% of the capital of the Beibu Gulf Port Co
The two societies possess joint venture Qingzhou International Container Terminal Co

02/01/2019New record anniversary of traffic of the container for the port of Busan
In 2019 an ulterior increase of +3.8% is attended

02/01/2019Valencia will be the first European port in which they will be used average of handling fed from hydrogen A batteries
Valencia Terminals will be employed near terminals Valencia Terminal Europa and MSC

31/12/2018In 2019 in the managed Moroccan ports from the ANP a traffic of beyond 90 million is attended tons of goods
Previewed an increment of +4.5% of the activity

31/12/2018Global Ports Holdings will manage the Turkish crocieristico port of Bodrum until 2067
Been extended 48-year-old the duration of the concession contract

31/12/2018The Schweizerzug Helvetian will increase the frequency of the railway service Frenkendorf (Basel) - Antwerp
Three spins will come offers weeklies magazine

31/12/2018In the 2018 port of Columbus it has enlivened for the first time more than seven million than container
Increment of +12.7% on last year

28/12/2018The Spanish Antitrust exhorts the government of Madrid to liberalize the market of the harbour services
The CNMC has evidenced that "reserve of flag" is a protezionistica measure "and dissatisfies to the right of the European Union"

28/12/2018Green light of the Harbour Committee of Gioia Tauro to Triennial Operations plan 2019-2021
Approved of unanimously also the budget of forecast 2019

28/12/2018Also in 2018, for the sixth consecutive year, the port of Antwerp has established a new record of traffic
New historical peaks in the fields of the container and the liquid bulk

28/12/2018In the first eleven months of this year the ports of Naples and Salerno have enlivened 950 thousand container (+5.4%)
The crocieristi have been 1,1 million (+15.4%)

28/12/2018MacGregor, ok of South Korean FTC to the acquisition of the activities in the naval and offshore field of the TTS Group
The green light still lacks to the operation of the Chinese authority on the competition

27/12/2018Marino rosettes renounce to buy the yard of Zwijndrecht of the HFG that will stop the activity
The Dutch company is still to the search of a purchaser for the plant of Hartlepool, in the United Kingdom

27/12/2018Last year in Italian territorial waters 260 marine lefts (- 9% have happened)
The involved ships have been 328 (- 5%)

27/12/2018Maersk will upgrade the terrestrial side of own logistic activities
It has announced the managing director Skou to "Financial Times"

24/12/2018UCINA, in the maneuver financial institution the government has been forgotten about the tourist ports putting to risk job 2.200 places
Expressed strong disappointment for the lacked answer to the topic of the retroactive application of the increase until 400% of the state property canons

24/12/2018DFDS intensifies own presence in the Mediterranean with an agreement with the Ekol Turk
Previewed an increment of the traffic on the marine route Istanbul-Trieste

24/12/2018Ports America consolidates its presence in the port of New Orleans
Extended 50-year-old the duration of relative contracts of concession to two terminal

24/12/2018The Croatian ship yard Uljanik looks for a new strategic partner
Decided the interruption of the negotiations with the Kermas Energija of Zagreb

24/12/2018Christened two new portacontainer from 14.000 teu that employees by Yang Ming will come
Operated Asia and Europe in the within of consortium THE Alliance will be introduced in the services between

21/12/2018Europe platform of Livorno, signed the contract for the planning of the outer works and the dredgings
The activity is entrusted to F&M Marine Engineering, HaskoningDHV, HS and G&T

21/12/2018Reached the agreement between Banca Carige and Messina group on the credits boasted from the bank system
The associates have engaged themselves to put into effect a vital increase of through the breaking in of new resources and the income of group MSC

21/12/2018The Council of State has rejected the resource of Boskalis Italy against the Harbour office of Taranto and Fedepiloti
The sentence has confirmed that the society was obliged to make use of the pilotage service

21/12/2018Assarmatori and Federagenti, instrumental the positions of which they consider obsolete the regulations EU of exemption for the consortia
"The market - they have emphasized - in fact has demonstrated the contrary"

21/12/2018Joint venture of Mercitalia Rail and Lucchini RS for maintenance of the railway wagons goods
The new society will realize a workshop to high automation located in the port of call of Milan Shunting

21/12/2018Cagliari, the rear area to the container terminal of the Port Channel will accommodate the first phase of the Bonded area
Approved of the Plan of the Organic one of the Workers of the ports of the Sardinia

21/12/2018WSC, ECSA, ICS and ASA ask the extension of Regolamento EU of exemption for category for the consortia of containerized companies
Platten: it is essential also in order to allow with the marine industry to achieve the objectives of reduction of the gas emissions greenhouse

21/12/2018Last month the containerized trade in the port of Algeciras is diminished of -3,0%
In the first eleven months of this year the Spanish port has enlivened almost 4,4 million teu (+5.4%)

20/12/2018The port of gets ready to close the 2018 with a traffic of the container record
To Carrara +8.6% are enlivened 57 thousand teu (). In the 2019 reduction of the additional one on the harbour tax

20/12/2018In the quarter september-November the profit clearly of Carnival Corporation has recorded a decrease of -9,5%
The revenues have marked a new record for the period

20/12/2018Port of Naples, the ANCIP asks the respect for the rules on the job and the AdSP retort confirming the contest for the allocation of article 17
Precise the harbour agency that only if the contest had to go desert will proceed to the constitution of the agency of administration of temporary harbour job

20/12/2018Fedespedi, not to the extension "briefly" of the exceptions to the normative antitrust for the consortia between marine companies
The EU commission - Confetra agrees - cannot stave off to its task of arbitrator of the market

20/12/2018The EU commission has authorized the extension of the program of aids of State to the marine transport of France
Authorized the consolidation, extension and modification of the two regimes in vigor

