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23 September 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 16:25 GMT+2

23/09/21Large passenger ship specialist Meyer Werft announces its entry into the mega yacht construction market
Presented the project of a boat of 15 thousand GRT 150 meters long and 20 wide

23/09/21Terminal Flavio Gioia exercises the option with Konecranes for a second self-propelled crane
It will be taken over at the beginning of 2022

23/09/21In August the international goods enlivened by the Chinese seaports have increased of +1.9%
In the first eight months of 2021 this flow of traffic has grown by +5.8%

22/09/21Grimaldi (ALIS): Incentives for intermodal transport are needed more than ever before
It is necessary - he explained - to make the Marebonus and Ferrobonus incentive measures structural and also to provide new incentives, including non-repayable ones

22/09/21FedEx's record quarterly economic performance has come to an end
The period June-August was archived with a net profit of 1.1 billion dollars (-10.7%)

22/09/21In August the containerized cargos enlivened from the port of Algeciras are decreased of -11.8%
The total traffic of the goods has increased of +1.7%

22/09/21This summer there were one million passengers handled by MSC Cruises in Italian ports
The company's ships have made over 400 calls at 14 ports

22/09/21The half-yearly volumes of goods transported by rail by SBB grew, in particular on international lines
In the first six months of 2021 the total transported by SBB Cargo International has been pairs to 6,49 billion tons-km (+22.1%)

21/09/21In the second quarter of this year, freight traffic in French ports returned to growth
Strong increase in container loads

21/09/21There will be eight new 7,000 LNG-powered garage ships from the "K" Line
Order six more units at Nihon Shipyard, Shin Kurushima Dockyard and China Merchants Jinling Shipyard (Nanjing)

21/09/21COSCO Shipping Ports will acquire 35% of the capital of the CTT container terminal in Hamburg
The port will become a preferred transhipment hub in Europe of the COSCO Shipping group

21/09/21Laghezza buys the Trieste Levante
The company has warehouse spaces within the Julian port area

21/09/21Australia's SeaRoad orders the construction of a ro-ro ship from the German shipyard FSG
The unit, with a capacity of 4,227 linear meters, will be delivered at the end of 2023

21/09/21Wan Hai Lines invests $150 million in the acquisition of 48,000 new containers
Orders to China's CIMC and Xiamen Pacific Container Manufacturing Co

20/09/21Ok of the EU Commission to an Italian program of aid for the transport of goods by river
Resources of EUR 11 million are planned

20/09/21In the first eight months of 2021 the port of Valencia has enlivened 3.754.168 container (+7.9%)
The total of the goods has been of 56,7 million tons (+10.0%)

20/09/21New cyber attack on cma CGM servers
Stolen customer data

20/09/21Nine expressions of interest for the acquisition of control of the Heraklion Port Authority
At least 67% of the capital for sale

20/09/21Abu Dhabi Ports will build a new cruise terminal in Aqaba
A port information system will also be developed

17/09/21In August the transits of ships in the Suez Canal have increased of +24.6%
In the first eight months of this year the growth of maritime traffic has been of +6.7%

17/09/21In the first trimester of this year the traffic of the goods in the Greek ports is decreased of the -10.6%
Passengers down by -46.8%

17/09/21Uiltrasporti denounces the failure of the strategy to ensure maritime continuity with the major islands
Tarlazzi and Fantappiè complain about the "short-sightedness of a ministry that has never wanted to confront the social partners"

17/09/21Strengthening of rail links between Austria and the port of Antwerp
Currently there are 16 block trains that pass weekly on the line

17/09/21Tomorrow the first stopover in Vado Ligure of the EMA transatlantic scheduled service
It is operated with four carriers of about 4,500 teu

17/09/21In the second quarter of this year, rail freight transport through the Swiss Alps increased by +34.4%
The growth (+6.0%) of road transport was more contained

16/09/21MSC will present an offer to acquire control of the Brazilian logistics group Log-In
Submitted application for authorization to the antitrust authority of the Latin American nation

16/09/21Maersk is once again revising up its third-quarter financial performance forecasts
Record EBITDA and EBIT values are expected

16/09/21Contracted to Samsung Heavy Industries for the construction of six large capacity container ships
The order has a total value of about 719 million dollars

