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08 March 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 14:29 GMT+1

European Union

The ECSA exhorts to make of shipping one of the hinges on which basing the reform of the business policy of the EU
Dorsman: the value of the marine transport for the European economy cannot be underrated

SEA Europe is confident that the EU's new trade strategy will protect European shipbuilding
Tytgat: The association looks forward to working closely with the EU Commission to adopt the necessary 'autonomous' instruments

The EU increases its chances of defending its interests in the event of trade disputes
EU Regulation 167/2021 has entered into force

ECSA, to decarbonize shipping it is better to impose requirements on fuel suppliers than on ships
Otherwise, Dorsman warns, such a measure would be difficult to implement and would have serious consequences for the market. The association opens up the introduction of a market-based measure

In 2020, the number of ship stopovers in EU ports fell by -10.2%
In Italian ports the decrease in comparison january 2019 - January 2021 was -16% (Genoa -24%)

The transport and logistics sector is asking for support from the EU and the Member States
Underlined the need for the sector to be given adequate consideration in national recovery and resilience plans

ETFs, FEPORT, IDC and ESPO criticise the European Commission's lack of attention to ports
The sectoral social dialogue as it is now - they complain - is not enough

ESPO urges the restoration of acceptable levels of operation of the containerised maritime supply chain
Those who complain - the association denounces - are now also knocking on the doors of ports

The EU will not launch an investigation into the abnormal state of the containerised maritime transport market unless legal action is proposed
CLECAT and ESC will consider filing a formal complaint with the European Commission

Open letter from ecsa and etf to EU summits to facilitate ship crew changes
Priority access to vaccination for seafarers is also called for

Freight traffic in EU ports fell by -17.0% in the second quarter of 2020
In Italy, the decline was -40.5%

The EU Commission authorises public support for the recapitalisation of the German tourist group TUI
Public resources of up to EUR 1.25 billion are planned

CLECAT and ESC once again complain that the commercial practices of containerised shipping carriers are undermineing the recovery of the EU economy
Letter to the European Commission

Free trade agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom has been reached today
It will enter into force on 1 January

CER, ERFA and UIRR urge the EU not to prioritise road transport in climate policies
The associations fear that the development of intermodal transport will be further delayed

ECSA, ICS, ITF and ETF renew the EU's request to ensure the rapid and predictable disembarkation of people rescued at sea from ships
They consider that the measures provided for in the new pact on migration and asylum are insufficient

ECSA, the EU strategy for a sustainable transport system is good, but funds are needed
Dorsman: The plan to revise the ship recycling regulation is premature and creates uncertainty

The European Commission presents its strategy for the green and digital transformation of the EU transport system
Timmermans: We have set ambitious goals to ensure a sustainable, intelligent and resilient recovery. T&E points out that the plan for aircraft and ships focuses too much on biofuels

EMSA publishes the latest annual report on maritime accidents
Last year, claims fell compared to 2018

A wall against the wall with the EU on port taxation does not seem to be producing for Italy
A comparison with european Commission officials is useful to separate purely publicist activities from economic ones

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