20/12/2018Ok of Brussels to the aids for the transport of bramme on railroad in Friuli Venice Julia
Authorized incentives for nine million euro

20/12/2018Joint venture ONE - PSA in order to manage a container terminal from four million teu in the port of Singapore
The activity will be started on half 2019

20/12/2018Shipbuilding Newport News anticipates a program of turned voluntary exodus to 2.500 dependent
Those which they will accept they will have to leave the company within next 1° March

20/12/2018The port of Rotterdam will close the 2018 with a traffic container record of 14,5 million teu (+5%)
In the 2019 harbour taxes they will increase of +1%

20/12/2018In a week the publication of the ban of contest for the dredging in the port of Salerno
The previewed amount of the activities is of 38 million euros

20/12/2018To November the port of Valencia has enlivened 424 thousand container (+7.5%)
In the first eleven months of this year the total has been of beyond 4,6 million teu (+5.5%)

20/12/2018Twenty million to the port of Piombino in order to return the activities of dismantling of the ships possible
Deliberation of the Tuscany Region that assigns the resources

19/12/2018Contract for the start of geognostiche, geophysical and environmental investigations in the port of Livorno
The activities are propedeutiche to the planning and realization of the Europe Platform

19/12/2018Approval of Confitarma for the presentation of a bill for the institution of the Ministry of the Sea
First reunion of the reconstituted Committee Rules and Competitiveness

19/12/2018Practice in the port of for the rescue of a crane operator remained blocked in quota
It is the first simulation of this genre is turned in from Liguria port of call

19/12/2018In 2019 63% of the Italian companies of the industry of the nautical one from diporto preview an increase of the turnover
UCINA Nautical Confindustria has announced that the preconsuntivo for 2018 indicates an increase of +9.5%

19/12/2018Maersk and MSC announce an ulterior restructure of the services of Asia-Europa/Med line
Confirmed the touched ones to Genoa and Trieste. A service, rather than two, to Gioia Tauro and La Spezia

19/12/2018Contest for the management of the area Puerto Nuevo of the port of Buenos Aires
Previewed an investment public and private total of 1.910 million dollars over 50 years

19/12/2018Agreement Federlogistica - Fedagromercati in order to improve the agricultural and food- logistics
Previewed new logistic solutions in the markets wholesale, the agricultural and food- centers and harbour and retroportuali infrastructures

19/12/2018Toninelli: to the port of Gioia Tauro I have spoken with MCT and MSC and have asked both to upgrade the investments
I have promised, in order to encourage them - it has added the minister - the maximum engagement of the government on I throw again of the intermodalità

18/12/2018Signed the start of the work of the fifth lottery of the Third Pass
This phase of work has a value of 1.508 million euros

18/12/2018The Simplified Logistic Zone can constitute an opportunity for the genoese logistics
Pitto (Spediporto): our category is ready to make its part together with the entrepreneurial world

18/12/2018The German federation of haulers BGL has started a second one class action against the truck constructors
With the two it sets in action collective are demanded compensations for a fleet of truck constituted from 149.000 vehicles

18/12/2018Brussels approves of aids in order to promote the reduction of the noise of the railway traffic goods in Italy
Reimbursement until 50% of the cost in order to equip the wagons of stock brakes with soles in material composite

18/12/2018In the Network of services of THE Alliance of the 2019 there are two Italian ports regarding the four of 2018
Confirmed ports of call to Genoa (two services) and La Spezia (a service regarding two in 2018). Last year Livorno and Salerno were included also

18/12/2018The port of Bremen/Bremerhaven previews to close 2018 with a total of 74,05 million tons of goods (- 0.2%)
Containerized trade in increase of +3.6%. Goods down conventional and bulk. Important increase of the cruises

18/12/2018FNM has constituted Intermodal the Malpensa society
To the new company the task will be assigned to manage the intermodal terminal of Sacconago (Busto Arsizio)

18/12/2018Wan Hai Lines invests beyond 57 million dollars in order to buy container
They will be acquired 32 thousand teu for cargos dry

18/12/2018In 2019 a total increase of +6% of the number of crocieristi is attended
CLIA previews that this year will be shut with a total of 28,2 million passengers

17/12/2018TT-Linen has ordered the construction of a ferry to the Chinese yard Jiangsu Jinling
Option for a second ship

17/12/2018Mercitalia Rail acquires the entire control of the railway society Polish cargo POL-Rail
PKP has yielded 50% of the capital

17/12/2018The EU commission has updated the directory of the authorized systems to the recycling of the ships
It includes 26 yards, between which the Saint George Italian of the Port and three European structures

17/12/2018Resource against the fusion of Moby and Tirrenia
It is delivered to the companies from the commissioners of Tirrenia in extraordinary administration

17/12/2018DP World and SMS will introduce the system of storage of the coils of metal in the field of the container
Between the objectives, the increment of the 200% of the current ability to the container terminal and a remarkable the area and cost reduction of storage

17/12/2018To November the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of -4,0%
In the first eleven months of this year 5.4% are enlivened 17,96 million teu (-)

17/12/2018Extended until the 2044 concession to Costa Crociere of the areas and the services cruises of the port of Savona
Shortly the start of work to the financed Palacrociere terminal with 19,35 million euros from the AdSP and 4,5 million from the company

17/12/2018Encounter in order to promote the commercial exchanges Italy-Turkey through the port of Brindisi
In program convention with the participation of representatives of the two governments and entrepreneurial delegations

17/12/2018ABB will sell the division Power Grids to the Hitachi
Initially 80.1% of the capital for 6,4 billion dollars will be yielded

17/12/2018New project for the construction of a harbour terminal of height outside from the Lagoon of Venice
It is introduced by VGate, new society guided by Alessandro Santi, president of the association of the shipping agents of Veneto

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