16/09/21BP - NYK agreement for the decarbonization of maritime transport
The agreement is also extended to other sectors of industry

16/09/21Renewed the board of directors of the Propeller Club of Salerno
The new president is Maurizio De Cesare

16/09/21In August the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles has decreased of the -0,8%
Historical record of empty containers on board

15/09/21In the third quarter of 2021 italy's connectivity index to the global network of containerized maritime services has marked a decrease of -1.3%
For the port with the highest index, Gioia Tauro, a drop of -2.5%. The Civitavecchia airport recorded an increase of +25.1%

15/09/21Agreement between Navantia, Windar Renovables and Harland & Wolff for the construction of facilities for marine wind farms
The UK's offshore wind energy market is the second largest in the world after China's

15/09/21At the port of Gioia Tauro landed at night a 24 thousand teu portacontainer
The ship is almost 400 meters long and 61.5 meters wide

15/09/21Denmark's DFDS has bought compatriot ICT Logistics
The shipping company was founded in 1997

15/09/21The Maersk Group has made a third acquisition in the e-commerce logistics sector
Bought the Portuguese HUUB

15/09/21Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is decreased of the -4,1%
In the first eight months of this year recorded an increase of +0.1%

14/09/21ANITA welcomes the free movement of articulated vehicles up to 18 metres in length
Transportunited expressed perplexity for the consequences of the government measure

14/09/21Nicolini (Confetra): the PNRR must have as its objective a lasting relaunch
It is necessary - he highlighted - the collaboration of all to be able to implement an investment plan of this magnitude

14/09/21Eurokai expects to close the first half of 2021 with a consolidated net profit of €32.2 million
For the full year, a significant improvement in the economic performance of Eurogate and Contship Italia is expected

14/09/21The Swiss logistics group Militzer & Münch opens branches in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro
Belgrade will be the group's hub for the Western Balkans area

14/09/21CMA CGM invests 25 million euros in Brittany Ferries
The implementation of new ro-ro services is planned

14/09/21Uniport asks the government to extend the Green Ports ban to the entire national territory
Barbera: it is necessary to grant these opportunities also to terminal operators in Southern Italy, who have not benefited from resources for development

14/09/21Orsero's Shipping division recorded a decline in revenues and growth in EBITDA
In the first six months of 2021 the turnover was 49.7 million euros (-5.7%)

14/09/21The growth of OECD economies is fading
The Composite Leading Indicator signals moderate growth

14/09/21The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development finances Egypt's first dry port
Granted a loan of 25 million euros

13/09/21Satisfaction of Confetra FVG for the approval of the Senate of the resolution on the regime of international Free Port of Trieste
Visintin: it is a competitive asset and employment development for the city of Trieste, our region and for the entire country

13/09/21The port of Long Beach sets its own new container traffic record for the month of August
Enlivened 808 thousand teu (+11.3%)

13/09/21In August the port of Barcelona has enlivened 318 thousand containers (+35.2%)
In the first eight months of this year the total has been of 2,4 million teu (+31.1%)

13/09/21New monthly italy-China direct maritime service by Rif Line
The first of the two ships used, which departed from Shanghai, will arrive tomorrow in Civitavecchia

13/09/21In August the traffic of goods in the port of Singapore decreased by -1.6%
Containerized volumes down by -1.3%

10/09/21Antonella Scardino is the new secretary general of the AdSP of the Northern Adriatic Sea
Today the inauguration session of the Management Committee of the institution

10/09/21New monthly revenue records for Yang Ming and Wan Hai Lines
In August, the turnover of the two companies grew by +151.3% and +278.1% respectively

10/09/21The EU Commission declares illegal the loans for 900 million euros granted to Alitalia
Vestager: they gave Alitalia an unfair advantage over its competitors

10/09/21CMA CGM freezes spot noli
The tariff freeze will be in force until February 1, 2022

10/09/21ITF and IBF have agreed on wage increases for seafarers
From the first of January 2022, increases of +3% and +1.5% from 1 January 2023 will be applied

09/09/21A significant mitigation of the growth of container traffic in US ports is expected to be expected in the near future
According to the National Retail Federation, however, 2021 will be a record year

