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24 May 2018 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 15:53 GMT+2

European Union

The EU finances the modernization of the Albanian railway line that connects Tirana with the port of Durrës
Resources also in order to carry the railroads until the airport of the vital Albanian

ESPO restates that a single standing charge for the bestowal in the ports of the refusals of the ships is not online with the principle "who pollutes wage"
The association of the European ports proposes to fix a quantitative limit to refusals covered from the fixed tax

ESPO invites the European institutions not to carry out cuts to the equipment proposal financial institution for program CEF
Ryckbost: we must convince the Parliament and the Member States that the budget for transport of the CEF is to the service of all the fields and all the policies

Green light of the EU commission to the plan of restructure of the shipowning society Croatian Jadroplov
It previews aids for about 14,2 million euros

Forty-three European associations ask for transport more deep for the EU
Evidenced the necessity to increase the community budget for program CEF in the within of the next QFP in order to facilitate the completion of the central net IT TRY

AssArmatori has had a first encounter with the DG MOVES of the EU commission
Illustrated the objectives of the new Italian shipowning association

The associations of the Italian marine-harbour cluster protest for the presumed procedure of infraction EU
Undersigned a combined declaration

The EU commission starts an investigation on the loan bridge of 900 million euros that the Italian State has granted to Alitalia
Ulterior assessments in order to verify if the loan constitutes an aid of prohibited State or satisfy the conditions previewed from the guidelines for the rescue loans

The next year the conference anniversary of the European Sea Ports Organisation will hold to Livorno
Corsini: it is the acknowledgment to the job that is made during the last few years in order to project to international level the image of the port of Livorno

Brussels gives the ok to the adopted fiscal regime of the tonnage tax from Portugal
Green light also to a program of support for the seafarers

Tomorrow the Commission Home market of the Parliament EU will be to Livorno
It will meet the summits of the Agency Customs and Monopolies and the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern

The EU commission has approved of joint venture between IBM and Maersk
The operation does not raise worries under the profile of the competition

Ok of Brussels to the acquisition of Maersk Tankers by A.P. Moller Holding and Mitsui & Co
The operation has a limited impact on the market

Parallel and correlatamente to the fast increase of the Trade Free Zones it is increasing also the counterfeit traffic of goods
The OCSE and the EUIPO denounce that the bonded areas are used for illicit traffics

In next the ten necessary years they will be 48 billion euros of investments in the European ports
The demands for ESPO to the EU. Up to now the harbour projects have only had 4% of the financings of program CEF

The EU starts a procedure of infraction against Cyprus, Greece and Malta for the VAT on the yachts
The decision of the EU commission is consequence of the spreading of Paradise Papers

Loan of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to the Montenegrin port of Bar
The financing is extended to the Port of Adria, that it is controlled by the Global Turk Holding Ports

Brussels inflicts fines pairs to 395 million euros to the marine carriers car carrier CSAV, "K" Linens, NYK and WWL-EUKOR
To the Japanese MOL total is recognized the immunity

The European shipowners speed up urgent certainties on the commercial relationships United EU-Reign in sight of the Brexit
Audition near the Commission for transport and Tourism of the European Parliament

Reunion to the MIT in sight of the second expiration for the presentation of projects in marine-harbour within permissible to the deep CEF
The budget available is of 330,25 million euros, amount that the EU commission could elevate to 465,25 million euros

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