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November 19, 2020

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The C.I.S.Co. carried out a questionnaire on the limits of the naval gigantism

Initiative in collaboration with the University of Genoa and the Polytechnic of Turin

The International Centre for Container Studies (C.I.S.Co.), in collaboration with the University of Genoa and the Politecnico di Turin, carried out a questionnaire on the limits of gigantism for operators in the maritime-port sector, which is aims to highlight the limits and limitations of the problems associated with this phenomenon, considering all the interests of the stakeholders involved. The final results will be aggregated form to all participants, in order to anonymity and sensitive information provided. A conclusion of the study a report will be prepared that will be sent exclusively to those who will contribute to the completion of the questionnaire, which can be reached at https://it.surveymonkey.com/r/X95MMVT.

The investigation questions what are the objectives that would encourage shipping companies to continue investing in naval gigantism, starting from the realization of economies of scale, from the increase in market shares to the detriment of the competition achieved even at a loss, by the maintenance of operating margins also in the face of declines in demand and the maintaining the image of primacy in the field of shipping, but we also wonder about the challenges and problems presented by the chased by gigantism.

The questionnaire also focuses on the impact of naval gigantism ports and terminals and its effect in terms of increasing traffic and labour, the need for adjustments infrastructure and technological-organizational-management, as well as environmental and social repercussions.

The survey is also aimed at identifying stakeholders who benefit most from naval gigantism and those who instead they are more penalized by the phenomenon and to analyze the strategies to mitigate the negative aspects of gigantism and improve the management of mega-ships.

Among the topics touched on by the survey are also those the impact of naval gigantism on employment and the effects of the entry of large-capacity vessels into the global maritime services, ports, infrastructure and Logistics.

We also wonder what the limits of gigantism will be, if there are, and on the possible responses of ports to such Phenomenon.

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