09/09/21The stranding of the Coral Crystal in the Suez Canal did not interrupt ship traffic
The bulk carrier resumed navigation with the assistance of tugs of the canal authority

09/09/21Tomorrow the initiative "Italian Port Days - Opening port life and culture to people" will be launched
This year the event will last a month

09/09/21DSV Panalpina returns to its original company name DSV
Abandoned the name assumed after the acquisition of the Swiss logistics group

09/09/21CMA CGM and Abu Dhabi Ports will operate a new container terminal in the port of Khalifa
Investments of 154 million dollars are planned

08/09/21On October 4 in Genoa the presentation of the Italian version of the CTU Code
The International Center for Containers Studies contributed to the realization of the document

08/09/21Evergreen will order 24 1,800-3,000 teu carriers at CSSC Huangpu Wenchong
In August, the shipping company again recorded record revenues

08/09/21GNV will activate a new Barcelona-Menorca maritime service
The ferry "GNV Sealand" will be used

08/09/21In July the number of ships transited in the Suez Canal has increased of +17.3%
Oil tankers up by +8.2% and other ships by +20.3%

07/09/21In the port of Monopoli the new tourist reception terminal has been inaugurated
Among the goals, to serve the luxury cruise market

07/09/21Fatal accident in the port of Livorno
A seafarer hit by a mooring cable died

07/09/21In July the traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna has grown of +20.3%
In the first seven months of this year have been enlivened 15,4 million tons (+19.7%)

07/09/21Inaugurated in Budapest the promotion office abroad of the AdSP of the Eastern Adriatic and Alpe Adria
Gurrieri: it is from the heart of Europe that in 2005 the first intermodal service was launched between Pier VII of the port of Trieste and the budapest railway terminal

06/09/21IUMI, the marine insurance market is improving, even if the future is uncertain
Last year the value of premiums recorded an increase of +6.1%

06/09/21Vettosi appointed chairman of ECSA's Shipping Finance working group
Vice President is the Dutch Marjolein Van Noort

06/09/21In the second trimester of this year the traffic of the goods in the Italian ports has increased of +21.0%
A total of 118.7 million tons of cargo were handled

06/09/21The ICS, with Intercargo, presents a proposal to tax globally the carbon emissions of ships
It joins the project of a research and development fund for the decarbonization of shipping presented at the end of 2019

06/09/21Port of Trieste, reactivated the connection with the railway nodes of Servola and Aquilinia
7.5 million euros of investments

03/09/21There are about 30 thousand Italian seafarers to be vaccinated
Mapping started by the Corps of Port Authorities and the Ministry of Health

03/09/21The Central Adriatic AdSP signs an agreement with Sogesid
The goal is to accelerate the construction of new port infrastructures, reclamation activities and environmental requalification

03/09/21The AdSP of the Southern Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas starts the rehabilitation and consolidation of the docks of the port of Vibo Valentia
Planned works worth a total of 18 million euros

03/09/21Assiterminal from the stables to the stars, now that there has been confirmation of support for port terminal operators
Becce: September starts well with the green light of the MEF to the refreshment fund for passenger terminals and the ok of the CDM to the decree that contains the provision for a reduction in the concessionary fees

02/09/21Gebrüder Weiss bought the Bavarian shipping company Spedition Lode
The company has 60 employees

02/09/21Tomorrow strike of the staff of the Port System Authority of the North Central Adriatic Sea
Filt, Fit and Uilt denounce that for several months the trade union relations with the institution have suffered a worrying deterioration

02/09/21New MSC Trieste-Ludwigshafen train service
Connection within the framework of the multimodal offer between Turkey and Germany

02/09/21OOIL orders Nantong COSCO KHI and Dalian COSCO KHI ten new 16,000 teu carriers
The contract has a total value of 1.58 billion dollars

02/09/21The new Israeli port in Haifa Bay has become operational
Arrived a container carrier of 14,566 teu of COSCO Shipping

02/09/21The problem of changing the crews of ships continues to be serious, although there are some positive signs
The Neptune Declaration explains that the situation has stabilised and that seafarers' access to vaccination campaigns has improved

01/09/21In the EU, the maritime transport sector is on the road to sustainable development, but new challenges will come from increased demand
First report of the EEA and the EMCSA on the environmental impact of shipping in the European Union

