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23 May 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 07:06 GMT+2

European Union

Tomorrow to Livorno it will take to the way the ESPO Conference
Waited for beyond 300 participants who will be confronted on the issues of the portualità and the shipping

The German shipowners emphasize the importance of the European elections for a necessary strengthening of the EU
Nagel: there is need of an Europe hard in order to guarantee the competitiveness of the EU and the shipping of the Union

Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl, Uiltrasporti line up with the ITF and ETF against the self-handler in the ports
To risk, beyond the rights and the salaries of the harbour workers, there is also safety of the marine ones

The ECSA invites the EU to a review of Regolamento on the naval recycling including structures to you authorized from the HK Convention
The European shipowning association has introduced the results of a visit to the Indian yards of demolition of Alang

Ok of the EU to the acquisition of DCT Gda?sk by PSA, PFR and IFM
The society manages the container terminal of the port of Danzica

Ok of the Parliament EU to Regolamento that institutes a system of European only interface marine
Approved of also the new limits of emissions of co2 for the trucks of new manufacturing

Positive - Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti emphasize - the ballot of the European Parliament on the package mobility
Tarlazzi and Odone: we appreciate also the prohibition to pay salary to the drivers based on the times and to the covered distances

BIMCO, so as it is the list EU of yards authorized to the recycling of ships represents a mere protezionistica measure
Frew: "some months ago I have called one of these "yards of recycling" and not even they had still not begun to construct the yard"

The EU has approved of the project the RAIL of Italy, Spain and Portugal for railway integration with the logistics and customs
Marcucci (Confetra: we will give an important contribution in the search of the optimization of the processes to the several levels

Q&A between WSC and ESC with respect to Regolamento EU of exemption for category for the shipping containerized
The World Shipping Council contests to the value of the last relationship of the International Transport Forum calling in cause the reliability of surveys carried out from the European Shippers' Council

Financing of 120 million euros of BEAUTIFUL for the Harbour project "the Hub of Ravenna"
To 60 million already deliberated from the CIPE deep assistants are themselves permanently 160 million euros of the EU and its institution financial institution

The EU commission has proposed to invest 421 million in 69 projects selected in the within of ban CEF Transport 2018
The accepted Italian proposals are 14, for a previewed total financing of 42,5 million euros

The field of the logistics of the manifest car worry for an escape of the Reign from the EU not regulated
Erik Jonnaert (ACEA): "the impact of a Brexit without agreements on the automotive industry would be catastrophic"

Brussels authorizes the Kongsberg to acquire the Commercial division Marine of the Rolls-Royce
Limited horizontal and vertical relations between the activities of the societies

Ok of Brussels to a Danish outline of support to the field of the marine transport
The program has a duration ten-year-old

CSA 2020 critic hardly the EU commission in order to have sent to the IMO a proposal that would place restrictions to the use of the scrubber
Adams: the initiative is uselessly creating worries without foundation in a moment in which in the marine industry already real problems exist about consistent fuel

Enterprises of shipment and logistics and terminal operator invite the EU commission to repeal Consortia Block Exemption Regulation
In alternative CLECAT, ETA, EBA, EBU, ESO, IWT, ESC, FEPORT, UIRR and GS speed up a wide review of the normative picture

The EU commission starts a campaign of information in the customs field in order to tackle to a Brexit without agreement
Moscovici: to prepare itself for the controls and the verifications of the goods is an unavoidable necessity for the protection of our consumers and our home market

ECSA and ETF try experts in order to define methodologies in order to improve the collection of marine data on the Europeans
Between the objectives, to be able to have of comparable statistics

In sight of the Brexit the EU program a possible modification of the Corridor TRIES Sea of the North - Mediterranean
The measures would be only applied if the United Kingdom withdrawals from the EU without an agreement

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