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June 28, 2021

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A Corporate Vaccination Point activated in the port of Bari dedicated to port operators and seafarers

Both crews and nationals will be able to access it Italian than foreign

The port of Bari is one of the first Italian port ports in provide a centre for the vaccination of both seafarers and port operators. The Port System Authority of the Sea The Southern Adriatic has in fact activated the Company Point (PAV), located in the service building, on the Massi quay of the Apulian port.

In addition to being primarily dedicated to administrators and employees of the AdSP, port companies, shipping agents, customs agents, those involved in maritime maritime security services, technical-nautical services, public administrations present in port, of companies concessionaires or contracting authorities for services of general interest and dealers present in the areas of competence of the institution, the PAV was also established for vaccination of the staff of the shipping companies and their crews both Italian and foreign.

"It is fundamental," stressed the President of AdSP, Ugo Patroni Griffi - proceed quickly with the vaccination of seafarers, who wish to do so, to try to to put a stop to the still considerable problems encountered by the shipping companies, especially in the rotation of seafarers abroad. With the activation of the PAV in port, we want to contribute to ensuring that transport networks, passengers and goods, are not interrupted or that they suffer delays or inconveniences to the normal social rotations of seafarers. A huge damage to workers, shipping companies and for the whole system intermodal logistics of the country which, in this phase of recovery, is significantly contributing to rekindle the engines of the economy national level.'

By thanking Patroni Griffi, the presidents of Confitarma and Assarmatori, Mario Mattioli and Stefano Messina, demonstrated great appreciation for the activation of the Corporate Point of vaccination in the port of Bari and expressed the hope that other Port System Authorities also adopt similar measures 'in consideration, they specified, of the specificity of maritime work, of the problems, still significant, encountered by shipping companies to the turnover of seafarers abroad and the need to to continue to ensure territorial continuity with the islands and the safety of navigation and port in ports.'

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