01/09/21ZIM agrees with Seaspan the rental of five more 7,000 teu carriers
The construction of the new ships will cost about 530 million dollars

01/09/21TX Logistik increases the frequency of rail freight connections between Germany and Italy
The weekly departures on the Duisburg-Segrate route rise to six

01/09/21In the second quarter, the cyclical increase in transport and storage services was +7.3%
The trend change was +33.3%

01/09/21RINA has acquired the Danish software house Logimatic Solutions
Salerno: its fleet management software enjoys an excellent reputation on the market and is already installed on over 1,400 ships

01/09/21Port of Gioia Tauro, awarded the construction of the Border Control Post
The work will be completed within six months

31/08/21Di Blasio: We managed to recover 50% of this year's cruise schedule in Venice
31 ships waited

31/08/21Geodis has its own A330-300 cargo aircraft
It will be used on the Amsterdam, London, Chicago and Hong Kong route

31/08/21Launched in Nanjing the first hybrid ro-ro ship for Finnlines
It will become operational at the end of this year and the other two destined for the company will be delivered in 2022

31/08/21Extraordinary quarterly financial performance for the Chinese shipowning group COSCO
Historical record of containerized traffic volume on Asia-Europe routes

30/08/21Confetra express disapproval of the way in which the PNRR is implemented
Nicolini: we need to work together, methodically and in time

30/08/21In the first half, CMPort revenues grew by +38.9%
Net profit up by +163.6%

30/08/21In the second trimester of this year the traffic of goods in the port of Hamburg has increased of +8%
The containers have been pairs to more than 2,1 million teu (+10%)

30/08/21Another record quarter for the containerized shipping company CMA CGM
In the period April-June the net profit has recorded an increase of +2,401.8%

30/08/21Hapag-Lloyd has ordered 75 thousand containers for dry cargo
They will be taken over by the end of the year

30/08/21China's CIMC achieves record quarterly sales of dry cargo containers
In the first half of 2021 the turnover generated by the containers produced by the company grew by +224.9%

27/08/21Shipowners are ordering large quantities of new containerized hold capacity, but it will be placed on the market no earlier than two years
Sand (BIMCO): Our estimate indicates that in 2024 the 2015 delivery record will not be exceeded

27/08/21The procedure to finance projects to reduce pollution in ports under the PNRR has been launched
The budget is EUR 270 million

26/08/21The works of laying and activation of the fiber optic infrastructure in the port of Ravenna have been completed
Investment of 700 thousand euros to lay out 30 kilometers of network

26/08/21The Cargo Integrity Group makes available multilingual versions of the quick start guide and checklist of the CTU Code
The goal is a more extensive application of the Code

26/08/21COSCO Shipping Ports reports record quarterly revenues
The period April-June was closed with a net profit of 118.7 million dollars (+55.5%)

26/08/21The half-yearly balance sheet of the Chinese container manufacturer Singamas was positive
Revenues increased by +367.8%

25/08/21Order to MAN for methanol engines destined for maersk's new container ships
The propulsion systems will be built by HHI Engine &Machinery

25/08/21Entrusted to Rina Consulting the project management of the new breakwater in Genoa
Signorini: within the year the start of the tender for the design and execution of the works

24/08/21China's logistics group Sinotrans closed the first half with record financial results
Revenues increased by +55.4%

24/08/21In the second quarter of 2021, the value of international trade of the G20 reached a new high
Signs of slowing growth

24/08/21Maersk orders HHI to build eight 16,000 teu container ships powered by methanol
The order, which is worth about $1.4 billion, includes options for an additional four ships

23/08/21In July, freight traffic in the ports of Genoa and Savona-Vado increased by +20.9% and +30.0%
In the first seven months of 2021, the increases were +12.7% and +10.4% respectively

23/08/21Renfe acquired 50% of the Czech private railway company Leo Express
The transaction will also allow the Spanish group access to the German market

23/08/21Last month, container traffic in the port of Algeciras decreased by -2.7%
In the first seven months of 2021, almost 2.8 million teu were handled (-7.0%)

23/08/21After 15 consecutive months of growth, goods traffic in Chinese seaports fell by -4.2% in July
International cargo traffic alone amounted to 347.3 million tonnes (-4.3%)

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